39+ BEST Anime Waifu’s You’d Get Down On One Knee For

rem and ram wallpaper rezero
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The definition of anime waifu literally means “wifey material”. Because you’d marry them if it were possible.

These are the types of anime girls who:

  • Are a perfect fit for what you want in a girlfriend.
  • Have the perfect personality that suits your tastes.
  • Are either beautiful, cute, confident, or any other variation you consider “attractive”.
  • Or they’re just your favourite female anime character in general.

While everyone has personal opinions of “who” the best waifu is, here’s my list of anime waifu‘s worth mentioning for one reason or another. 😉

Let’s get started.

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Top Anime Waifu List:


1. Bulma (Dragon Ball Z/Super)

Bulma dragon ball super

Bulma is chilled as F, assuming you don’t get on her bad side.

She’s the type of girl who will let you know where you stand and won’t hesitate to stand up for herself. Plus she’s smart, attractive, and even better than that – she’s hard-working and committed.

She’s the perfect blend of beauty and brains, with a strong work ethic to top it off.

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2. Emilia (Re Zero)

Emilia re zero anime girl

Emilia is a darling. Always so focused on doing “good” for others and staying true to her promises.

This is regardless of whether she’s rewarded for her actions or not.

She’s not the type to deceive without pure intentions, and she’s loyal almost to a fault. As proven with Subaru Natsuki.

To me, this is what I love most about Emilia. That kind of purity is hard to come by in a real, authentic way.


3. Yunyun (Konosuba)

Yunyun konosuba cute waifu

Yunyun is a good friend of Megumin, who she grew up with and went to school with. They also graduated in the Konosuba pre-series.

She’s friendly, loyal to a fault, cares deeply, and treasures friendships and close relationships more than most. And that leads her to being a friend or partner for life for whoever she feels is worthy of her devotion and respect.

Being a mature person who thinks logically about things like money, and one who doesn’t view the world in ways that are unrealistic or not practical, Yunyun’s waifu qualities speak for themselves.

She’s obviously attractive as well.


4. Mitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer)

Mitsuri Kanroji happy smiling cute waifu

Mitsuri Kanroji is the pink-haired waifu from Demon Slayer, who is clearly airheaded, absent-minded, and can appear to be overly silly at times.

Her heart is always in the right place and is the type of person who can get along with most because she’s approachable and has a calming, relaxed demeanour.

She’s also an optimist who sees the brighter side of things and has the strength to back up her idealism as well.

And of course, she’s “packing” in the right places.


5. Sun Seto (My Bride Is A Mermaid)

sun seto smiling my bride is a mermaid

Sun Seto lives by a set of ideals she’ll never break. No matter the circumstances.

This carries over into her relationship with Nagasumi Michishio.

She’s the type of person who will stick by you, stay loyal and fight by your side.

She’s an underrated Waifu in the world of anime female characters.


6. Fuyutsuki San (Ice Guy And The Cool Female Colleague)

ice guy and the cool female colleague fuyutsuki blushing

Fuyutsuki is an introverted female character who doesn’t have too much to say. Preferring to say only what’s necessary, and not much more than that.

But when she’s passionate or she warms to a person, she opens up more but is stoic in nature and hard to know what she’s thinking except for facial expressions and body language.

Bieng a patient person and one who’s respectful of other people’s boundaries, especially those closest, she makes a unique waifu with traits many would appreciate in a woman.


7. Umiko Ahagon (New Game!)

Umiko ahagon gif

Umiko’s the type of person who doesn’t take any BS. Leadership is one of her strongest characteristics.

Even though her “tough love” personality can come off as aggressive, she’s a good person at heart. And is actually chilled. But when it’s time to get to work, she’s results driven.

It’s hard not to like this personality trait of Umiko’s.


8. Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)

Mirajane Straus wink gif

Kind, generous, sweet, and a good communicator. What’s not to love about Mirajane?

She ticks all the right boxes. And even though she appears to be “too nice” for her own good, she’s not the type to be taken advantage of. Or not stand up for herself.

Which is another likeable trait of Mirajane Strauss. Making her a waifu worthy of this list.


9. Mahiru Shiina (Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten)

Mahiru Shiina smiling happy kawaii waifu

Mahiru is the type of girl who closes herself off to the world, puts on the best act she can, aims to please everybody but herself, and will fall victim to the role of “pretending” so the world views her in the best light.

