19+ Action Dubbed Anime That Will Leave A Good Impression

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I haven’t been watching too many action dubs these days, or any dubs at all.

At some point you have to expand and watch the original since there aren’t many “dubbed” anime to begin with.

But I’ve watched so many in the action genre it’s only right I cover it.

So… let’s get to it.


Best Action Dubbed Anime:


1. Black Lagoon 

revy rebecca sexy black lagoon

Black Lagoon is about the underworld, crime, gangsters, drug dealers and smuggling weapons.

There are some realistic depictions but some of it is exaggerated, but that’s another story.

The main characters work for Dutch, a black protagonist who runs the Lagoon Company. They smuggle weapons and all kinds of sh*t.

Revy Rebecca, probably the most popular character in the anime is nicknamed “two hands” for carrying 2 pistols.

She’s the source of entertainment, fight scenes, and all the other crazy sh*t that goes on in this anime.

The voice actors for these characters are some of the best you’ll see from an action anime dub.


2. Akame Ga Kill

akame ga kill tatsumi and akame sword

Akame Ga Kill is probably my top 5 for dubbed action anime. The VA’S are really that good and each voice actor fits their role down to the letter.

This anime is about a group of assassins who are trying to start a revolution. The group is called night raid. They carry out their assassinations during the night.

The government is corrupt with the living conditions being the equivalent of slavery and an abuse of human rights.

This is the motivation for creating a revolution, and the dubbed voice actors + the anime‘s content is on point.

Great characters, unique story and different from the typical Shounen.


3. Noir 

noir anime protagonists

Noir is a french name, and this anime has ties to it.

The main characters are on a mission and decide to work together to achieve a common goal. Both female protagonists are freelance assassins.

Mireille Bouquet is the oldest and Kirika Yuumura is the youngest, and most skilled.

Noir doesn’t have blood which is surprising for the type of anime it is, but it’s a rare action anime in 2020.

The dubbed voice actors do a good job of playing their roles as well.


4. My Hero Academia

my hero academia protagonists

My Hero Academia was bound to show on this list sooner or later. It’s a relatively “recent” anime in the action dub department.

Overtime ever since season 1 the dubbing for the main and side characters has improved. And each character, especially characters from class-1A have some good dubbing.

The same is true for the villains, one of them being Shigaraki Tomura.

Boku no Hero Academia has a solid story to back it and it’s only gonna get better as things stand.


5. Assassination Classroom

assassination classroom shiota dark eyes

Assassination Classroom is an anime I don’t always hear about. It’s a shame because there aren’t many school anime like it.

And as an action series – you just can’t find a comparable anime for the most part.

The main character is a teacher called Koro Sensei. If he’s not destroyed the earth will be destroyed.

Teenagers are trained to get strong enough to kill him before the “day” comes where he’s decided to blow up the earth.

Great dubbing, action scenes and suspense. And the story is better than it sounds.


6. Bungou Stray Dogs

bbungou stray dogs dazai eye patch

Bungou Stray Dogs is an odd-ball type of anime to get into. The early stages was weird for me.

Once you get into the story and plot a little more it starts to warm on you. And of course – the action element starts to show up even more.

With so many characters with wildly different personalities you’ll find someone worth liking.

The story is about a supernatural detective agency that solves crimes in the city. Some of which involves gangsters and other types of characters.


7. Black Bullet

rentaro satomi shocked eyes black bullet e1590959074936

Black Bullet has similar vibes to Attack On Titan. Both anime are based on a “threat” that has the power to destroy humans and society itself.

In Black Bullet these creatures are called Gastrea. And anyone who’s infected with the virus (without dying) are called the cursed children.

These children work with initiators (officers) to destroy Gastrea and keep them from spreading or taking over.

The dubbed VA’S drop F bombs, have some pretty witty lines and most of all: they’re good voice actors.


8. Jormungand

jormungand koko white hair blue eyes

Jormungand is the underrated version of Black Lagoon. It’s an anime about arms dealers who sell weapons to war lords, politicians and people in the underground.

This business is done on a global level, and the characters travel all over the world to run their empire.

Because of this you get a lot of diversity with the anime characters backgrounds, skin color and what not.

GREAT dub voice actors, especially for the MC and some other notable characters.


9. Chrono Crusade

chrono crusade rosette anime characters

Chrono Crusade is a unique type of anime series with religious undertones.

The main character is a “sister” of the church, along with others. And hunts demons for a living, basically.

The irony in this story is Rosette Christopher (the MC) is also in love with a demon. A demon who’s different and has retired from his past life as a demon.

This a treasure of an anime that only gets better from the very first episode.


