The Most Annoying Stereotypes Anime Fans Hate In Less Than 60 Seconds

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Dealing with anime haters is common if you love anime.

The worst kind are people who have NO idea what they’re talking about. And those who’ve never even watched a single anime series to begin with.

People judge what they don’t understand, after all.

Here are some of the most annoying anime stereotypes we hate as anime fans. With clever responses and memes that come to mind when we hear it. 😉


Anime Stereotypes List:


1. Anime is childish!

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2. Anime is for losers!

anime stereotypes


3. All anime characters are the same!

anime stereotypes


4. Anime fans are weaboos!

anime stereotypes


5. Anime is the same as cartoons!

anime stereotypes

6. Should you be watching anime at your age? Grow up!

anime stereotypes


7. I hate anime. It’s for people with no lives!

anime stereotypes


8. Anime isn’t even an art!

anime stereotypes

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9. If your profile picture is an anime character, your opinion doesn’t count!

anime stereotypes


10. Anime is Hentai!

anime stereotypes


11. Anime is stupid!

anime stereotypes


12. Anime is for perverts!

anime stereotypes


13. Anime is for jerks!

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14. People who watch anime are weirdos!

anime stereotypes


15. Anime is for creeps and autistic people!

anime stereotypes


Can you add anymore anime stereotypes that YOU hate?

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