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Why So Many Anime Have Good Beginnings, But The WORST Endings

So many anime shows have the best beginnings, the best introductions, and the best 1st[...]

How To Be Motivated Like Anime Characters

Anime characters are motivated like no other. At least, this is true when this is[...]

20+ Best SK8 The Infinity Quotes For Sports Fans

SK8: The Infinity is a sports anime series released during the pandemic and a highly[...]

19+ Best Eighty Six Quotes Mecha Fans Will Appreciate

Eighty Six quotes taken from characters: Lena (Vladilena Milize). Shin (Shinei Nouzen). Eighty-Six (86) is[...]

Why Hentai Games Are So Popular And Insanely Successful

Hentai games haven’t always been popular because the content was never able to be mainstream[...]

35+ BDSM Hentai Shows With Some Of The Most Controversial Content

BDSM stands for: Bondage. Discipline. Sadism. Masochism. And Hentai shows feature plenty of it, depending[...]

13 Types Of Hentai Tropes And Cliches You’re Always Bound To See

Types of Hentai tropes, cliches, commonalities, and happenings are something you’re always bound to come[...]


20+ Classic You’re Under Arrest Quotes That Will Take You Back

You’re Under Arrest Quotes taken from characters: Natsumi Tsujimoto. Miyuki Kobayakawa. Ken Nakajima. Yoriko Nikaido.[...]

20+ Of The Best Gunsmith Cats Quotes (Recommended)

Gunsmith Cats is a classic anime series from the late 80s and 90s with its[...]

20+ Classic Quotes From Urusei Yatsura That Fans Will Appreciate

Urusei Yatsura Quotes taken from characters: Lum Chan. Ataru Moroboshi. Shinobu Miyake. Rei. Oyuki. Benten.[...]

The 19+ Best Shadows House Quotes From Your Favourite Characters

Shadows House quotes taken from characters: Emilico. John. Kate. Louise. Edward. Maryrose. Rum. Shirley. Rosemary.[...]

20+ Classic Quotes From Bubblegum Crisis That Will Take You Back!

Bubblegum Crisis Quotes taken from characters: Sylia Stingray. Leon Mcnichol. Priss Asagiri. Linna Yamazaki. Bubblegum[...]

13 Types Of Anime Shows You’re Always Bound To Come Across

Certain types of anime shows pop up more than others, and for different reasons. Some[...]

17+ Of The Best My Dress Up Darling Quotes Fans Will Love

My Dress Up Darling Quotes taken from characters: Marin Kitagawa. Gojo Wakana. Kaoru Wakana. Sajuna[...]

The 20+ Most Meaningful Quotes From The Anime: Great Pretender!

Great Pretender Quotes taken from characters: Makoto Edamura. Abigail Jones. Laurent Thierry. Kudo. Salazar. Lewis[...]

13+ Of The BEST Male Anime Character Archetypes That Are Common

Anime archetypes when it comes to male characters is an unavoidable part of watching and[...]

A Collection Of The BEST Accelerator Quotes Anime Fans Will Appreciate

Accelerator is a villain in the Railgun and Index series, who later becomes more of[...]

Why Old Gen Fans LOVE To Bully New Gen Anime Shows And Their Fanbase

New-gen anime shows are on the receiving end of: Bullying. Disrespect. Hate. Name-calling. Jokes. Elitism.[...]

A Collection Of The BEST Touma Kamijou Quotes For Index Fans

Touma Kamijou is the protagonist from A Certain Magical Index and the side character of the[...]

The Ultimate List Of Goku Black Quotes From Dragon Ball Super!

Goku Black is considered one of the best Dragon Ball villains of all time and[...]

21+ Magic Knight Rayearth Quotes That Will Take You Back In The Past

Magic Knight Raryearth quotes taken from characters: Mokona. Umi Ryuuzaki. Fuu Hououji. Hikaru Shidou. Presea.[...]

50+ Memorable Anime Quotes That Will Stick Like Gorilla Glue

Memorable anime quotes are the types of content that: Sticks to you. Will be with[...]

10+ Tell Tale Signs You’re Becoming A F*cking Weeb

Are you becoming a f*cking weeb, Otaku, or a more involved anime fan (if you[...]

11 Of The Biggest Fears Of Anime Fans At Different Stages Of The Journey

The biggest fears that anime fans have. I’m partially being sarcastic with some of these[...]

70+ Sexy Miru Tights Pics To Satisfy Your Thigh Fetish

Miru Tights, when all is said and done, is a fetish type of anime series[...]

The Ultimate Hentai Games Websites With The Best Quality Content

Hentai gaming has become a big business in the last 10 years. In fact, one[...]

17 Popular Anime Trends That Will Never Disappear

The anime industry has been pumping out anime trends ever since the beginning, but like[...]

90+ Of The Hottest Rias Gremory Pictures From High School DxD (Recommended)

Rias Gremory is the redheaded female protagonist from High School DxD, and one of the[...]

The Ultimate List Of Hentai Websites You’ll Ever Need To Get Your Fix

In comparison to regular anime websites, there aren’t too many Hentai websites to speak of.[...]

90+ Pictures Of Hot Ecchi Anime Girls For Your Viewing Pleasure

Ecchi anime girls are different to regular anime characters. They’re aesthetically designed beyond just fanservice.[...]

100+ Sexy Lucy Heartfilia Pics That FT Fans Will Love

Lucy Heartfilia can be considered the main female protagonist of Fairy Tail, and one of[...]

9+ Anime Shows Like K-On That Are Fun And Cheerful (Recommended)

K-On is an anime series that kicked off the Moe genre, the trend, and the[...]

9+ Comparable Anime Shows Like Uma Musume Pretty Derby (Recommended)

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is an anime series about a girl who wants to play[...]

9+ Anime That Share Similairities With Oshi No Ko (Recommended)

Oshi No Ko is a psychological anime series with drama, mystery, and even supernatural elements which[...]

Trans Man Chris, A Friend Of MrBeast Deletes Tweet Saying “Nothing gets my knob cranking like some Loli”

In more crazy news from the anime industry, though not really crazy, is Chris from MrBeast who[...]

The HYPOCRISY Of Toxic Female Anime Fans And Yaoi Fangirls Who Demonize “Fanservice”

I started watching anime as a kid. DBZ was the famous one that got me[...]

20 Relevant Anime Characters Who Are Born In February (Aquarius/Pisces)

Have you ever wondered about anime characters’ birthdays that are in February? Usually in the[...]

Middle School BANS Assassination Classroom Manga Because “We don’t want students to think it’s OK to kill their teachers”

If you never thought anime controversy and reasons for it to be banned couldn’t get[...]

The Greatest Nnoitra Gilga Quotes That Stand The Test Of Time

Nnoitra is Espada #5 in the Bleach series, a number below (or above) Grimmjow who’s[...]

The Appeal Of Yanderes, And Why Anime Fans LOVE This Trope So Much

What is the appeal of Yanderes exactly, and why do they get so much recognition and[...]

10+ BEST Anime Like Konosuba For Comedy And Adventure (Recommended)

Konosuba is a legendary anime in the Isekai genre at this point, and one that’s[...]

9 Anime Like A Galaxy Next Door (Recommended)

A Galaxy Next Door is an anime series about manga. Kuga Ichirou is a shoujo manga[...]