10. Dragon Ball Z

dragon ball z goku ss gif

Dragon Ball Z is my first anime. So I’m bound to love it. It’s a gateway drug type of series.

Even to this day (with Dragon Ball Super) the dubbed voice actors haven’t changed, meaning they’re stellar and worldclass.

A lot of anime don’t have the luxury of having top notch dub voice actors the way DBZ does, and that’s why it has to be mentioned.

I don’t have to say much on the anime because it’s too famous for its own good. But the action is the pinnacle of modern Shounen in 2020.


11. Claymore

clare pulling out sword claymore

Claymore is full of female characters, with no male characters in sight. Especially not male characters that hold much relevance.

All female characters in this anime are powerful and knows how to wield a sword.

The story though is depressing dark, cold, and the action often reflects this brutal reality each character has to live through.

It’s made by Madhouse and the dubbing reflects the studios quality.


12. Bleach

Bleach anime characters soul reapers

Bleach is a legend in the Shounen category, and with a upcoming anime in 2021 the action will get more intense.

This is the type of anime you watch if DBZ‘s flashy techniques and overpowered characters is too much for you.

The main characters are a mix of soul reapers (death gods) and humans. Ichigo Kurosaki gets wrapped in the world of Soul Reapers,, and the story shoots off from there.

The action doesn’t disappoint and neither does the VA’S.


13. Code Geass

lelouch lamperouge eyes code geass e1590958233206

Code Geass is my favorite Mecha of all time. No Mecha can come close to the way this story is written.

Lelouch Lamperouge is a victim of Britannia and their invasion of Japan. After their invasion they rename Japan and call it “Area 11”. With the citizens referred to as elevens.

The main character has the same voice actor as Ichigo from Bleach. And the chess-like strategy and tactics is a solid reminder of how good Death Note is.

Both anime have similarities that fans will appreciate.


14. Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill has to be studio triggers best anime series. And one of the most iconic anime of the 2010’s without a doubt.

On the surface this is just a daft Ecchi anime full of fan service. And most would judge this anime as using “fan service” as an excuse.

But only those who can read between the lines and who actually watch Kill La Kill understand.

The anime makes fun of cliches and tropes, takes things to the extreme, and brilliantly weaves in a deep story relating to humans and our relationship with clothing.

I’ve rate this show as having one of the best dubbed voice actors on this list.


15. Full Metal Panic

sousuke sagara full metal panic gun

Full Metal Panic is another Mecha series besides Code Geass on this list. And one with a good set of dubbed VA’S.

FMP is the type of anime that starts off slow, and you have to keep watching to get to the good parts. This is more true for season 1.

Season 2 is where the anime starts to shine and dominate as a Mecha anime.

The military nature of FMP and the action stand out. And the main character is the perfect fit in so many ways.

It’s the only anime carrying Mecha on its back with seasons still being made.

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16. D. Gray Man

allen walker d gray man eyes

D. Gray Man was released in the 2000’s and goes unnoticed next to other Shounen.

Allen Walker, the main character, has a cursed eye from a past incident. And he’s now able to see demons with his left eye.

He can even see the pain and suffering just by looking at these demons since they originate from humans.

As one of the last “long” action-shounen anime there’s plenty of GREAT fights and worthy battle scenes. Plus some pretty good dubbing.


17. Golden Kamuy

golden kamuy characters asirpa and saichi

Golden Kamuy is an anime that didn’t make it to the mainstream, but has a dedicated fanbase. It was released back in 2018.

This action adventure anime has a taste of history related to the INU in Japan. And is one of a handful of anime that has deep history connected to the story.

Similar to Oda Nobuna, you’ll learn as you watch the anime and you’ll get plenty of legit fights and occasional wholesome episodes.

The dub is solid.


18. Fate Zero

fate zero saber sword armor

Fate Zero is one the Fate franchises best pieces of work. And there aren’t many out there that can measure up to its quality.

It has the level of violence of Akame Ga Kill, the action scenes of the best Shounen, and the animation quality few action anime are able to pull off.

If you’re gonna watch any Fate series dubbed, Fate Zero is one of the best out of all Fate’s anime shows.


19. Gunslinger Girl

gunslinger girl henrietta gun

Gunslinger Girl is a classic and also made by Madhouse studios. It’s an anime about girls who are given another chance at life.

In exchange they’re given mechanical bodies after they’re saved from death’s door. And are then brainwashed to work for the government and do their dirty work.

The girls themselves aren’t all aware of this though.

Sad, meaningful, and an especially forgotten anime with a decent dub cast.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Shakugan No Shana.
  • Inuyasha.
  • Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress.
  • Attack On Titan.
  • God Eater.
  • Psycho Pass.



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