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7 Outrageous Criticisms About Anime That Will Make You Scratch Your Head

Does it ever make you wonder why anime gets so much hate?

Or why anime is viewed so badly in the eyes of the average joe?

Sometimes I can’t wrap my head around the nonsense floating around on the internet about anime. Or the things people believe in real life.

To make my point, I’m using Google search to show you what types of things people search about anime.

For one reason or another.

And why it makes no sense in the grand scheme of things.


7 Criticisms About Anime That Make No Sense (According To Google Search):


1. Anime is for pedophilia

anime is for pedophiles google search

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m aware of certain anime shows that are morally disturbing.

Like Boku No Pico for example (even though that’s Hentai).

But here’s the thing: In general, this statement is outrageous.

Japan might be a little weird and different to pretty much everyone outside of Japan. But “pedophilia” is not the purpose of anime.

Almost nobody who watches anime is even aware of such an anime (because it’s generally a myth).

The argument that a British journalist made on the BBC about “anime promoting pedophilia” was not only ridiculous, but inaccurate and damaging for those who are ignorant to the facts.

But that won’t stop people from believing it! Maybe I should write about that.


2. Anime is for losers

anime is for losers google search

This reminds me of a Tweet that shown up sometime in 2018…

andrewtatata anime tweet hate

And Funimation responded with this:

You know, the fact that people seem to believe anime is really for “losers” makes me wonder: what is it they’re really saying?

They’re obviously projecting their own insecurities onto others… in an effort to make themselves feel superior and more important.

Says more about them than it does about you. Always.


3. Anime is a SIN

anime is a sin google search

I want you to seriously look at the image above, and pay attention to the questions people are asking.

Now ask yourself this: at what point does someone start to believe this is for real?

How does someone even come to the conclusion that anime is a sin? Who told them that? And for what purpose?

To scare them or control them?

At the heart of this Google Search, you can’t do nothing but dip your head in a bucket of water. Only to wonder how this makes any sense at all.

Or how it’s even real.


4. Anime causes autism

anime causes autism google search

Now, if you’re like me, this Google Search bothers you just by staring at it. Because autism (or any condition) isn’t something you joke about.

At least not me.

Joke or not, how does it get to the point where people are actually searching these words on Google. And even believing that somehow, a TV show made for entertainment is able to give a person “autism”?

The world is a crazy place sometimes!

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5. Anime causes mental illness

anime causes mental illness google search

Following up from the last outrageous comment – now we have a step up from autism… Anime causes mental illness.

Some of the results are innocent, with articles mentioning anime characters who actually have mental disorders.

But some results literally ask the question: can anime make you develop mental disorders?

With questions like this – you can only wonder who’s spreading this kind of misinformation, or why they’re doing it.


6. Anime causes depression

anime causes depression google search

And finally – we have anime causes depression.

This one is a little more innocent than the rest. Most of the results are related to people asking why anime fans are depressed, or which anime shows can help tackle depression.

That makes sense. And there’s plenty of anime for that. I’m sure you know of plenty yourself.

But for the most part – it tells you that we’re unaware of what the root cause of our problems are. Or we’re doing a shitty job of helping each other fight and destroy our inner-demons (no surprise).

I’ve always believed it’s almost impossible to solve an insecurity with something external or materialistic.

Unless you get to the root, at best it’s like getting high. Once it wears off, you’re back to square one.


What do you think of these criticisms?

Will they ever go away? Or is it a case of “who gives a F anyway”.

Either way, it’s interesting to see how the world views anime.

That’s what I love about anime. It’s just that kind of industry.



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