Online Anime Games You Should Consider Playing Today
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20+ Online Anime Games You Should Consider Playing Today

With so many anime games on the market, how do you choose which ones are the best?

Well, “best” is subjective so we’ll try to share many of the best anime games out there to start playing in your downtime.

These anime games are in genres like:

  • Romance.
  • Fantasy.
  • Action.
  • RPG.

And many more, especially those which crossover.

Here’s a list.


1.) Umineko When They Cry – Answer Arcs

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You have the opportunity to watch a scene from the Ushiromiya family’s yearly family conference in this game. The elderly family head, who accumulated huge wealth, has a small window of opportunity.

The most important part of his inheritance, according to his kids. Everyone wants all that money, but nobody gives in or has faith in it. Who will inherit such a large sum? You can learn more by playing!

Umineko is one of those Visual Novels that you simply MUST play; to say anything else would be futile since Umineko is so incredible and wondrous that words cannot do it justice.


2.) The Curse of Kudan

word image 186670 2

A rumour surrounds the urban legend known as “Kudan.”

They claim that it appears in the shape of a woman wearing a black veil over her face and having her right arm cut at the wrist.

According to legend, everyone who sees her will have bad luck within a week.

After a chance encounter places student Sakuya Kudan and cooking instructor Touko Shima in each other’s sphere, feelings begin to develop between them.

However, when Touko sees Kudan, the sign of impending doom, their routinely tranquil existence is dramatically upended.

Now, she must battle the unknowable to defend the ones she loves.


3.) Steam Prison Fin Route

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We now give you Fin Euclase’s eagerly anticipated route because so many people wanted him to achieve happiness! The route Cyrus follows is significantly altered by this brand-new narrative.

This is a fun, adventurous game that lets you see a glimpse of the main character, and of course, it contains new CGs!


4.) Higurashi When They Cry, Hou

word image 186670 4

The story in this game begins on a heated summer day. Hinamizawa, a small village in Japan’s countryside, despite its small population, ‘something’ happens every year.

For the past 4 years, mysterious disappearances and deaths have occurred.

These mysterious happenings are connected to the local resistance against an abandoned dam construction project. Murder happens here year after year.

Now it’s your chance to see where this mysterious death leads and who is behind it.

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5.) Prison Princess

word image 186670 5

The story begins with the two kingdoms of Aria Zaza and Zanji Zed providing peace and prosperity to the continent of Maygard, which persisted for a very long time.

The end of that era’s golden age is now in sight. Our continent has become a sea of fire since the demon king was freed from his seal.

A brave guy emerged when cities were overtaken one by one. Carrying the blood of legendary figures.

The hero met with horrible calamity on his way and died. The minions of the demon king infiltrated the two kingdoms’ capital cities and abducted their prized princesses.

It appears that our hero is still alive in some capacity. The hero has set out to save the princess because he is determined to stay in this realm even though he is a spirit.

This game is full of puzzles, special events, and cute girls. Who wouldn’t wanna play with that?


6.) OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos All Ages

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After a series of miscommunications resulting in a proposal, Ren actively pursues Akuru. One thing leads to another, and she ultimately brings Ren home in addition to her husbando. They now share a home and a bed?

To disregard this amazing Akuru. A female who enjoys women might as well be an alien!

Ren wants Akuru as her waifu, while Akuru wants her husbando. Will these two eventually get together?

Let’s find out as we dig deeper into their lives.


7.) Kick Start Generation OVA

word image 186670 7

A digital anime featuring characters from KIRAKIRA, DEARDROPS, and Bokuten performing a concert! Includes the songs played during the anime as a digital soundtrack.


8.) Ciconia When They Cry- Phase 1 For You, The Replaceable Ones

word image 186670 8

Modern technology prevented a nuclear winter even though World War III nearly devastated the planet.

One hundred years later, the Gauntlet, a brand-new piece of cutting-edge military equipment, has caught kids’ interest worldwide.

Except for the few boys and girls who had what it took to become a gauntlet Knight, all current military units would be obsolete in this new period.

Do these young people need to be made to kill each other? No. It is unnecessary to fight against this disaster. A gaming piece’s function is to dance in tragedy’s hands.


9.) The Expression Amrilato

word image 186670 9

Rin had just finished purchasing a snack in her hometown’s shopping center when she noticed a shocking change in her surroundings: pink skies.

She ought to be familiar with this location. Still, the signs’ unfamiliar writing and the locals’ unusual languages have obscured everything.

A cute girl named Ruka suddenly materializes and offers her assistance.

This is the straightforward and occasionally frustrating tale of two girls who were entangled via their clumsy attempts to communicate.


10.) Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!

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With Sakura Miwabe’s bright and meticulous artwork, Lilycle features a charming, touching story filled with information. It also contains a clever gaming structure viewed from one character’s perspective.

You could say that because every character’s point of view is presented, they are all the protagonists!


11.) Steam Prison

word image 186670 11

The rulers and the rules are two different types of people. Beautiful Nirvana is The Height. A filthy industrial ruin is the depths.

Our heroine, nurtured in the heights, has nothing but scorn for those below her. The wheels of fate have started turning now that she must enter that realm on an observation mission.

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12.) Koropokkur in Love – A Little Fairy’s Tale

word image 186670 12

A touching comedy visual novel about little Ainu fairies attempting to find love in the human world is created by the fusion of East and West.

