4 Reasons Why Anime Fans Hide Their Interests From Other People

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Millions of people across the world LOVE Anime. It’s one of those things that brings people together in a positive way.

And forums like MyAnimeList are full of passionate fans sharing their love for Anime on a weekly basis.

But that’s the internet. What about in everyday life?

I can’t say I’ve ever met anybody who loves Anime the same way I do. Except a few people.

And from experience, there’s a couple of reasons why that is. At least 4 reasons to keep things simple.

Here’s Why Fans Hide Their Interest In Anime From Other People.


1. Some people view it as childish

4 Reasons Why Anime Fans Hide Their Interests From Other People

This is because people are ignorant about what Anime actually is. They compare it to cartoons (which is silly), and think it’s something 5-year-old kids watch.

But in reality: Anime is no different to films. Except that it’s ANIMATED.

You have films that are:

  • Violent.
  • Funny.
  • Childish.
  • Psychological.
  • Full of romance.
  • Educational.

And Anime is no different in that sense.

And so, some fans prefer to hide their interest in Anime from others because people refuse to open their mind to it.


2. People are judgmental

I like android smartphones. People WILL judge me if they don’t like Android or Google. Which is ridiculous.

Well, Anime is no different.

People judge you for loving Anime and watching it. Because in their eyes, it’s lower than a piece of dog shit on the pavement.

Knowing the disease of ignorance is so common these days, some of us choose to hide our Anime interests.


3. People don’t understand it. And aren’t willing to

4 Reasons Why Anime Fans Hide Their Interests From Other People

Have you ever tried convincing someone to eat chocolate, because you love it that much? And yet, no matter how hard you tried, they refused to have a bite?

Anime is similar if you think of it like that. People don’t understand it because they’re not willing to understand it. And therefore, they won’t bother trying it.

So it’s pointless trying to persuade someone into eating chocolate if they don’t have a sweet tooth. They’ll laugh in your face and tell you to F off every time.


4. It’s not the “cool” thing to be interested in

4 Reasons Why Anime Fans Hide Their Interests From Other People

Anime is cool. But what’s “cool” to me and you isn’t “cool” to everybody else. Society is the way it is after all.

And if your biggest interests aren’t:

  • Music.
  • Fashion.

Or “whatever” people talk about that’s popular these days, then it makes you “uncool”. And you’ll usually get a response like:

  • You like Anime? You’re weird!
  • What’s so interesting about Anime?
  • Why do you watch that stuff?

And that’s why some fans never share their Anime interests with anyone. Unless the person is worthy of sharing it with.

People judge you mindlessly after all. That’s the way it is sometimes.


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