Why “Orange” Is An Underrated Slice Of Anime You Need To Watch

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I’m a huge fan of “Slice of Life” anime or anime that is set in school. Ouran High School Host Club is one of my favorite anime‘s of all time.

However, an anime that I believe everyone should watch is Orange.

It’s a truly underrated anime that deserves more attention.


What is the anime: “Orange” about?

Orange is an anime about a group of friends, three boys and three girls, that go to school together.

Two of the boys and three of the girls receive letters from their future selves that say they must save their friend from dying so that he can be with them in the future.

The first thing you see is one of the girls, Naho Takamiya, receive her letter. Explaining how a new student, Kakeru Naruse, will be joining her class.

The letter’s filled with several instructions on how Naho can save Kakeru’s life.


Why Orange Is A Meaningful Series (SPOILERS)

orange anime kakeru and naho
Naho and Kakeru.

This show is very important for so many reasons.


1. it shows the importance of friendship and socialization

Kakeru had an unhealthy and mentally unstable mother, so he often had a lot on his mind.

Naho and the rest of her friends could tell Kakeru was having a hard time and they did their best to support him. If they had not done so, they may not have been able to save Kakeru from suicide.

Isolating yourself and holding in your emotions in is unhealthy. It’s a huge blessing when you have amazing friends that you can trust who you can open up to.

In the case of the anime, Kakeru’s lucky that he’s accepted into such a great support group.


2. Orange also gives good examples of toxic relationships

Orange anime gif

Kakeru is asked out by a girl named Rio Ueda. When they’re seen together, Ueda tries to hog all of Kakeru’s attention because she hates Kakeru talking to other girls.

When Kakeru tries to help Naho, Ueda calls him “stupid” out of insecurity and runs off crying.

In the anime it’s pretty obvious Kakeru’s in love with Naho. When Ueda hears of their plans to meet up and watch fireworks, she tries to ruin the plans and take Kakeru back.

But Naho’s friends, Hiroto Suwa and Saku Hagita block Ueda’s path so she can’t interfere with Naho and Kakeru.

Orange anime screenshot
Naho Takamiya and Kakeru Naruse.

Many people think anime is bad and should be banned, but I believe Orange is a meaningful show that everyone should see.

It does deal with the mature theme of suicide. So if you don’t have a stable mind I’d recommend waiting on watching Orange until you’re ready. As it’s pretty intense.

But if you are up for it mentally, I’d recommend watching Orange.

It gives good examples of toxic relationships and shows you how important friendship can be in times of need.

Orange might also help people tell when their friends are having a hard time and could help people stop their friends from making a bad decision that impacts everyone around them.


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