A little town of fairies called the “Koropokkur” formerly existed in Hokkaido. Still, as time passed, the Koropokkur was largely forgotten because their village forbade communication with humans.

The human world, however, captivated some of these young Koropokkur, who peered at it through a magical viewing pool.

The legend of a little girl who journeyed into the human realm turned human thanks to the favour of the local deity Kanda’s Kamuy and fell in love with a human man fascinated Asirrera in particular.


13.) The House in Fata Morgana

word image 186670 13

Novectacle created the visual novel video game The House in Fata Morgana.

In an ethereal mansion, an amnesiac spirit awakens. To regain its memories, it investigates the mansion’s past with a Maid, whose appearance doesn’t vary across time.

The mansion was deserted and poor in 1707. The Maid, the only occupant of the mansion, finds an amnesic man Yukimasa in the cellar.

The Maid tries to civilize him, but he sees himself as a terrible beast called “Bestia,” he kills locals who visit the mansion in vengeance for insults he suffered from them.


14.) Chuusotsu! 1st Graduation: Time After Time

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Marisugawa Arue, a manga enthusiast, is forced to live like a “chuusotsu”—someone with no education beyond middle school—as spring approaches due to a persistent illness.

The chuusotsu are seen as failures in life because they lack any Seals. Their Authorized Power level is only 5. Therefore the future of little Arue already appears to be very dismal.

To break free of her grim situation and reach her true goal in life, Arue applies for a government relief program where she will share a room with other chuusotsu?


15.) Supipara – Alice The Magical Conductor

word image 186670 15

Yukinari Sanada has visited Kamakura City in Kanagawa Prefecture for the first time in seven years. However, there is a noticeable difference.

He and his younger sister Rikka both enrol in Oumi Academy, hoping to start over. The indolent Witch and the half-Japanese beauty who are Yukinari’s classmates won’t let him enjoy his new life for long, though.

What should our protagonist do when surrounded by a diverse group of interesting characters and the troublemakers they bring? Your tale of simplicity, calm, passion, and love with “her,” while also using a witch’s magic, is about to begin.

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16.) The Shadows of Pygmalion

word image 186670 16

Being referred to as “Puppets” has always been on our planet, as far as anyone can recall. They quietly influence history while working for an unidentified force.

The main character of this tale is Hajiro Mina, a typical high school student.

She has a chance encounter with one of these Puppers one day, which puts her on a path to meet three girls and, ultimately, transforms her life.

The girls are members of a group that specializes in eliminating puppets.

They are tasked with finding and eliminating the inhuman enemies hiding among the people, thanks to remarkable abilities bestowed upon them by a doll named Ruka.


17.) Himawari – The Sunflower

word image 186670 17

The story’s main character, Hinata Youichi, is the only survivor of a celestial catastrophe that happened two years before. He continues to live a calm life surrounded by his devoted friends even though the disaster caused him to lose his family and memories.

One terrible night, Youichi discovers a crashed UFO and the little girl aboard it who has lost her memory. Her name is Aries.

Youichi, unable to leave her, takes the girl in, so the two start sharing a home.


18.) Go! Go! Nippon

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Go! is one of the few instances of a Visual Novel created by a Japanese manufacturer exclusively for international markets.

Go! Nippon! The game “My First Trip to Japan” does exactly what it says on the tin: you take on the role of an Occidental Otaku who visits Japan for the first time and is met by two adorable sisters who show him around the most well-known sites in the nation.

He will gain a lot of knowledge about the customs and culture of the nation in one week, and he may even fall in love there.


19.) Kindred Spirits On The Roof

word image 186670 19

Liar-soft created the adult yuri visual novel Kindred Spirits on the Roof, which debuted in Japan on March 30, 2012.

In the somewhat linear visual novel Kindred Spirits on the Roof, the player reads through the plot, assisted by visual visuals and sporadically voiced dialogue.

The story is broken up into several segments that can be replayed anytime. Each segment takes place on a specific day on a planner from April to November.

These are broken down into two categories: scenes from the main tale, which are told from the viewpoint of the major characters, and scenes from the couple, which are recounted from the viewpoint of the supporting cast.

Even while the game lacks alternate paths and outcomes like other visual novels, certain dialogue options with slight variations can unlock Extra scenes that can be viewed after the main plot finishes.


20.) Tokyo Babel

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The domain of Hell is submerged in water, and the gates of Heaven are sealed. And one by one, many parallel worlds disappear in their wake. The surviving angels and devils congregate in the floating purgatory known as “Tokyo Babel,” which they believe to be their last chance at salvation.

Together with humanity, they set out on a journey through the seven towers of Babel to climb Jacob’s Ladder and reopen the gates of Heaven. They would travel as a form of atonement for the skies.

But as a gang of pilgrims set out to rule over the many levels of Tokyo Babel to wreak complete and utter mayhem atop the floating purgatory, their intentions came to nought.

Tendou Setsuna, a man who has been denied human treatment since birth, is saved from the wreckage of his ruined environment amid this unending standoff.

He begins his adventure across Tokyo Babel with Lilith, also known as the Witch of the Night, who is his saviour.


21. Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club Game

This is a classic anime game online you can start playing right away.

It has:

  • Yandere.
  • Tsundere.

And other cliche types when ti comes to female characters, but what makes it most interesting is the routes the game can take depending on your choice of girls, and how you answer their questions.

The game can have a violent ending, and even contains themes of potential suicide, and is considered one of the most popular anime games released online.