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Top 25 Countries Where Crunchyroll Is The Most Popular (According To Google)

Crunchyroll started out in 2006. Received investment in 2008. And skyrocketed during 2013.

As of 2019 they have 2 million paid subscribers and the biggest anime streaming platform online (legal).

crunchyroll paid subscribers

But in this post – I’ll share the most popular countries where Crunchyroll is most famous.

Not to mention where fans search for Crunchyroll the most (according to Google).

crunchyroll google trends

Leave your countries in the comments if it doesn’t make it in the top 25 charts.


Source: Google Trends Crunchyroll


1. Philippines

philippines island

No matter what list you come across, Philippines is always close to #1/

They’re a massive part of the anime industry online.


2. Singapore

singapore image

Singapore’s another country with tons of anime fans. Just like Philippines.


3. Trinidad & Tabago

trinidad and tabago island

Trinidad and Tabago seem to love Crunchyroll more than you would expect. Which is great about discovering statistics like this.


4. Jamaica

jamaica waterfall 1

Jamaica is an unexpected place, but here it is. They must love (or prefer using) Crunchyroll.


5. Puerto Rico

puerto rico beach


6. Canada

canada beautiful


7. United States


This shouldn’t be a shock since Crunchyroll is mostly dominant in the USA for its collection of anime shows.


8. Malaysia



9. New Zealand

new zealand


10. Australia



11. El Salvador

el salvador


12. Norway

norway man red hoodie


13. Costa Rica

costa rica


14. Mexico


15. Chile



16. Sweden

sweden stockholm


17. Finland

finland lights


18. United Arab Emirates

united arab emirates 1


19. United Kingdom

united kingdom london


20. Denmark



21. Peru

peru travel


22. Dominican Republic

dominican republic

Dominican republic comes in 22nd. Another place in the Caribbean on this list.


23. Ecuador



24. Ireland


Southern Ireland (and Ireland in general) comes in at 24th for Crunchyroll anime fans.


25. Colombia

colombia flag

And lastly – we have Colombia on the list of popular countries who search Crunchyroll.


As you can see – Crunchyroll’s audience is a little unique. With countries all over the world.

Philippines being #1 shouldn’t surprise anyone. They’re some of the biggest anime fans I’ve ever seen.

So it makes sense why they search for Crunchyroll more than anyone else online.

If your country was missed, leave it in the comments.



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