But underneath that, she is a genuine person who’s only guarded because of her insecurities. And is a genuinely polite but straightforward person and slightly possessive in relationships (but in a healthy way).

Few can argue about her qualities as a waifu because of how pleasant she is to be around and how thoughtful of others she is.

Plus she can cook!


10. Goshiki Shiori (A Galaxy Next Door)

Goshiki Shiori kawaii waifu

Goshiki is a little absent-minded, but caring, see’s the best in people, and isn’t the type to get angry or have bursts of rage. But she is protective and especially willing to fight for those she loves most.

Her most attractive traits are her easygoing vibes and open-mindedness. Plus how accepting and warm welcoming she is with people.

Goshiki Shiori is a princess from an Island in the anime series, adapted from a wholesome novel. She leaves and goes to Tokyo, where she has the goal of pursuing manga as a career.

She ends up working for one of her favourite authors, and they end up in a wholesome relationship together.


11. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

Lucy Heartfilia GIF

I don’t get the hate for Lucy Heartfilia. That aside, she’s the perfect waifu.

Lucy is Loyal, trusting, kind and will open her heart to anyone who deserves it.

Instead of being tied to the past, she has the inner strength to move forward and go after what she wants.


12. Tenten (Naruto)

Tenten waifu appreciation

Tenten is a good mix of a female character who is not just hard-working and makes the effort to pull her own weight, but she also has a feminine charm to her personality and plenty of femininity as well.

She’s one of the most gorgeous Naruto waifus in appearance and is one of the more down-to-earth characters who gets less screentime than she deeserved.


13. Ginshuu (Children Of The Whales)

Ginshuu children of the whales

Ginshuu doesn’t get much screen time in season 1 of this anime. But from what you see she’s a fighter, and too charming to ignore from this list.

If season 2 comes around, I look forward to learning more about Ginshuu.


14. Rem (Re Zero)

Rem re zero blushing

If you were waiting to see Rem… here she is.

Rem is one of the most devoted anime girls to have ever been created. And it’s not like she’s “pretending” to be this way. It’s completely genuine and authentic.

So it would be wrong not to mention Rem as a top waifu.


15. Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

Rukia Kuchiki smile

Rukia is one of the most underrated anime girls by 2018 standards.

It’s no wonder why people wanted Ichigo and Rukia to become BF & GF so badly.

Rukia’s inner-drive, perseverance, strength, and personality are stacked full of depth. Putting most female anime characters to shame (especially over the last couple of years).


16. Eru Chitanda (Hyouka)

Eru chitanda hyouka

Eru Chitanda’s curiosity is one of her most interesting traits.

Think about it. Without curiosity, you lose your ability to learn, discover and explore things in life. Not to mention try new things out and make personal progress.

This is why I love Eru Chitanda so much as a character. She’s a personal favourite.

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17. Ochako Uraraka (My Hero Academia)

Ochako uraraka my hero academia

Ochako has one simple goal: to make a lot of money and take care of her family.

How can a person hate a simple, straightforward goal like that?

In life, people believe making more money is a bad thing, or it’s evil. Or whatever negative bullshit people love to spout.

But money is a tool for good IF you’re a good person. Ochako Uraraka is a good example of this.

It’s just one thing about her that makes her an interesting female character.


18. Alice Nakiri (Food Wars)

Alice Nakiri food wars

I’m the type of person who’s ambitious, driven, and unconventional. Always striving to do and be better.

Alice Nakiri is similar in this way. But what’s most surprising is she’s not arrogant at all.

It takes a heart of gold to have a high level of confidence, without letting it get to her head.

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19. Teletha Testarossa (Full Metal Panic)

Teletha testarossa full metal panic

Teletha is a BOSS. Literally. She’s the commander in the military series: Full Metal Panic.

On the outside, she’s seen as this beautiful, sweet and attractive girl. But she has a serious, hard-working and brutally honest side to her that I like.

It also helps that she’s self-aware and able to think through tough situations logically.

All this makes her an interesting character worth mentioning.


20. Yor Forger (Spy x Family)

yor forger blushing

Yor Forger is the mother of Anya, a girl with telepathic abilities which she’s unaware of in the anime’s plot. Yor is first recruited by Loid Forger, the father and a secret spy, but ends up getting married to Loid and joining the Forger family.

