Anime Elitists And How They Ruin The Community For All Of Us |
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Anime Elitists, And How They Ruin The Community For All Of Us

Anime elitists are like racists. They put you down to lift themselves up and believe you’re inferior.

They think the world bends over backwards to their “elite” way of thinking.

Some will toot their own horn and tell you why they’re so great, while saying how RETARDED you are for daring to disagree or share a different opinion.

On the inside – these anime elitists are:

  • Insecure
  • Trying to fill a void
  • Lost in their ego
  • Desperate to feel good about themselves

That’s why they go out their way to attack, belittle and put others down to “feel” like they’re right and you’re wrong.

There’s no one worse than someone who feels entitled and arrogant.


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There’s a reason anime, to a degree, is seen the way it is. You can thank anime elitists for that.

It’s not just about false stereotypes, propaganda, and all the other nonsense associated with anime that ruins its perception.

Here’s why elitists ruin the community.


1. They scare off new anime fans

“Elitists and snobs of any fandom literally ruin enjoying sh*t. It’s why I don’t watch anime.”

Imagine all the NEW anime fans who get introduced to anime on a daily basis. There must be 1000’s of em.

Some are introduced through anime like:

  • My Hero Academia.
  • Black Clover.
  • Demon Slayer.
  • Attack On Titan.

And all types of anime series that are mainstream or non-mainstream.

Out of those “new” anime fans, a portion of them give up on anime because they run into an elitist who ruins it for them.

They see how toxic these elitists are and even how common they are. That takes the fun out of being an anime fan, joining forums and what not. So they abandon anime all together.


You can’t blame new fans who abandon the community

anime shows without fail.

This is more true for Shounen, but it happens in almost every genre. And there are different types of elitism in anime.


2. The constant b*tching about anime dubs vs subs

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Really this sh*t is one-sided.

  • People who watch anime dubs mind their own business.
  • But people who strictly watch subs DON’T mind their own business.

Someone who watches subs and nothing else will go out their way to be a d*ck and bash a “dub” lovers opinion. For no reason other than elitism and trying to make themselves feel superior.

Typical elitist behavior.

A fan of dubbed anime (strictly or not) will NEVER go out their way to hate on fans who watch subbed shows.

They never go into forums, or find Tweets on Twitter with the intention to slander, belittle and “talk down” to fans who watch subbed anime.

They have nothing to prove and no ego to stroke.

This is the type of anime elitism that’s been going on for well over a decade.

The moment you dare to mention how you love a “dubbed” anime series, is the moment an elitist comes out their cave and tries to shame you for NOT conforming to their views.

A person can be so insecure they have to “tell you” why you’re wrong and they’re right.

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3. Trying to “gatekeep” fans based on their interests

I’ve lost count on the amount of times someone’s been shocked, or acted like I’m not a “real fan” because I haven’t seen X, Y  or Z.

One elitist even went as far to say “and you call yourself an anime fan” because I haven’t watched Berserk.

A lot of the time these elitists are fans of Naruto, an anime I haven’t watched because that’s a BIG investment of my time.

And so many of them are entitled and b*tch when “Naruto” isn’t part of the conversation.

The same translates to My Hero Academia, and other anime.

“True fans” will go on a witch hunt for anyone who prefers the dub over the sub. Liking the anime isn’t enough if it’s not subbed (coming from people who aren’t Japanese).

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And there’s THIS fake hierarchy someone designed to sh*t on people who like certain anime. Obviously to boost their glass egos and create a false sense of superiority.

Going by this elitist pyramid:

  • SAO makes you a loser.
  • Dragon Ball, Naruto and Bleach makes you a beginner.
  • Death Note and Attack On Titan makes you a “Weaboo”.
  • Steins Gate makes you an Otaku.
  • Neon Genesis and Berserk makes you “an elite anime fan”.

If you can’t see these elitists for what they are, you might take this too seriously. And damage your own self-esteem based on a veil of lies and deceit.

No one’s opinion is the law, and these anime elitists continue to ruin the anime community for all of us.

Mostly by making it more toxic.


These are the ways anime elitists ruin the community for all of us

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The toxic nature of how this sh*t plays out is bound to keep outsiders from joining.

And when they do take interest like I mentioned – some of them “do a runner” and never come back. After all – who wants to be a part of a community when there’s elitists spoiling it?

You can’t do certain things without some offended pussy lashing out and being a hater for hating’s sake.

“Changing” this is harder than it looks, because you can’t exactly “force” someone to have sense.

It comes with the territory.


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