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5 Unique Differences Between Rem And Ram From ReZero

Who’s the better character – Rem or Ram?

Whatever your thoughts, I’m not here to debate Rem vs Ram. At least not today.

I wanna get into what separates the twin sisters from each other.

What it is that makes them both unique and different without being too similar. Other than that they’re both twins.

So let’s get straight to it. 🙂


What makes Rem different?


1. Insecurities and flaws

rem sad rezero | https://animemotivation.com/rem-vs-ram/

I’m not talking about flaws in terms of power, strength, or anything like that.

I mean Rem’s personal flaws and insecurities as a character.

Out of the two maid sisters, Rem feels the most insecure. Lacking self-esteem and confidence in herself.

A good example is when Subaru gave her a “speech” after Rem belittles herself. Telling Subaru how “useless” she is compared to her older sister.

This is the aspect of Rem that makes her more relatable than Ram as a character. Which is probably why most fans prefer Rem more than Ram in ReZero.


2. Innocence

Rem smile rezero | https://animemotivation.com/rem-vs-ram/

Rem is the younger sister of Ram. Maybe that’s why she’s more “innocent” than Ram in comparison.

But not really.

Rem isn’t faking it when she appears to be innocent and pure of heart. It’s a natural part of her character.

One of the best examples is when Rem starts crying after Subaru cheers her up.

Rem crying happiness gif | https://animemotivation.com/rem-vs-ram/

Rem’s emotions and personality are pure. And there’s a certain “innocence” about her that’s hard to dislike.

At least when she’s not in demon-form. 😉


3. Loyalty

rem and subaru natsuki | https://animemotivation.com/rem-vs-ram/

Rem is a loyal character in general. But when it comes to devoting herself to someone, Rem’s loyalty is undeniable.

She loves Subaru Natsuki, and not because she says “I love you”. But because she proves it through her actions and behaviour.

That’s what true love is.

Loyalty is not something you say, but something you do. And Rem is a shining example of what true loyalty looks like.

She proves loyalty isn’t something you do when it’s convenient, but because that’s who you are as a person.


4. Emotional

Rem crying emotional rezero | https://animemotivation.com/rem-vs-ram/

Ram is the older sister-type who’s strong on the outside. The type to hide her emotions on the surface.

Rem is different in that way. It might seem like she’s not the type, but Rem is a much more emotional character than Ram.

You could say this is why she killed Subaru in secret when no one was watching.

But in general, this is another reason most ReZero fans love Rem as a character. And why wouldn’t they?

  • Rem is relatable because of her raw emotions.
  • And the more emotional a character is, the more relatable they are in general.

Emotions make you feel something for the character’s story and circumstances.

And that’s what helps people connect to Rem so deeply in ReZero.


5. Kindness

Rem smiling happy e1535283401377 | https://animemotivation.com/rem-vs-ram/

This goes back to my point of Rem’s innocence.

  • She’s too kind.
  • She’s gentle.
  • She’s soft-hearted.
  • She’s fragile.
  • And good-natured.

This is mostly when talking about Rem’s relationship with Subaru Natsuki.

But even then:

  • if you look at Rem’s childhood (despite her struggles).
  • And the way she treats strangers in general.

Then this fact is still true. But her kindness shows most when it’s pointed at Subaru Natsuki.


What makes RAM different?


1. Maturity

Ram from ReZero anime | https://animemotivation.com/rem-vs-ram/

Ram gives off the impression that she’s independent, mature and responsible compared to Rem.

And in a way that’s true.

Ram’s a little more serious than her little sister. Usually approaching things from a mature point of view, similar to how Saber behaves in Fate Stay Night.

When you dive deep into Ram’s past it makes sense, since she was the one:

  • Taking care of everyone before losing her demon horn.
  • Protecting Rem.
  • Doing all the chores and tasks in her village and home.
  • And everyone praised Ram relentlessly. So it makes sense (she had a lot to live up to).


2. Straightforward

ram serious face rezero | https://animemotivation.com/rem-vs-ram/

Ram says what she thinks without hesitation or worry. She doesn’t give a F. 

This much is obvious when she gives Subaru a taste of her thoughts on different occasions.

Rem on the other hand is too sweet to speak her mind without holding back or worrying about what people think.

This is one of my favorite things about Ram as a character.


3. Level-headed

Ram clapping rezero | https://animemotivation.com/rem-vs-ram/

Rem is too emotional for her own good sometimes.

She acts almost on instinct and chooses not to think things through. Even if she knows it’s a stupid decision to make.

That’s why Rem is more emotional as a character.

Ram in comparison is level-headed, logical and calm.

She’s the type to think through a situation without panicking or losing herself in the process. Unless necessary.

This is one of the biggest differences between both ReZero characters.


4. Pride

Ram proud rezero gif | https://animemotivation.com/rem-vs-ram/

Ram is a proud maid and character.

It doesn’t matter that she’s not as powerful as Rem after losing her demon horn. She’s still proud of her accomplishments, actions, and of who she is.

That’s not to say she doesn’t have insecurities too (who doesn’t) but it’s clear who’s the more proud character between Rem and Ram.

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5. Self-acceptance

Ram smiling rezero | https://animemotivation.com/rem-vs-ram/

Like I said before – Ram has insecurities too, just like Rem.

But the difference is: Ram is able to accept her flaws and shortcomings.

That’s the biggest difference between Rem and Ram as far as confidence and self-esteem goes.

Ram is able to admit her flaws without belittling herself or getting depressed. And that’s because she’s more accepting of who she is and the mistakes she’s made.

It’s a subtle, but BIG difference worth mentioning.


What differences have you noticed between Rem and Ram?

If you have anything to add, share it on social media or in the comments below. 😉


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