The 12+ Types Of Anime Fans And Their Psychology (A Full Breakdown)

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The Psychology of anime fans and the types of anime fans is different.

In a lot of ways – it’s similar as other tight-knit communities (like the gaming community).

When you’ve been a part of the anime community for long enough you notice patterns.

Some of these patterns show up whether you’re a casual anime fan, a newcomer, or someone who’s been watching or talking about it for years

Not all of these “patterns” are positive either, as many fans will admit to.

I see it everyday and it never gets old.


What are the types of anime fans?

There’s quite a lot, with new one’s in the last decade.

There’s both good and bad.

Let’s focus on that and how it translates.


1. The elitist

araragi kun elitist meme anime 1

Might as well get the most obvious one out of the way first.

The elitist is the anime fan who’s responsible for pushing people away from the anime community. The type that scares newcomers because of their toxic logic and unbearable snobby attitude.

Elitists will:

  • Diss new anime fans and put them down.
  • Deter new anime fans from joining the community.
  • Acts like they’re superior to everyone, especially newcomers.
  • Attacks other anime fans who disagree with their opinion (popular opinions or otherwise).
  • Can never have a conversation without arguing or being a self righteous c*nt.

The elitist is the enemy to the anime community and is the main reason some people have bad things to say about anime fans.

“You have no taste”, “if you like XYZ you’re an idiot”.

These types are constantly looking for attention to validate themselves.

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2. The motivator

vegeta anime motivation 1

These types of anime fans are motivated by the anime they watch. And unlike the elitist, they don’t use anime as a crutch to “flex” their so called dominance.

Instead they use the amount of anime they’ve watched, or the anime they do watch as a source of motivation.

They then use that motivation to share knowledge with the anime community, or they just use it in their everyday lives to push themselves. And even achieve their goals.

I’m one on of those anime fans, and there are others like this guy on YouTube.

He makes videos and combines exercise with anime motivation.

In fact this is what he does for a living. It’s part of his business.


3. The student

studying anime girl headphones

This type of anime fan is self explanatory. They’re students of anime and they’ll take what they learn from anime and apply it in real life.

These types of fans are similar to “the motivated” type since they both crossover.

Anime posts relating to life lessons are the types of content these fans dig into. And will read up on.

A lot of these anime fans are right here on Anime Motivation.


4. The creator

bakuman characters mangaka artists

The creator is also self explanatory. They create as a result of becoming anime fans and watching anime. The reason they watch anime is to take and be inspired for their creative work.

  • Artists.
  • Mangaka.
  • Writers.
  • Authors.
  • Voice Actors.

The “creator” fits into these categories.

Anime artists who draw on sites like Pixiv can be classed as creators. They’re love of anime lead them to create and be artists in the first place.

The same is true for Mangaka’s in Japan and outside of Japan as well. And it’s no different for anime writers, authors and anyone who creates in anyway, shape or form in the anime industry.

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5. The culture vulture

sjw triggered rising of shield hero

Yes, this is a type of anime fan. As insane as it sounds it’s actually legit. Even if stupid and senseless.

The culture vulture type of anime fan dives into the anime community, watches a few anime, and becomes a supposedly genuine anime fan.

What they don’t show you until later is they have a hidden agenda.

That agenda relates to:

  • Trying to “change” the political correctness of anime.
  • Complaining and criticizing anime 24/7 and profiting of it.
  • Taking the so called “moral ground” and talking down to Japan’s culture.
  • Colonist behavior.
  • Bowing down to the SJW mentality to pander to the loud minority.

Culture vultures are everywhere in the anime community these days.

Some are on Twitter, and some are on sites like CBR.

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6. The “feminist”

anime feminist memes e1591617864370

I don’t have to say much about this. It’s obvious where I’m going with it.

Even though it’s a smaller portion than it seems on the surface, there’s a group of loud feminists who are anime fans. The types of people who make “real” feminists look bad.

The psychology of these anime fans will berate every little thing relating to women in anime. Even if it’s within context, they’ll ignore it to push a narrative.

Some will even write cringe headlines (if they publish content) and then play mental gymnastics rather than be direct and straightforward about their points.

For good reason – this type of fan is the minority.

Some have even tried going to Japan to force their rhetoric on the Japanese, and FAILED obviously.


7. The expert

anime expert memes e1591618051354

The expert shouldn’t be confused with the elitist.

There are elitists who’ve watched 100’s and 100’s of anime shows…. But their attitude and the way they treat other fans is why they’re elitists. Not because they’re experts.

Anime fans who’ve been watching for years and have plenty of knowledge are helpful. And they share their knowledge without ego or arrogance.

Unsurprisingly a lot of these types are:

  • Writers
  • Bloggers
  • YouTubers
  • Content creators

And so on.

They share so much knowledge they’re responsible for bringing new anime fans to the community.

Especially online.

If it wasn’t for this group a lot of websites and news outlets wouldn’t exist. Especially not to the degree that it is today.


8. The casual fan

There are anime fans who only watch anime casually. And don’t get too involved in the anime community.

These types of fans are “casual”, meaning they’re laid back about anime and aren’t too fanatical about it.

They watch anime as and when. And if they have time to watch it.

Anime isn’t a commitment, a habit or something they’re involved with everyday. But they respect anime (and the community) from a distance.


9. The underground fan

mushishi anime main character white hair

The psychology of this type of fan is similar to a rebel. They reject the typical mainstream shows, and watch a lot of unknown anime shows.

In fact they’re the types who give you recommendations you’ve never even heard of. And aren’t the biggest ravers when it comes to shows the whole world already knows about.

