NHK Japan Criticized For Racist BLM Anime Promoting Propaganda

nhk japan racism anime blm

Well well well. Looks like Japan is at it again.

NHK has been called out publicly for their recent racist anime depicting black lives matter.

The false propaganda anime shows black anime characters in the streets (mirroring the protests).

The streets are burning.

The anime then goes on to falsely say the BLM protests and riots started because of wealth inequality In the USA.

It also claims this is because of the toll on Black Americans thanks to coronavirus.

In reality we know it’s #georgefloyd and his murder that sparked this madness. Because of the injustice and the BS that’s built up over the years up until this point.

NHK removed the video with a “I don’t give a F” apology.

In other words – it’s clear they apologized for the sake of it.

2020 is the year racism is getting exposed at the highest level.

To think people argue about how Japan isn’t racist in the slightest. when things like this still happen even to this day.

News source: Guardian.



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