5 Things I Love About Sheele From Akame Ga Kill

Sheele Akame Ga Kill

Out of all the anime shows I’ve watched in my life, Akame Ga Kill is my top favorite.

And the reason being is because of main characters like Sheele.

She’s one of the earliest main characters from Akame Ga Kill. Who isn’t the brightest or most intellectual anime character.

Not at all. But it’s these traits, characteristics and more that make Sheele unique.

It’s what makes Sheele such a loved character among Akame Ga Kill fans like myself.

So with that said, let’s dive right into this post.

And the 5 things I love about Sheele’s character role.


1. She always tries her best

5 Things I Love About Sheele From Akame Ga Kill

Sheele’s the type of person who if you asked her to wash your clothes, she’d find a way to mess it up and turn it into a disaster.

Of course Sheele doesn’t mean to be clumsy, but at times she just is.

Even when it comes to doing important tasks or work.

But one thing I can can’t knock Sheele for is her perseverance.

Like in one of Sheele’s flashbacks she’s seen working as a waiter.

Despite messing up and making a fool of herself, she still continues to make an effort as best as she can.

Sheele continues to try her best no matter what the task is. And no matter how difficult, simple, or complex it is.

And I think that’s a great quality to have. Because a lot of times people tend to “half-ass” their efforts, instead of giving it 100% even if you’re bound to fail.


2. Kind-hearted, warm personality

5 Things I Love About Sheele From Akame Ga Kill
Sheele comforts Tatsumi.

Sheele is an assassin from the group: Night Raid in Akame Ga Kill.

Regardless of this it goes to show that no matter what you’re doing. And how morally challenging it is, each person still has attractive qualities underneath the surface.

For Sheele it’s her warm personality and genuine kind-hearted nature.

Out of all the characters in Akame Ga Kill, Sheele is shown to be the kindest of them all.

Even going as far as comforting Tatsumi when he’s struggling to deal with the death’s of his close friends.

She’s the kind of person you can warm to without too much effort.

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3. Sheele’s Back-story

5 Things I Love About Sheele From Akame Ga Kill
Sheele’s path to becoming an assassin was mostly an accident.

Sheele’s background is littered with bullying, name-calling, verbal abuse and mistreatment.

Almost everyone around her treated her poorly, and gave her about as much respect as a Toilet seat.

Then one day she came across a best friend who treated her like a Human Being.

From there Sheele’s best friend was in a relationship with an abuser. Who Sheele ended up killing while trying to protect her best friend from danger.

Moving on from there Sheele realizes she’s skilled at killing people, and that’s how she ends up becoming a part of Night Raid.

As dark as Sheele’s story is, it’s amazing how she’s able to keep a level head and not lose her mind in the process.


4. Sheele’s relationship with Tatsumi

5 Things I Love About Sheele From Akame Ga Kill
Tatsumi crying in Sheele’s arms.

Sheele’s relationship isn’t developed as strongly as other characters in the series.

For reasons I won’t say to avoid spoilers.

But I’d say Sheele’s relationship with Tatsumi is one of the best throughout Akame Ga Kill.

And it’s the reason Akame Ga Kill fans get to learn about Sheele in the first place.

Tatsumi and Sheele’s relationship didn’t involve love feelings or anything like that.

It was more of a friendship with a strong bond and genuine care for each other. And it’s one of my favorites from the Akame Ga Kill series.

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5. Sheele’s uncomfortably calm and level-headed personality

5 Things I Love About Sheele From Akame Ga Kill
Sheele smiling.

They say the silent one’s are the most dangerous.

Sheele isn’t as talkative as other Akame Ga Kill characters, but she’s surprisingly calm and level headed.

To the point where you might find it hard to figure out what she’s thinking.

Or where you’d start to feel a little uncomfortable around her.

That is until you realize that’s just how Sheele is. And it’s what I love about her character.

I guess you could say that’s because I can relate. As I’m a cool, calm and collected person myself.

And I guess another reason I love this trait of Sheele’s is: Being calm allows you to be in control.

Which is the complete opposite of what happens when you’re too emotional and impulsive.

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So there you have it! The 5 things I love about Sheele from Akame Ga Kill.

Are you a fan of Sheele? If so share your thoughts. 😉

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