Lucy Heartfilia Character Analysis: MUCH More Than She’s Given Credit For

lucy heartfilia character analysis
Written by Theo J Ellis

Lucy Heartfilia gets a lot of blind hate, and a lot of the arguments are hyperbolic nonsense.

It’s usually fan boys screaming and shouting and not really saying anything of substance. The type of trolling behavior that the internet encourages people to do.

That’s not to say there aren’t logical arguments out there.

In this post I’ll do a character analysis covering:

  • Personality
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses

And so on when it comes to Lucy Heartfilia, her role in Fairy Tail, and who she is as a character.

Let’s get to it.



lucy heartfilia sexy season 1 1

Lucy Heartfilia is one of the most popular Fairy Tail characters. No debate.

She’s one of the most famous female characters in anime as well, Shonen especially.

She’s a bit cheeky, fiesty, and is well aware of her sex appeal. At least on some level.

This is why she’s attempted to use it in different occasions as a way of persuasion. BUT it’s never to the extent that she’ll throw away her dignity, morals, and sell her soul.

She’s aware of her worth. And is confident. That makes her sexier in my eyes.

Her personality goes a lot deeper than what’s on the surface though, once you strip away the comedy and what not.




1. Empathy

lucy vs flare fight

She’s empathetic. I’d say one of the most in the entire series.

She’s willing to forgive even if she never forgets. Just think about FLARE and what she did to Lucy in the grand magic games.

Though it was more than just Lucy, It’s because of Lucy’s character that made Flare feel so bad later and made her turn a new leaf.

All it took was an apology and everything was forgiven from there.

While “forgiveness” might be a theme in Fairy Tail, not all characters are equal in that regard.

lucy wendy flare forest 2

Lucy’s not an idiot. She knows Flare, and anyone like that is behaving a certain way for a deeper reason.

Outside of being psychotic, almost everyone has a reason. Even if it’s not a great excuse.

That’s empathy right there.

She can see beyond the surface when it comes to matters of the heart and a person’s emotions.

You could say that’s why she’s in tune with her feelings. And why if she feels like crying, she does. Because she feels so strongly and has stronger sensibilities than most.

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2. Emotional Intelligence

lucy heartfilia bunny suit cute 1

This continues from the last point. Lucy has a lot of emotional intelligence, and it’s one of her strengths.

The ability to understand people, even strangers, and see things from their point of view. And distinguish between feelings and even sense when something is wrong or right (intuition).

People with high EQ are good at overcoming things emotionally. And Lucy is a prime example of that.

Even in spite of her weaknesses, she pushes forward where most would break down and struggle.

It’s because of her emotional intelligence that her emotions drive her forward, as opposed to weigh her down and stand in the way.

It’s her “power” in a way.

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3. Companionship

lucy heartfilia natsu high five 1

Lucy’s the type of person who can get on with anybody.

In fact she’s one of those where even if you’re a stranger, it feels like a friendship straight away.

That might not have been the case when she met Natsu, but this is anime we’re talking about. It’s supernatural as it is.

That said, through all the seasons you can see how everyone Lucy touches becomes stronger from her companionship.

Natsu for one, or Flare, Wendy, Gray in a sense… Everyone trusts her easily, that’s just who she is.

She’s a + not a -. A rare type of friend you can’t just find anywhere.


4. Genuine

lucy heartfilia smile and wink 2

Some people smile just to smile. But you can always tell they’re trying to hide something.

Others don’t smile at all, or just aren’t the cheery, energetic types. Nothing wrong with that.

Lucy though is a person who can genuinely be sad, and then genuinely smile through it all and move forward.

It’s almost as if she’s true to whatever she’s feeling. That can annoy some people, but it’s not something a person can hate.

Plus it is something someone can be inspired by.

She’s as genuine as it gets. And being cheerful only makes it better.


5. Loyalty

lucy heartfilia cheeky smile 1

Not ONCE has Lucy ever fallen to the dark side, turned on everyone, and abandoned her friendships.

That doesn’t mean people who did that are “bad” people, or disloyal (Elfman, etc), but Lucy would rather die than be disloyal.

It’s just how she is.

Even when it seems insane or puts her at a disadvantage, she stays loyal and instead will find a way to make the other person see sense again.

If that doesn’t work, she’ll accept it for what it is. But won’t allow herself to become hateful or vengeful.

That also speaks to her kindness and positivity.

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6. Passionate

lucy heartfilia character analysis

Her passion serves a lot of purposes.

Because she’s passionate she tends to speak her mind. Even in situations where that would be dangerous (an enemy).

Or if in ordinary situations, her passionate nature is what will cause her to be honest and not hold back.

Her beliefs fueled by her passion won’t allow her to stay quiet and save face for long.