She’s a little clumsy, not the best cook by any stretch of the imagination can be absent-minded, and blushes a lot. But she’s competent when it’s time to get down to business, or it involves protecting others with her fighting skills learned as an assassin.

Above all – she’s a caring mother and dedicated wife who goes above and beyond, and really does try he best in spite of certain flaws she may have.

She’s also a beautiful character.


21. Sheele (Akame Ga Kill)

Sheele akame ga kill

Sheele is the type of character who if they had a mentor, their life would have changed for the better.

That much is clear from Sheele’s past life and childhood.

That aside, she’s one of the kindest, most innocent characters with pure intentions. And that’s regardless of the path she’s chosen (starting a revolution).


22. Holo The Wise Wolf (Spice And Wolf)

holo the wise wolf drinking beer

Holo is a fun character you’d probably never get bored with being around.

And as her name implies, she’s wise and intelligent. A trait that’s likeable in a woman no matter how you look at it.


23. Mikoto Misaka (A Certain Scientific Railgun)

Mikoto Misaka smile

Mikoto Misaka’s ambition, drive and determination are what I love about her most.

It’s hard to find someone in life who’s truly driven the way a character like Mikoto Misaka is.

And everything she’s accomplished never happened by pure luck. It’s because she put in the work.

What’s even more magnetic about Mikoto is she’s not arrogant or full of herself. She remains grounded, down to earth, and doesn’t care too much about materialism.


24. Karen Tendou (Gamers)

Karen tendou gamers anime

Karen Tendou is just gorgeous. There are no 2 ways about it.

It’s clear she cares about what other people think of her “gaming” secrets, but that just makes her all the more real and relatable.

It’s enough to give you a good laugh.

Insecurities are what help you connect to anime characters at the end of the day.


25. Lady Uka (Inari Kon Kon)

Lady Uka inari kon kon anime

Lady Uka, also known as Touka from Inari Kon Kon is a goddess (no pun intended). She shows herself during the first or second episode of this Seinen/romance series.

She loves games and is an Otaku, but more than anything else is a woman with standards and qualities that go beyond the average female character.

She’s fun to be around and despite seeming perfect, she has her flaws and can be easily embarrassed at times.


26. Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

Asuna Yuuki sword art online

Say what you want about Sword Art Online, but Asuna Yuuki is a popular “waifu” for good reason.

She’s delicate, but firm. Committed yet loyal. And supportive but far from a pushover.

And her best trait? How modesty, regardless of her upbringing and privileges.


27. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Erza Scarlet fairy tail

And then we have Erza Scarlet. The proud knight who’s crawled from hell and made it to the other side in one piece.

On the outside, she’s like the great wall of China. Tough, powerful, strong and well-guarded.

On the inside, she has insecurities that stem from her horrible past, yet she’s able to accept it and move forward with her head held high.

And it doesn’t hurt that she’s beautiful with red hair no less. 😉


28. Ruka Sarashina (Rent A Girlfriend)

Ruka Sarashina waifu

Ruka is a gentle character at heart. She’s aggressively persistent and won’t stop until she gets what she wants.

This is clear in a romantic context.

Though she can be a little naive, she’s accommodating, respectful, and is the type of woman who will give it her all instead of holding back or playing games.


29. Kasumigaoka Utaha (How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend)

kasumigaoka utaha anime girl

Kasumigaoka is a novel writer who makes a living off her work (best selling books). She’s a big fan of Manga, art, and everything related to it.

Even though she can appear cold, uncaring and brutally honest, behind that is a soft heart that’s loyal to the death, willing to fight for anyone who’s being disrespected.

And let’s not forget how hard working and focused she is. The kind of girl who has a level head on her shoulders!


30. Kyoka Jiro (My Hero Academia)

kyoka jiro sexy images 1

Kyoka Jiro is an underrated waifu from My Hero Academia (Boku No Hero Academia).

Cool, laid back, knows how to dress and not loud or extroverted. I’d say she’s an ambivert.

Out of all the quirks in MHA, her “earphone jack” is one of the strangest but most useful. But I love her personality.


31. Urd (Ah My Goddess)

urd ah my goddess beautiful

Urd is a goddess from head to toe (no pun intended). And easily one of the most beautiful anime girls.

Not surprising when you realize what anime she’s from. An anime filled with goddesses in every sense of the word.

She’s playful, loves to tease, is protective and doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. A favourite from the Ah My Goddess series.


