25 Of The Best Animes Filled With Life Lessons And Inspiration

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Written by Theo J Ellis

“You have three choices. You can give up, give in, or give it your all.” – Lucy Heartfilia

There’s an anime I’m watching called: Children Of The Wales. Even though I haven’t finished it, the life lessons are clear:

  1. Nothing lasts forever.
  2. Death is always sudden and unexpected.
  3. Giving up won’t solve your problems.

I’ve gathered those 3 life lessons and I’m not even half-finished yet!

When outsiders claim anime is childish, they’re only admitting how ignorant they are. Because anime is filled with life lessons that are both harsh and uplifting. Some can even change your life or lend you inspiration when you need it most.

Few anime shows are truly childish in a literal way. Keeping that in mind…


Here are 25 anime life lessons we can all learn from:


1. Assassination Classroom

best anime for life lessons

Assassination Classroom is a weird school/action series with surprising amounts of depth and wisdom. That’s how I’d describe it.

One of the best life lessons from Assassination Classroom: Never stop learning about yourself, and the world around you.

For better or for worse, there’s more to learn than we think there is. And each learning experience is the driving force that leads us to change and self development.

Refusing to learn on the other hand puts you at a disadvantage. What you don’t know WILL hurt you.


2. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

best anime for life lessons

Weak-knees Kenichi is a high school student who’s being bullied. Day-in and day-out.

One day he runs into a girl who lives at a dojo, which leads him to start training in the martial arts. Eventually making him strong enough to defend himself.

The life lessons from this anime is clear: No matter how weak you are, you can always become stronger and better.

It all starts with having the courage to decide and then following it up with action.


3. Flying Witch

best anime for life lessons

I’ll always say this: Flying Witch is the most relaxing anime series of all time.

It’s about a witch-in-training who’s sent off to live with her family in the countryside. For the purpose of learning how to become independent and responsible.

The life lesson from this laid back anime series is this: Keep things simple.

I feel the anime portrays this well. In a way that’s realistic, and in a way that makes you realize it doesn’t take much to be truly happy.


4. Dragon Ball Z

best anime for life lessons

Dragon Ball Z needs no introduction. It’s one of the reasons anime is still airing in 2018!

DBZ has many life lessons, like:

  • The harder you work on yourself, the more successful you’ll become.
  • No matter how successful you are, there’s always someone out there who’s achieved more.
  • Life’s challenges are never-ending.

And it’s life lessons like these that makes DBZ a legendary anime.


5. Fate Apocrypha

best anime for life lessons

Released in 2017, Fate Apocrypha follows the original holy grail war 50+ years into the future. Continuing on from Fate Zero/Fate Stay Night.

The biggest takeaways from Fate Apocrypha are:

  • Your life has value, even if you’re unable to see it.
  • Everyone has a past filled with pain, regrets, bad decisions or unfairness.
  • Life is what you make of it.

And the main characters paint this truth effortlessly.


6. New Game!

best anime for life lessons

New Game first released in 2016, with a second season produced in 2017. It’s about Aoba Suzukaze, and her journey of becoming a game designer like she’s always dreamed.

The biggest takeaway from New Game is: There’s always a price to pay, especially if you’re doing something you love.

Aoba Suzukaze learns this while working relentless hours in her dream job. Passion doesn’t take away any struggles or obstacles you might run into.


7. Spice And Wolf

best anime for life lessons

Kraft Lawrence runs into a naked Deity, and strangely forms a partnership with her before their adventure begins.

Probably not the most exciting intro to an anime, but what follows is one of the best adventures seen in an anime.

The biggest life lessons learned:

  • How to sell yourself and persuade others.
  • The importance of supply and demand.
  • Choosing a business partner can make or break your business.


8. Amagi Brilliant Park

best anime for life lessons

The theme park is in danger of being shut down, permanently. So Izusu Sento recruits  guy named Kanie to support their business. That’s the basis of the magical-story (pun intended).

The biggest life lessons from Amagi Brilliant Park:

  • When you put your minds together, it’s amazing what you can accomplish.
  • Sales if the lifeblood of business.
  • Be unconventional.

Even when the odds are stacked against the characters, they manage to pull it off, helping the business flourish once again.


9. Psycho Pass

best anime for life lessons

Psycho Pass is a police/sci-fi series based in the distant future. Where holograms, robots and futuristic guns are conventional.