Her passion is also what motivates others, not just herself. And it makes people pay attention to what she’s saying or conveying.

In a way, it’s contagious. It speaks straight to a person’s heart. She makes you feel something.


7. Improvising + Intelligence

lucy heartfilia cheerful 1

Lucy Heartfilia doesn’t get enough credit, if at all, when it comes to her smart, intelligence, and witty mind.

She’s improvised on many occasions throughout Fairy Tail, and ended up being the reason everyone else came out on top. Or why the guild succeeded as a whole.

One example is during the S class wizard arc, if you can call it that.

She’s the only one who was able to figure out where Mavis Vermillion’s grave was. AND she’s the only one who was able to pull it off.

Not even the S class wizards were capable of doing that, or Makarov, or whoever else who’s “smart”.

Let’s not forget how she’s responsible for the idea of “trapping” Acnologia inside that ball. Or “Fairy Sphere” if you wanna be literal.

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8. Vulnerable

lucy heartfilia bandages

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. They welcome people, as opposed to pushing them away as far as body language.

Nothing about Lucy is like that. There’s usually no barriers she puts up. She’s a warm hearted person.

She lets people in and expresses everything that she is with a “take it or leave it” approach.

The only thing she’s self conscious about really is her novel, but that’s normal I guess. And it doesn’t take away from her open hearted nature.

It might seem like a weakness, but it’s a strength when balanced.


9. Goal orientated

lucy heartfilia novelist

Believe it or not, but Lucy is one of the few, if not the ONLY character who has a goal. Or sets goals for herself outside of the guild.

Lucy wants to be a novelist. She’s self conscious about it in the beginning more than any other time.

This isn’t an aspect that’s explored much since the story is bigger than this, but it does show up enough.

The point here though is she’s goal orientated, thinks about the future, and doesn’t shackle herself to her “work” or day job.

She’s confident and self aware enough to think beyond that, and that’s a strength in itself. Or a likable trait at the least.




10. Naive

llucy heartfilia shocked face ft e1621260885171

Because of her kindness, vulnerability, and open heart, she can also be NAIVE.

It’s a consequence of letting people in and being so warm to others. Which is ironic since it can be a strength.

Imagine if this was real life for example. At some point she could end up in some pretty bad situations, even if she’d overcome it.

That said, it’s also what makes Lucy so likable. I can’t think of any “naive” moments right now but you can especially see this from early on in Fairy Tail.

She was tricked into believing that one guy could help her get into the Fairy Tail guild.


11. Forgiving

lucy heartfilia sad face

The irony of forgiveness being a strength, is it’s also a weakness if mismanaged.

She forgave Flare and Minerva, and it all turned out fine in the end. But again, this is an anime. And Fairy Tail is written in a certain way.

If this was more realistic like let’s say, Magi or Akame Ga Kill, Lucy’s forgiveness could have been her downfall.

But that’s human nature anyway. You can’t always get it right or have things be perfect.


12. Physical strength/combat

YouTube video

Aside from the running gag of the famous “Lucy kick” or Lucy kicking her guild mates. she’s physically weak.

Not in an endurance kind of way, but when it comes to fighting, physical combat, combat skills and so on.

Lucy has mental and spiritual strength. She’s a celestial wizard after all, and there aren’t many who can pull that off as it is.

But f Lucy Heartfilia was stronger physically, and more skilled in combat, she’d shine more in a lot of battles.

Especially since she’s a main character.

I think it would have put her more on par with Erza Scarlet as far as physical strength. But it is what it is.


13. Too humble

lucy heartfilia screenshot

This is a bit of contradiction when you realize Lucy is confident in general and knows her worth, but when she’s around certain people that changes.

Erza is a good example.

She puts Erza on a pedestal, or at least she does in the beginning. It’s not hard to imagine why: Erza is something else.

She’s the epitome of hard work, persistence, and not allowing adversities to stand in the way of what you want.

That’s why she’s an S class wizard. She’s inspiring to everyone around her.

Erza is also a person who demands respect and has an unbreakable conviction, plus strong principles and zero tolerance for bullsh*t.

Lucy becomes so humble to the point of being a bit of a follower, and letting Erza tell her what to do. She see’s herself as inferior.

Of course throughout the entire series there’s a f*ck load of character development, but it’s one of Lucy’s “weaker” aspects.

While someone like Natsu is generally motivated by opposition, Lucy, at least initially, feels inferior instead. And it shows in her actions.

lucy with erza

That’s a good idea of Lucy Heartfilia’s character, as far as analysis.

There’s more to her character than people claim, especially people who criticize or try to boil her down to “fan service” or the fact that she cries, etc.

She’s genuinely one of my favorite characters. And in general, she’s more relatable than most.

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