Australia MP’S Wants To Colonize Japanese Anime And Censor Their Culture

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And it’s not just Australia.

Historically – people with power in the west have always been colonizers.

We know how that went in Africa, India has their history with the west, Australia and America aren’t originally white countries and so on.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that in 2020 despite progress, Australia’s “elite” is trying to make Japan bend to their logic and tarnish Japanese culture because they don’t agree with it.

The Senator in Australia towards the end of February went on a hypocritical rant about anime. Claiming it exploits children, it shows sexual abuse content, rape, and basically every bad word that doesn’t represent the truth.

None of these clown puppet politicians have even watched a day of anime in their lives, and yet they get to be the spokespeople all of a sudden.

It’s like taking medical advice from a drug dealer and expecting it to be genuine.

This started because they needed something to use their “budget” on. So they’re like a bunch of idiots with money and no common sense with how to use it.


A comical extremist feminist from Australia called Bonaros went out her way to visit Japan in 2019.

Her purpose was to get sh*t banned in Japan, and to tr y forcing the Japanese to bow to their worldview.

In her own words:

“”They need external pressure — they need their politicians to understand that the rest of the world doesn’t look at this material through the same lens that they do.”

In plain English here’s what she really means:

“F*ck Japanese culture. If they don’t see things the way I see it, they’re wrong and I’m right.”


This is colonization at its finest

australia ban anime colonizers

You walk into someone’s home and start telling them HOW they should organize the furniture, change the way they think, how they should be like you and why they’re wrong.

That’s what Australia’s politicians are doing right now, or at least trying to do.

By the looks of it they’re being told f*ck off, and that’s the way it should be. It’s their home after all, and no outsider should have a say in how you run that home.


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