Putting the insane violence and dark themes aside, Psycho Pass will teach you:

  • Why it’s crucial to stay calm under pressure.
  • To fearlessly challenge conventional thinking.
  • The power of empathy, especially in complex situations.


10. Sakura Quest

best anime for life lessons

Sakura Quest’s lush backgrounds and unique characters makes this slice of life more than what it seems.

And like Flying Witch, Sakura Quest is both laid back and emotional when it needs to be.

Life lessons you can learn: Communication is everything. Without it, you’ll fail to work alongside anyone. Especially if they’re difficult to understand.

When you’re good at communicating, you’re willing and able to see why certain people are the way they are. And that helps to reduce friction, and fosters relationships.


11. Akame Ga Kill

best anime for life lessons

The main objective in Akame Ga Kill: to tear down the corrupt government and create a revolution.

In between the madness in Akame Ga Kill, you learn life lessons like:

  • Life is unfair, but you still get to decide what to do about it.
  • If you want something, you’ve got to take action and be willing to manage the risks that come with it.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of life. You just might regret it.


12. Samurai Champloo

best anime for life lessons

Samurai Champloo is about Fuu, a 15 year old girl who’s searching for a Samurai who smells of sunflowers. After being made homeless, she recruits Mugen and Jin to help her along the way.

Putting aside Samurai Champloo’s unique animation and storytelling for a sec, the biggest takeaways are:

  • Hard decisions are some of the best decisions you’ll ever make.
  • If it’s scary, do it. And you’re bound to grow from the experience.
  • Take responsibility for your actions.


13. ReLife

best anime for life lessons

School/slice of life series about Kaizaki Arata. A 27 year old NEET who’s given the chance to change his life around.

The single biggest takeaway from ReLife is: No matter how far you’ve come, you can always start over and turn your life around.

People think once you’re a certain age, life is over. But for most this statement is bullshit. It all starts with a decision reclaim your happiness.


14. Scrapped Princess

best anime for life lessons

Pacifica Casull is abandoned as a baby and left for dead, until a brother and sister rescue and adopt her into their family.

It’s an old school show with some power life lessons. One of them being: Family is just a 6 letter word.

When your family by blood abandons you, the definition of family loses its meaning.

Family means whatever you want it to mean. It means different things to different people.


15. Guardian Of The Spirit

best anime for life lessons

Historical series about a prince who’s forced to abandon his kingdom, and a female bodyguard who’s contracted to protect him.

Here are the biggest life lessons from Guardian Of The Spirit:

  • Human beings can be irrational for the wrong reasons.
  • Some people value traditions more than they value the lives of others.
  • When life is hard, giving up will only make it harder. So keep going and become even stronger.


16. My Bride Is A Mermaid

best anime for life lessons

My Bride Is A Mermaid is a comedy series. And even though people mistakenly believe comedies can’t teach you valuable lessons, the opposite is true.

Some examples of the life lessons in My Bride Is A Mermaid:

  • Every relationship goes through trials and tribulations.
  • Not listening to your partner causes unnecessary issues, capable of ruining your relationship.
  • What someone says about you says more about themselves.
  • Life is about having fun, and doing the best you can while you’re at it.


17. Shiki

best anime for life lessons

Shiki is a disgustingly violent anime series in the horror/mystery genre. But in the early episodes, it tricks you into believing the anime is lightweight and “safe” for children.

That aside, this is what you’ll learn from Shiki after watching the entire show:

  • The biggest threat to society is ourselves.
  • Justification is dangerous.
  • When we’re terrified of the things we don’t understand, it leads to devastation.
  • Be logical when everybody around you is irrational.


18. Higurashi: When They Cry

best anime for life lessons

Like Shiki, there are some ruthless life lessons, scenes, episodes and events that play out in Higurashi. And each one is too unpredictable to expect.

Here are some of the dark, deep life lessons from Higurashi:

  • Every human being has a dark side.
  • The fear of pain or the experience of being hurt can lead to tragedy and violence.


19. Classroom Of The Elite

best anime for life lessons

Made by the same creators behind: Assassination Classroom, Classroom Of The Elite shares similar vibes and life lessons.

The biggest takeaway from this ruthless, competitive series is this: Life is a competition, and some people will destroy you to win.

Life is a competition no matter what it is you’re doing or pursuing. Denying that fact is to your own detriment.


20. Black Bullet

best anime for life lessons

Despite the cliché of: young girls save the world, Black Bullet is deeper than most people are willing to admit. It’s an action/mystery series with some pretty disturbing themes.

