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Here you can check out the latest motivational anime quotes, among other Anime quotes from your favorite shows!

14+ Non Non Biyori Quotes That Are Simple And Wholesome

Non Non Biyori Quotes from these characters: Hotaru Ichijou Komari. Renge. Kazuho. Natsumi. Non Non[...]

17+ Of The Best Shana Quotes Shakugan No Shana Fans Will Love

Shana, also known as The Flaming haired blazing eyed Hunter. She’s the master swordswoman of the[...]

13+ Taiga Aisaka Quotes About Life And Romance

Taiga Aisaka is the main female character in the Toradora series, and the main love interest of[...]

The 33+ Best Anime Quotes From Student Characters (Recommended)

With September 2023 underway, it’s officially student season. People going back to college, or starting[...]

19+ Edens Zero Quotes For Fans Of Hiro Mashima’s Work!

Edens Zero quotes taken from characters: Rebecca Bluegarden. Shiki. Justice. Pino. Ziggy. Weisz Steiner.Homura. Labilia. And[...]

15+ Memorable Kusuo Saiki Quotes For Anime Fans (Recommended)

Kusuo Saiki is the main character and the main psychic of the series, plus the main character with supernatural[...]

18+ Cat’s Eye Quotes Old School Fans Will Want To See

Cat’s Eye quotes taken from characters: Hitomi Kisugi. Ai Kusugi. Inspector Asatani. Toshio Utsumi. Rui[...]

14+ King of Braves GaoGaiGar Quotes Old School Anime Fans Will Appreciate

King of Braves GaoGaiGar quotes taken from characters: Guy Shishioh. Polonaise. Pittsa (Pizza). Hana Hatsuno.[...]

20+ Macross Plus Quotes Old School Anime Fans Will Love!

Macross Plus anime quotes taken from characters: Isamu Dyson Sharon Apple. Guld Goa Bowman Ray[...]

40+ Classic Anime Quotes That Will Take You Back To Old School Shows!

Old-school anime shows will never disappear from the minds of anime fans who grew up[...]

14+ BEST Quotes From Fist Of The North Star (Old School)

Fist Of The North Star is a classic anime series from the 80s that is[...]

15+ Nadia: Secrets Of The Blue Water Quotes That Are Classic!

Nadia: Secrets Of The Blue Water is an old-school series many to this day don’t[...]

20+ Of The Greatest Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Quotes

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls is an anime series and a franchise adapted from many forms (including[...]

16+ Of The Best Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song Quotes That Go Deep

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song is an anime series that mixes action, emotional connections, beautiful visuals,[...]

20+ Best SK8 The Infinity Quotes For Sports Fans

SK8: The Infinity is a sports anime series released during the pandemic and a highly[...]

19+ Best Eighty Six Quotes Mecha Fans Will Appreciate

Eighty Six quotes taken from characters: Lena (Vladilena Milize). Shin (Shinei Nouzen). Eighty-Six (86) is[...]

20+ Classic You’re Under Arrest Quotes That Will Take You Back

You’re Under Arrest Quotes taken from characters: Natsumi Tsujimoto. Miyuki Kobayakawa. Ken Nakajima. Yoriko Nikaido.[...]

20+ Of The Best Gunsmith Cats Quotes (Recommended)

Gunsmith Cats is a classic anime series from the late 80s and 90s with its[...]

20+ Classic Quotes From Urusei Yatsura That Fans Will Appreciate

Urusei Yatsura Quotes taken from characters: Lum Chan. Ataru Moroboshi. Shinobu Miyake. Rei. Oyuki. Benten.[...]

The 19+ Best Shadows House Quotes From Your Favourite Characters

Shadows House quotes taken from characters: Emilico. John. Kate. Louise. Edward. Maryrose. Rum. Shirley. Rosemary.[...]

20+ Classic Quotes From Bubblegum Crisis That Will Take You Back!

Bubblegum Crisis Quotes taken from characters: Sylia Stingray. Leon Mcnichol. Priss Asagiri. Linna Yamazaki. Bubblegum[...]

17+ Of The Best My Dress Up Darling Quotes Fans Will Love

My Dress Up Darling Quotes taken from characters: Marin Kitagawa. Gojo Wakana. Kaoru Wakana. Sajuna[...]

The 20+ Most Meaningful Quotes From The Anime: Great Pretender!

Great Pretender Quotes taken from characters: Makoto Edamura. Abigail Jones. Laurent Thierry. Kudo. Salazar. Lewis[...]

A Collection Of The BEST Accelerator Quotes Anime Fans Will Appreciate

Accelerator is a villain in the Railgun and Index series, who later becomes more of[...]