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34+ Times Sakura Haruno Was Useful In Naruto’s Plot!

Sakura Haruno doesn’t get the credit she deserves for being useful, and playing a key role in Naruto.

This is especially true even during parts of the first season of Naruto, not just Naruto Shippuden.

I feel like Naruto fans jump on the bandwagon and bash her though because it’s the normal thing to do. While ignoring her relevance  to the franchise.

So with that said, let’s talk about it.

Here’s her best and most useful anime moments.


Sakura Haruno’s Useful Moments:


1. Sakura saves Naruto from Zabuza’s blade by pushing him down to the ground

sakura saves naruto |

Naruto was so surprised he didn’t process it fast enough. Sakura noticed immediately and pushed him down to the ground.

Her reflexes saved his life. Naruto would be decapitated otherwise.


2. She gave Naruto advice for tree climbing which helped Naruto learn quicker

naruto talking to sasuke about sakura advice tree climbing |


3. She distracted Haku which gave Naruto an opening to go and help Sasuke

4. Sakura protected Naruto from a fatal fall in the forest of death

sakura saves naruto chunin exam forest |


5. Sakura protects unconscious Naruto, Sasuke and Lee from 4 ninja’s (forest of death)

sakura protects lee sasuke naruto from 4 ninjas |

sakura saves naruto lee sasuke |


6. She encouraged Sasuke and lifted his spirit allowing him to fight against orochimaru

sakura comforts sasuke |


7. Helps sasuke when he gets the curse mark and loses control

sakura stops sasuke forest of death |


8. Took care of Naruto and Sasuke when both were unconscious

sakura protects team 7 and rock lee |


9. Was able to get herself out of an A rank genjutsu and  released the genjutsu from Naruto

YouTube video


10. Protected Sasuke from Gaara

sakura protects sasuke from gaara |

11. Saved kankuro by creating a new justu to extract poison

sakura saves kankuro |


12. Made an antidote to counter sasori’s poison

sakura antidote naruto kankuro |


13. Took Naruto out of the Genjutsu casted by fake Itachi


14. Destroyed the opening of the Akatsuki cave

sakura punch |


15. Defeated sasori along with chiyo

sakura defeats sasori |

16. Healed Naruto when he came back from the four tails state

sakura heals naruto four tails battle |

17. Sakura was able to carefully analyze how obito jutsu worked

sakura vs tobi naruto |

18. Sakura helps shikamaru with decoding the code


19. Defeated the giant centipede summoning with one punch and saved Tami and her grandmother

sakura kills centipede pain arc |

Sakura, who jumps in front of the giant monster and punches him away from the villagers.

We see that Tami and her Granny thanks her for helping. I bet if not Sakura, these two would be dead right now, because they are not ninja and can’t do anything.

Some other shinobi noticed this small incident, but after they discovered that everything is alright, they probably went further to help another people. Tami is a little hurt.

20. Sakura healing people in the hospital (pain arc)

sakura pain arc hospital |

New patients keep arriving and she is unable to heal everyone, but she tries to do her best and heal as many people she can.

You should keep in mind, that her main occupation is a medic nin, who heals people first, so she mustn’t fight to prove that she is useful No, Sakua is saving other people lives and that’s already a big deal.

There are still a lot of other shinobi who are fighting, but Sakura is taking care of others,

I think she is doing a really important job. She isn’t just sitting somewhere or hiding behind other shinobi, like she would do before.

She is smart enough to analyze everything and decide what she can do to help. And I think she is really helping everyone and they all want to thank her for that.

21. Saved Hinata’s life (pain arc)

sakura heals hinata saves life |

22. Sakura heals Karin

sakura heals karin |

23. Healed and saved the lives of Kakashi’s team (war arc)


23. Went to the medical unit a saved the lives of many more shinobi


24. Tricked white zetsu who had impersonated himself as neji and defeated him

sakura vs zetsu |

25. Sakura healed Kakashi and restored his chakra as soon as the entered the main battlefield

26. Sakura activated the byakugou and destroyed hundreds of miniature jubi clones 

sakura cha 1 | sakura power war arc jubi clones 1 |

27. Summoned katsuyu and healed whole shinobi alliance

sakura katsuyu war arc |

28. Pumped Naruto’s heart until he got sage of sixth path

sakura saving naruto heart pump 1 |


29. Sakura heals Shikamaru from the brink of death

sakura healing shikamaru war arc |

30. Sakura gives Obito enough chakra to travel through Kagyua’s timespace 

sakura and obito 1 |


31. Sakura punches Kaguya which saves the day

YouTube video


32. Heals and saves both Naruto and Sasuke AFTER their fight

sakura heals sasuke naruto shippuden |

33. Sakura saves Temari’s life (during brainwashed sai fight)

34. Sakura saves Sasuke from poison

sakura saves sasuke from poison 1 |

So there you have it.

34+ times Sakura was useful in the anime. And some of her BEST moments in the Naruto series.

Sakura is a medical nin. It’s her job to SAVE lives first and foremost. Tsunade even pointed this out to her. So it’s mind boggling why fans say she’s useless when she’s “doing her job”.

The average fan ignores this, but it’s written in stone and can’t be denied no matter how you feel about Sakura as a character.


Source: Quora

Featured image: Sakura.



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