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18 Of The WORST Anime You’d Be Crazy To Watch With Parents

squid girl scared face anime
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Not every anime is Moe like K-On or light-hearted like Love Live. You can watch those anime with anyone and everyone.

But when it comes to anime shows with nude, graphic, violent and disturbing themes… You might want to think twice.

Here are some anime to avoid with parents.


Anime You Should Never Watch With Parents:


1. Food Wars

food wars alice erina and soma

Food Wars on the surface is all about food battles and competitions. So at first glance – you wouldn’t even believe “nudity” was a thing.

And while it’s not full-on nude, Food Wars is an Ecchi series with male and female fan service.

Naked bodies of both guys and girls is a common thing here, used to exaggerate the experience of “tasting good food”.

I doubt most parents would be able to wrap their heads around it!


2. Elfen Lied

elfen lied crying face

In Elfen Lied – heads pop off like a coke-bottle cap. And naked bodies is a common, but sometimes weird occurrence.

The 1st episode spells it out with red ink, literally. As Lucy mercilessly spills the blood of everyone who’s held her captive for so long, in a laboratory. Before making her escape and ending up on a beach.


lucy naked elfen lied

And let’s not forget the concepts of child abuse later into the Elfen Lied series.

It’s not recommended, and will only make you uncomfortable to watch with parents, anyway.

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3. School Days

school days gif

I don’t even have to say too much about this sickening, dark and twisted series.

School Days is one of the more “gruesome” anime shows ever made. And for good reason.

It involves themes like:

  • Cheating in a relationship.
  • Taking revenge out of jealousy.
  • decapitation.

And some other crazy stuff I wouldn’t dare to watch with parents.


4. Black Lagoon

black lagoon revy

Black Lagoon is a gangster-series about the Lagoon company. An independent set of mercenaries who smuggle weapons, people, and whatever else to get paid.

Each one of them (especially Revy Rebecca) has a dark, sickening past. Where she was abused and even raped by a police officer.

This anime is no joke.

Plus the portrayal of the underworld, drugs, prostitution and everything else ugly is a common theme here.

There’s nothing pretty about it (except the women, and the engaging action scenes).


5. High School DxD

high school dxd season 4 ecchi

All you’ve got to do is look at the image above, and that should be a tell-tale sign.

High School DxD is the most famous Ecchi series of the 21st century. Mixed in with some action and fantasy, of course. And unnecessarily sexy girls for main characters.

Unless you’re comfortable watching girls get naked, fan service and all things related with parents… this is best avoided.

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6. Kill La Kill

kill la kill ecchi

Kill La Kill knows how to make “action” look impressive. The battle scenes are some of the best looking I’ve seen.

But then you have to remember – Kill La Kill is also an Ecchi series, with skin-tight sailor clothing slapped onto the main characters bodies.

Shown and expressed in all its skimpy, but hilarious style.

Your parents will never look at you the same ever again if you watched this with them.

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7. Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends

haganai i dont have many friends anime moments

Wait – isn’t this just a school series with a little comedy and romance?

That’s true. Haganai’s main theme though is loneliness. Hence why the main characters create “the neighbors club” to make friends with people.

But what happens in between the meaningful themes and plot, is Ecchi, lewd things the characters get up to.

Mostly the girls (there’s only 1 guy).

The foul language in this anime is almost comparable to Black Lagoon, so that’s another reason to not watch with parents.


8. A Sister’s All You Need

a sisters all you need anime screenshot

What good is it if you can’t watch the first episode with your parents?

The first episode in A Sister’s All You Need… Or should I say – the first 30 seconds is enough to deter anyone from moving forward.

And besides – once you’ve seen something, you can’t undo it. So it’s probably not worth doing it, even as a dare.

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9. Gintama

gintama gintoki

Gintama’s a comedy/parody series.

On the surface it seems too innocent to mention. But only a fool wouldn’t recognize why you should avoid watching with parents.

Gintama has it all.

  • Perverts.
  • “Naked” moments of fan-service (even for male characters).
  • Inappropriate scenes.
  • Dark humor.

And the list goes on.

Depending on what type of parents you have, on top of how anime is perceived in the first place, watching Gintama with parents is a BAD idea.


10. Citrus

cirtrus anime screenshot

Citrus is a raunchy, lewd and extreme series for its lesbian themes and romance.

I’d say it’s a little too much for most viewers (that’s why it wasn’t received too well).

The first episode dumps the whole thing on you without warning. And I’m confident by time you’ve finished episode 1, you’ll be regretting your decision to give it a try.


11. Bloom Into You

bloom into you lesbian anime

Bloom Into You, on the other hand, is a classy, clean and subtle version of Citrus.

The animation is nice, the “lesbian moments” are slower and more paced. And it’s not overwhelming, regardless of your interests.

But even still – there aren’t many parents that would “feel right” having you watch this type of series.

Especially with them in the same room.


12. Higurashi: When They Cry

satako higurashi 1 e1549027981198

Higurashi is one big psychological experiment. With each character being a victim.

Depending on the episode, you’ll see a certain character put through some hell-ish, psychologically damaging experiences that F’s them up.

And the violence isn’t exactly PG.

It’s the kind that’s hard to stomach or keep your eyes glued to. Because it’s so ruthless and disturbed on too many levels.


13. Fate Zero

fate zero kiritsugu and irisviel

Besides the obvious 17+ violence in Fate Zero, and the “no F’s given” approach to brutality, the most disturbed part of Fate Zero is Caster and his master.

Caster kidnaps children in the city during the night, and then takes them back to his underground lair. I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to “what” happens.

And Caster’s master is no better.

He works with him and allows it all to happen. Because he’s literally lost his mind and gets a kick out of it.


14. Campione

campione harem ecchi anime 1

Campione is a little more lightweight when it comes to its Ecchi/romance. But even still.

This is NOT the kind of anime you’d wanna say “hey mum/dad, we should watch this together”.

That won’t turn out very well for you.


15. Dog & Scissors

dog and scissors anime scene

There’s only one reason you shouldn’t watch this with parents. And even ONE reason you should avoid this anime all together…

And that reason is: Dog & Scissors is about a deranged, sadistic girl who’s sexually attracted to a talking dog.

The entire anime is dedicated to watching the main character torture (and take pleasure) from the pain inflicted on a guy who reincarnated as a dog.

Scissors are one of the “main” choices of tools used by the female protagonist: Natsuno.

In case you’re wondering – this is apparently a comedy series.


16. The Familiar Of Zero

the familiar of zero scene

The Familiar Of Zero can be summed up in a sentence: a female character who takes pleasure in “physically abusing” the male protagonist.

Whipping, kicking… You name it. And after the anime finishes – apparently there’s “romance” between those same characters.

That might be a bit much and your parents will get the wrong idea.


17. Btooom!

btoom rape scene anime e1549028560226

Btooom! is violent. From my perspective – the violence is exaggerated and unnecessary.

But then there’s the early “rape” scene in the first few episodes of Btooom! And all the messed up scenes that follow from there.

That’s enough to see why watching this with any parents (or even family) is a bad idea.

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18. Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul episode 1 anime

The fact is: Tokyo Ghoul is a disturbed horror series with some graphic scenes some fans can’t stomach.

The first few episodes show you that first-hand, as a “ghoul” is witnessed eating and chomping on live flesh. With sound effects that’ll make you cringe.

This is too uncomfortable to watch with family, parents, or even by yourself. Depending on your level of tolerance.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Jormungand.
  • Monster Musume.
  • Prison School.
  • Elken.
  • Boku No Pico.
  • Seikon No Qwaser.
  • Seikirei.