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8+ Anime Like Skip Beat You Want To See Next (Recommended)

Skip Beat is a massively underrated anime series in the late 2000s. It’s a shoujo/romance series, and not that many know of it today.

The main character has her heart broken after Sho, her ex-boyfriend who sponged off her for money decides she’s not worth sh*t anymore. Right on the cusp of him blowing up in showbiz, getting famous, and getting money.

That creates a whole new protagonist out of Kyoko Mogami, who gets into showbiz, motivated by revenge and more than a touch of pettiness that makes the anime shine.

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Here’s a list of anime shows like Skip Beat for those who haven’t seen it, and fans who want a new recommendation.


1. His And Her Circumstances

His And Her Circumstances Old School Couple Romance

Yukino Miyazawa is a lot like Umaru Doma from Umaru Chan when it comes to her image. She does everything she can to appear perfect, pretty, well put together, and all that good stuff at school.

At home, as her siblings and family knows, she’s nothing like that at all. And can be more of a slob than anything else.

She starts to chill with Souichirou, a guy on the same level intellectually, pretty much. After he loses to her as far as grades and congratulates Yukino, she’s taken aback.

Their interesting and wholesome relationship takes place from there, and there’s not much like this old-school anime romance.


2. Maid Sama

Maid Sama Characters Funny 2010s

Misaki Ayuzawa’s attitude will remind you a lot of Kyoko Mogami’s in some aspects. Both female characters are fierce women, straightforward, have been deeply hurt by men, and have a relentless work ethic.

In Misaki’s case, her father abandons the home and leaves all of them in debt up to their eyeballs. That’s followed by Misaki mistreating boys in her school while favouring girls.

She’s a student council president so she can get away with it to a degree, but it backfires in a way, and she gets a reality check.

This “reality check” comes in the form of Usui Takumi, the love interest, which shakes up the entire series and makes it one of the most satisfying slice of life/romance shoujo ever made.


3. Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss Anime Series 200s

Another old-school romance anime from the 2000s, in this case. Madhouse made Paradise Kiss, which shows in their designs from that era.

The main female character (Yukari Hayasaka) starts skipping school and becomes part of a group of sorts by association. One member, in particular, catches her interest and things take off from there.

There’s no exaggerated romance, facial expressions, or forced moments in this series. It all feels natural and moves at a natural pace.

The realistic designs and vibes are something modern anime can’t match with consistency.


4. Yona Of The Dawn

Yona Of The Dawn Cute Red Hair

As with many of the shoujo, romance, and slice of life anime on this list, there’s so much potential for a 2nd season, but it hasn’t come to pass.

Princess Yona is a spoiled red-haired princess who doesn’t understand the world outside the castle and is naive and ignorant to the savagery and the reality happening outside her coddled lifestyle.

After a so-called friend kills her father, which she witnesses with her own eyes, she escapes death and is protected by her bodyguard, Hak. They’re on the run and live their lives in the wilderness.

Yona grows stronger from this experience by force as her eyes are opened to the depressing side of life for others, not just herself. But she stays open, honest, empathetic, and caring despite it.


5. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket Tohru Romance

From the same Era as Skip Beat but with a newly remade version in the 2010s, Fruits Basket is a classic romance appreciated by many fans in the industry.

This anime borrows ideas from the Chinese zodiac. Tohru, the female MC, is homeless after her mum dies and is taken in by Sohma family, who all represent the Chinese zodiac in some way.

When a woman hugs any of the men from the Sohma family, they change into the animal they represent from the Chinese zodiac.

The romance develops slowly but gets more serious in the later modernized version of Fruits Basket between Tohru and Kyo.

The music is relaxed and chilled.

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6. Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile Couple Music Anime

Not many music anime series get to see the mainstream in the way certain romance, Shounen, or action series do. Nodame Cantabile is one of them.

Chiaki, the male character, is a Tsundere, and the girl who likes him, called Nodame is a genius on the piano but not so much with anything else.

Both characters (and the show in general) are passionate about music and are studying in college, so they’re college-aged.

It might not be the most known series, but it’s respected and highly rated across all platforms by those who watch it.

With 2 seasons and a series that could do with more content, the anime sticks to more homegrown designs with characters looking more oriental and East Asian, or realistic in a sense.



Nana Anime Osaki And Ren

NANA is another Madhouse classic and a romance that was made in the 2000s. for those who’ve seen it they agree it’s either a masterpiece or close to it for the realism, drama, and reliability the anime brings.

It’s an insight into the lives of 20+ year olds trying to figure things out. Some are successful musicians like Nana Osaki, and others are still trying to find their way, like Nana Komatsu, the airhead but fun girl of the series.

Sex, relationships, emotions, self-doubt, insecurities, applying for jobs, living life, this anime has it all. And the music compliments the moods better than a lot of anime have shown over the years.


8. Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex kawaii

And then there’s Lovely Complex, another anime that’s a classic in its own right but not as old as the others. This anime highlights double standards and tackles them.

Risa Koizumi is a tall girl. She feels self-conscious about her height, and boys, like in real life, are geared to avoid tall girls as it’s not “feminine”.

Otani, the male character of the show, is small, and he’s criticized in a lot of ways you’d expect from other girls who think it’s not “manly”.

The two of them relate because of this and connect. It’s what slowly pushes them closer. The way the anime portrays their insecurities, especially as far as caring too much about what everyone else thinks of their height differences, will be relatable for many.

At worst, this anime will be refreshing compared to the usual anime tropes in the romance genre.


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