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A Collection Of The Best Mugen Quotes From Samurai Champloo

Mugen is the type of character who doesn’t give a shit about what people think[...]

15+ Shogo Makishima Quotes From Psycho Pass (BEST)

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7+ Of The Greatest Life Lessons From Madara Uchiha (Recommended)

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These Top 25 Countries LOVE Anime The Most In 2024!

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The Appeal Of “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things”: Why Anime Fans Love It

There are a LOT of appealing aspects of anime and its tropes, niches, and everything[...]

Man Who Burned Down Kyoto Animation Studio Killing 36 People Gets DEATH Sentence!

I don’t do “news” these days but this is important enough to mention because: Anime[...]

This Is Why Black People LOVE Anime So Much

Black people love anime. This is: No question. No secret. No surprise. And is without[...]

Why Akame Ga Kill Is Better Than The Average Shounen Anime (Like Naruto)

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Top 12+ Hottest Anime Girls From My Hero Academia (Non Ranking)

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Top 25 Countries Where Manga Was Popular (2023)

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Top 25 Countries Of All Time Where Light Novels Are Most Famous!

Light Novels are a beast of their own in the connected anime and manga industry.[...]

Are Jujutsu Kaisen Girls Overrated?

I laughed when CBR, and other websites back when Jujutsu Kaisen season 1 first aired[...]

7+ Life Lessons To Be Learned From Bleach TYBW Arc

There aren’t many anime like Bleach when it comes to life lessons, inspiration, and content.[...]

The Appeal of DANDERE Characters: Here’s Why Fans Love It

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The 9+ Best Zom 100 Life Lessons That Are Surprisingly Educational

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