32. Maki Oze (Fire Force)

maki oze fire force waifu 2

Maki Oze is one of the newer anime waifu in the industry (since 2019 that is).

A girl who knows how to fight because she’s military trained, exercises, works out, and is still as feminine as a flower.

“Cute” things bring her to her knees but disrespect won’t be tolerated. She’ll snap at the drop of a hat at any insults and has a lot of self-respect.

An all-around lovable waifu.


33. Kyoko Mogami (Skip Beat)

kyoko mogami skip beat cute

Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat is a gentle girl with a dark-ish side to her personality. Mostly because of her upbringing and how she’s been treated by the people around her.

Even her parents.

This shapes Mogami into a determined, ambitious and hard-working woman who won’t take no for an answer.

She does it all while maintaining standards and refusing to “sink” low.

They just don’t write anime girls like Kyoko Mogami these days.


34. Belldandy (Ah My Goddess)

belldandy goddess beautiful

Belldandy, another goddess in a literal sense is a beautiful anime character. And one of the “older” types of anime women, unlike the average teenager you see in school shows.

Gentle at heart, too kind, empathetic and loving to everyone. She even has mercy for her enemies and it’s hard to hate Belldandy because of how pure and honest she is.

Few anime girls can compare.


35. Hime Onizuka (Sket Dance)

hime onizuka sket e1612827309991

Hime Onizuka is one of the main trio characters in Sket Dance. Like all good characters, she has a past.

That past makes her the person she is today. A woman who’s straightforward, honest, and speaks the truth out of love rather than hate.

She’s usually the center of the comedy in some way as well, without any fan service, which so many other anime fall victim to.

Rough around the edges but beautiful on the inside.


36. Chizuru Mizuhara (Rent A Girlfriend)

chizuru mizuhara kawaii pink top

Chizuru Mizuhara is a waifu like no other. And plays a big role in the Rent A Girlfriend series.

In fact, the anime wouldn’t have half as classy when it counts if not for her professionalism as a “rental” girlfriend for hire.

She doesn’t mix business with pleasure, even when pleasure is laying right there on the table. The type of person who favours doing the right thing over doing what “feels good” at the moment.

Chizuru has a class of her own that other female characters don’t compare to.

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37. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)

hinata hyuga cute smile

Hinata Hyuga has always been waifu material. Especially when you take into consideration her entire journey.

From the beginning, she’s been loyal, genuine, sincere, and has never tried to manipulate or be petty with anyone. Unlike Sakura.

She starts out relatively weak and has depth to her story and character. So much that she feels like a main character.

With a gentle persona and tons of empathy and understanding for others, it’s hard to dislike a woman like Hinata.

Her moral code is as high as it gets.

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38. Ram (Re:Zero)

ram re zero cute pink hair

Ram is an underrated character in Re:Zero. A side character, unlike the others.

When she makes her appearance it’s always entertaining and a good laugh. But more than that we see her personality as clear as day.

She only speaks the truth and doesn’t mince her words for anyone. There’s a charm to that despite what comes with it.

And out of the twin sisters, Ram is the more confident, self-assured character. And never settles for less in anything she does.

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39. Yoruichi Shihouin (Bleach)

yoruichi shihouin bleach

Yoruichi Shihouin is a classic character at this point. But a relevant one and it shouldn’t surprise.

She’s one of the few black female anime characters who plays a vital role in the Bleach series.

Strong, capable, committed and beautiful.

Deserves more recognition when it comes to this conversation.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Shinoa Hiiragi (Owari No Seraph).
  • Chelsea (Akame Ga Kill).
  • Nozomi Tojo (Love Live School Idol Project).
  • Asuza Murasaka (Orange).
  • Android 18 (Dragon Ball Z/Super).
  • Mine (Akame Ga Kill).
  • Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill).
  • Lenalee Lee (D. Gray Man).
  • Satou Sakie (Interviews With Monster Girls).
  • Shiori Shinomiya (Sakura Quest).
  • Sumi Sakurasawa (Rent A Girlfriend).
  • Shoko Hida (Happy Sugar Life).
  • Kosaki Onodera (Nisekioi).
  • Julis Alexia (Asterisk War).
  • Yotsuba Nakano (Quintessential Quintuplets).

Image credits: Rem & Ram Wallpaper

Which anime girls are your favourite Waifu?


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