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Why “Wish Fulfilment” Is A Popular Anime Trope That People Love

What is wish fulfilment in anime? Simple. It’s the types of: Anime. Tropes. And characters.[...]

This Is Why Androgynous Anime Characters Are So Common

Androgynous anime characters are those who are: Hard to figure out their gender. Can be[...]

17+ Types Of Anime Clichés You’re Always Bound To See

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THIS Is Why Ecchi Anime Is So Popular, And How It Came To Be (Full Breakdown)

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15+ Anime Characters Who Ride Bicycles (Recommended)

How many of you wondered who rides bicycles in anime? There are quite a few[...]

19+ Horniest Anime Characters Who Need To Chill The F*ck Out

Horny anime characters can be compared to perverted anime characters, though they’re not the same. The former[...]

Why Harem Anime Is So Popular, And Still Manages To Thrive

Harem anime has been popular ever since they started churning out these types of shows[...]

7+ Anime Characters Who Are Just Like #RussellBrand

Russel Brand is a well known comedian, celebrity, and unconventional thinker who shares a lot[...]

20+ Of The Most Loyal Anime Characters Who Deserve Respect

Loyal anime characters are easy to find depending on the genre of the anime. And[...]

20+ Savage Anime Characters Who Just Don’t Give A F

Savage anime characters can be defined in more ways than one. For example: Characters who[...]

The Fascination With Anime Headpats, And Why Fans Love It

I once talked about the fascination of anime lap pillows, and why fans love them.[...]

Is Anime Linked To Depression, And If So, Why? (Pubmed Study)

Is anime linked to depression? That is the real question. A study focused on Japan[...]

12+ Types Of Anime Loli’s You’ll Always Come Across

Different types of Loli’s are defined by a few things: Character design. Aesthetic. Tropes/cliches. Age.[...]

The Best Diabetes Anime Shows That Will Spike Your Blood Sugar

Everyone loves films, shows, and TV with a touch of diabetes and sweetness. Anime fans[...]

Common Mistakes Streaming Services Make That Pirates Have Fixed

Streaming services are still making the same mistakes. Some are blind mistakes, while others are[...]

19+ Anime Characters Who Got What They Deserved (Karma) 

Like real life, anime characters get what they deserve or receive their fair share of[...]

The 11+ Strongest Characters In Dragon Ball Super, In Ranking Order

Dragon Ball Super has been on hiatus for a good while now with the ANIME[...]

Yuri Vs Yaoi: Which Genre Is The MOST Popular?

Yuri is for men who are straight, love women, and maybe like lesbians even more.[...]

22+ Anime That Will Make You Happy And Cheerful

Happy anime shows are some of the best anime shows. After all, the one thing that we[...]

20+ Of The BEST Anime Fan Service Characters That Aim To Please

How often do you see people online complaining about anime fan service or fan service[...]