Some of the biggest takeaways from Black Bullet is:

  • People hate what they don’t understand. And hate leads to senseless violence.
  • You don’t know who your true friends are until you’re at your worst, or they see you for who you really are.


21. Jormungand

best anime for life lessons

This the only, and probably the best anime series about the lives of arms dealers. Which is a person who sells weapons for a living.

Because of how realistic Jormungand is, the life lessons have much more depth and impact. Here’s what you can learn from this anime:

  • The world is a cruel place filled with selfish, greedy desires.
  • We value guns, weapons, power and control more than we value kindness and education.
  • Happiness is a choice, despite your circumstances.


22. Clannad

best anime for life lessons

If you’ve watched Clannad you’re already know what life lessons are coming.

This sad romance series paints an ugly picture of relationships and raising kids. Because it isn’t always as pretty as it’s made out to be.

Clannad Life Lessons:

  • Having kids is risky.
  • Love is hard, and committing to a life partner is even harder.
  • Life is unfair, and some things are out of our control.
  • Depression is one of the biggest struggles a person can deal with.


23. Love Live School idol Project

best anime for life lessons

Love Live is an anime with some brighter, more chipper life lessons we can learn from. Which is a good break from the dark life lessons I’ve mentioned so far.

Here’s what you can learn from this slice of life/music anime series: Teamwork is underrated. And so is the power of communication.

It’s hard to get along when you’re in a group full of 9 members with different personalities. This is the reason so many music bands don’t last.

This is why teamwork and communication are so relevant and often overlooked. Without these 2 things, it’s impossible to get along with anyone. Especially when you’re all trying to accomplish the same thing.


24. The Royal Tutor

best anime for life lessons

Released in 2017, The Royal Tutor stood out as the anime that focused on education and self improvement. These are the strongest themes highlighted from start to finish.

Here’s what you’ll learn by watching this show:

  • Why it’s important to never stop learning.
  • The importance of self awareness, and how it helps you.
  • How having a mentor can change your life.
  • Listening is always more important than talking.

It’s one of my top underrated anime I’d recommend everybody watch. There’s nothing like it.


25. K-On

best anime for life lessons

And K-On makes the 25th spot! It’s at the top of my list for animes that will make you laugh, help you relax, and put you at ease.

Despite this anime not having a real plot, there are simple life lessons we can learn from it:

  • Have as much fun as you can.
  • Don’t take life too seriously.
  • Choose to be happy, even when there’s not a reason to be.
  • Break the rules and bend others. It makes life more interesting.
  • Do it because you want to do it, not because you’re obligated or its politically correct.

Which anime life lessons have you learned?


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Where is Naruto?


where is Naruto

Raj Gopal
Raj Gopal

where is naruto


I hate to judge but you must be crazy not involving Naruto/Naruto Shippuden in the list.

Reply to  Theo J Ellis

Bro uve watched Naruto?

Reply to  Theo J Ellis

Looks like u hvnt tho


bro i expected to see black clover, bleach, full metal alchemist , Gintama , fairy tail, one piece like those anime changed my way of living……. at least Naruto should have been on here Naruto is a really great inspirational anime and a life lesson teacher


Great Teacher Onizuka


I was expecting to see Naruto on your list.

Vivek Jung Hamal
Vivek Jung Hamal
Reply to  Maophung

This is the anime.. the anime that literally changed my way of living!


You shoul include My Hero Academia too. This anime is a very emotionant one

Anime person
Anime person

I am sorry but Naruto should be on the top of this list sorry


By the way I liked that Naruto isn’t there on the list….. Cause I wanted to know about the diamond in rough

ajay n m
ajay n m

bro just edit this and make it 16 by adding naruto the comment section is flooded with “where is naruto”…… even i am a die hard fan of naruto sooooooo




Where is yahari ore seishun love kome wa machigatteiru

Ashish Nair
Ashish Nair

Don’t call urself an otaku if u haven’t watched Naruto.


This was great! I appreciate you giving a summary of the anime too. Also, don’t feel pressured about adding Naruto. Each arc practically has its own life lesson. I’m also glad you put other anime than the typical mainstream ones. A lot of other lists on this topic just put the mainstream (kinda basic) anime on their list so this one was particularly helpful. Thank you!


Whens the date of this release


me: scrolling down searching for Uchiha Itachi’s proverbs. where is NARUTO??


Loved your words and the way u used them for conveying your best animes


When was this first published?

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