11+ Anime Author Characters Who Love Writing Like #JKRowling

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Anime author characters are some of the most uncommon types of characters. There aren’t too many of them in your average series.

When you do see anime authors, they’re either:

  • In the early stages of their writing career.
  • Or they’re writing for a living in the anime they feature in.

Regardless of which side of the fence you wanna talk about, I’ll mention both.

Some of these characters aspire to write, or have careers like JK Rowling. The Harry Potter author.


The Best Anime Author Characters:


1. Sachiko Tanaka (Denpa Kyoushi)

sachiko tanaka denpa kyoushi black dress 1

Sachiko Tanaka is a manga author (Mangaka) who makes money off her work in Denpa Kyoushi.

She’s easy going, laid back, and absolutely loves what she does for a living.

She’d rather sit home and create and write art than go to school and learn something she’s never gonna use. And this shows during her mini-arc in the anime.

Sachiko sells out every time she publishes any work, usually under a pen name to hide her real identity.


2. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

lucy heartfilia happy face

Lucy Heartfilia is what you’d call a “beginner” author who’s still in the early stages. But like JK Rowling she’s passionate about writing.

In the Fairy Tail series not much attention is put on Lucy’s career for obvious reasons. But she’s working on a big novel throughout Fairy Tail’s seasons.

She never shares her novel much and wants to get it finished before sharing it with everyone. And the world of Magnolia.

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3. Jiraiya (Naruto)

jiraiya naruto funny face 1

Jiraiya is one of the biggest pervs in the anime industry. And he’s shameless about it as well. Though he thinks he’s slick but not slick enough for Naruto to notice.

When he’s traveling he’s always claiming to be “doing research” to write a novel. When in reality he’s getting distracted by messing around with girls.

He is a genuine author though and actually is working on a novel. But Naruto’s story doesn’t shine any light on it since that’s not the focus.

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4. Kirino Kousaka (My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute)

kirino kousaka blush pointing finger

Kirino Kousaka is one half of the main characters in this…. wholesome (and later incest) anime series.

She’s secretly an Otaku and hides it even from family. Until her brother finds out the truth. And keeps her secret safe.

She’s not just an author behind closed doors, but she’s a fashion model as well and makes her own money that way.

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5. Shigure Sohma (Fruits Basket)

shigure sohma fruits basket winking 1

Shigure Sohma from Fruits Basket is one of the many characters who shares a secret they hide at all costs.

As one of the zodiac characters he needs a way to make money and make a living without exposing his secrets. And so writing solves that problem.

He becomes an author and focuses more on serious topics. Romance being one of the genre’s he writes about.


6. Subaru Mikazuki (My Roommate Is A Cat)

subaru mikazuki holding red book

Subaru Mikazuki from My Roommate Is A Cat is an awkward introvert who avoids people like the plague.

He eventually owns a cat and starts taking care of it. And that’s the source of the anime’s laid back, chilled and wholesome episodes.

He’s a mystery writer still in the early stages of improving his writing and becoming a full time writer.


7. Eriri Spencer (How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend)

eriri spencer glasses cute blush

Eriri Spencer is a Tsundere, but not the typical, over the top and irritating Tsundere.

She has more than just a Tsundere personality and brings life to the Tsundere cliché.

As a Doujinshi author who publishes Ecchi in a nutshell, she tends not to share it with too many people. But she’s successful and makes a living out of it!


8. Nagi Sanzenin (Hayate The Combat Butler)

nagi covering head from sunlight

Nagi Sanzenin from Hayate The Combat Butler is one of the main protagonists.

She’s wealthy and is in fact one of the richest anime characters ever created. This is one of the reasons people try to take advantage of Nagi in the anime.

She’s not interested in the money but beyond that – she’s a woman of her word and sticks to her promises.

Nagi also writes her own Manga, and draws as well.

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9. Natsuno Kirihime (Dog & Scissors)

natsuno kirihime dog and scissors glasses 1

This girl is an absolute weirdo. And has one of the most deranged lifestyles of any anime character.

Dog & Scissors is about Natsuno’s fetish and strange attraction to a man that’s stuck in a dog’s body. Sexually attracted that is.

I’m more surprised by the fact this anime doesn’t have lower ratings than it does. But getting back on track – Natsuno’s a best selling author.

She makes a killing with her work and lives an oddball life outside of work.


10. Tamako Arai (Barakamon)

tamako arai barakamon smile

Tamako Arai is one of the side characters in Barakamon. Who’s a closet Otaku with an immense passion for anime and manga.

She likes to spend time by herself and is an introvert who keeps a small circle of friends.

Behind closed doors she’s a Mangaka in the early stages, with goals to become a successful Mangaka in the future.

She’s wrote and drawn her own horror manga.

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11. Utaha Kasumigaoka (How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend)

utaha kasumigaoka red eyes beautiful 1

Utaha Kasumigaoka is a best selling author in the Saekano series.

She sells well over 500,000+ copies in the anime. So she makes more than just a living.

It’s her life.

Waking up and working on her art is the #1 passion. Outside of that she has an introverted personality and tends to be laid back and sarcastic.

She’s not one to hold her tongue, always speaking her mind instead of beating around the bush or being indirect.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Masamune Izumi (Eromanga Sensei).
  • Sojiro Izumi (Lucky Star).
  • Akito Takagi (Bakuman).


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