They pride themselves on this knowledge. And even though they’re not elitist, they do stand by their style of watching anime.

And they offer a different perspective from the mainstream crowd.


10. The mainstream fan

mainstream anime shows 1

And of course – the mainstream fan. The psychology of this anime fan is obvious.

They know all the mainstream shows and a lot of their favorite anime are mainstream.

Shows like:

  • Naruto.
  • DBZ.
  • One Piece.
  • Hunter x Hunter.
  • Death Note.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • Bleach.

Some mainstream fans haven’t even watched more than a few anime. They sound similar to casual anime fans but they’re actually different.

Mainstream fans don’t watch anything outside of mainstream shows. And will stick with one or a few of their favorites for years. Without watching anything else.

I used to be one of these fans.

At one point I only watched DBZ, Pokemon and that’s about it.

I graduated some years later and haven’t looked back since.

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11. The romantic

anime romance kissing 1

The romantic type is obvious. They LOVE romance anime to death. And anything to do with:

  • Relationships
  • Waifu’s
  • And so on.

Waifu’s is a separate category by itself unrelated to a type of anime fan. But the psychology of the romantic is drawn to this for obvious reasons.

Romance shows have tons of Waifu’s (or Husbando’s if you’re a female fan).

This is where you find tons of ideal types of boys and girls, men and women that you’d wanna marry or be with if they were real.

And besides that – the romantic just loves romance anime because they tend to be emotional and meaningful.


12, The Otaku

4158735 4

The Otaku is plain and simple. They’re gamers, love games, including dating sims and all kinds of sh*t.

They buy merchandise, figurines, and invest a little heavier into the anime community than other types of fans.

Otaku’s aren’t into anime to the point of extreme (only Weeaboo’s do that), but they are passionate.

Can you think of anymore?

How would you describe the psychology of anime fans?


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3 thoughts on “The 12+ Types Of Anime Fans And Their Psychology (A Full Breakdown)

  1. Alice Harcourt says:

    I really can’t figure out what kind of anime fan I am based on the descriptions given here, so I’ll say how I feel about anime & the anime community, & maybe you could help me ID myself.

    When I started watching anime last March, it was just a distraction from a really painful back & neck injury I had got a few months before. I knew absolutely NOTHING about anime & had never even heard of manga or vocaloid (I’m still not a gamer). In fact I only started watching Haganai on YouTube cuz I’d googled a cute picture of Sena I’d found on Pinterest & found out she was in a TV show. That’s it!

    I liked what I saw & went on to watch Shuffle!, Yosuga no Sora, Bunny Girl Senpai, & Pet Girl, among others. Pet Girl got my attention & made me seek out more anime.

    Then Violet Evergarden happened. I had a very abusive childhood that left me broken & filled with rage & hate. People meant nothing to me. They were only there to be feared, used, then disposed of. After many years of constant, ongoing counseling & a couple felonies, I finally started making my peace with my past & how I had treated people my whole life. I finally figured out that I had no right to hurt people & that I had to change.

    So when I saw the (forgive me, I’m starting to cry again) episode of Violet Evergarden where Violet is forced to confront the guilt & remorse she feels for all the people she had killed so brutally & thoughtlessly, & I saw her screaming that she was on fire as she tore her room apart, I screamed & wailed along with her. Never had I seen depicted so clearly & accurately the agony & grief I felt as I began to take responsibility for all the damage I had done. It was all right there in front of me in beautiful, vivid color. It literally changed my life. When I finally stopped crying, I felt a peace & tranquility I had never really known before. Someone had been able to show me my pain & help me understand that I am not alone.

    Since then, anime is a daily part of life, & has continued to change & inspire me. Anohana helped me & my mother both continue to deal with my twin sister’s death (she didn’t survive our childhood). A Place Further than the Universe helps give me courage to face the unknown, no matter what the obstacles. Arte makes me stop & think about my attitude when I face a challenge or when life is unfair. Evangelion forced me to accept that there are things I’ll never really be able to understand, but it’s still okay to enjoy them &/or say they just seem dumb, no matter how over your head you know they are. Your Name & Weathering with You overwhelmed me with beauty & taught me something can be “perfect,” even if it IS flawed.

    In short, anime teaches me everyday about life, about myself, & even about God. I cannot imagine life without it now.

    And then there is the anime community & learning to have my own voice. Having absolutely NO IDEA WHATSOEVER about anime, I was forced to turn to bloggers & YouTubers to teach me about anime. The speakers may have educated me, but it is their responses to my questions & comments that are teaching me I have something to say. And the ordinary viewers like me have been so kind in offering me their own thoughts & suggestions. Comments lead to discussions, & discussions to feeling like I have a place where I belong.

    I know that random remarks from strangers don’t really amount to much, but knowing there are people out there that can relate to & even celebrate what I have to say makes me want to open up even more. And I find it’s becoming a lot easier to speak my mind & to listen to what others have to say in the “real world,” too. My confidence & sense of self – my “identity” – have grown tremendously since I’ve started joining what I call the “anime community.” I still haven’t worked my way up to forums & chat rooms (forgive me! I’m old! What do they call these nowadays?), but I can definitely see myself winding up there. I even dream of going to conventions IN COSPLAY just to be around other fans, which is a MIRACLE for a hikikomori like me who has actively avoided people my whole life.

    Anime is helping me heal, helping me learn who I am, how I think, & the sound of my own voice. It makes me laugh, cry, shout, & question my own sanity & morality. It’s helping make me HUMAN.

    So, sensei, what kind of anime fan AM I?

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