20 Of The Most Dark Anime Series That Will Shock You

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Dark means a lot of things. So by dark, what I mean is: violent, deep, psychological anime.

Some of which includes sexual content and violence.

Not surprisingly, most animes aren’t within the horror genre. Because most shows are for 12+. Usually Shounen or Shoujo.

So if you’re sick of seeing that, check out these 18+ dark anime series with some of the best action, plots, stories and themes.


1. School Live

Dark Anime Series

What makes School Live such a dark series? This anime explores mental health problems like: PTSD and psychosis.

The main character: Yuki Takeya is put through a large amount of emotional distress.

And the story takes place during the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

I’ve never enjoyed or experienced a horror series like School Live before.

I’d recommend it if you want something short and captivating.

school live


2. Kino’s Travels (The Beautiful World)

Dark Anime Series

This anime is about a 15 year old girl who travels the world on her motorbike. Exploring towns, cities and countries for 3 days at a time.

I’ve never enjoyed such a strange anime series before. I’ve watched Mushishi but it wasn’t as good as Kino’s Travels.

If you like philosophy, mystery, violence and storytelling, Kino’s Travels does it better than any other.

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3. Shiki

Dark Anime Series

Have you ever tried an anime series that starts out a little slow?

Shiki feels like this at first. But it was enough to spark my curiosity. I’m thankful I kept going.

Once you get deeper into the story, it starts to get horrific, disgusting, ugly and unpleasant.

Mystery, immorality and philosophy is at the core of Shiki’s plot.


4. Higurashi: When They Cry

Dark Anime Series

Probably the first horror series I decided to watch.

Higurashi’s plot starts out in the cursed village of: Hinamizawa.

All I’ll say is if you want something unpredictable, psychological and well-played out, try Higurashi.

You won’t know what to think, because the plot is so brilliant, unexpected and unconventional. Yet intense enough to keep you hooked.


5. School Days

Dark Anime Series

Does this sickening anime even need an introduction?

This is a romance anime with a dark, seriously messed up plot twist.

I’m not even sure there’s an anime as twisted and gritty as this. Especially not within the romance genre.

It’s an understatement to say it’s crude.


6. Future Diary

Dark Anime Series

In Future Diary you’re forced to play a game which involves your own life.

But the downside is: once you die, you DIE. And each character has their own perks.

That aside, the main character: Yuno Gasai is dangerously insecure and clingy.

And that’s not even the least violent, mature part of this psychological series.


7. Black Bullet

Dark Anime Series

Similar to AOT, a type of monster called: Gastrea is driving the human race to extinction.

Or I should say it has the potential to. Not the most original story, but the action, mystery, and mature themes make up for it.

Easily one of the most enjoyable action series I’ve watched.


8. Taboo Tattoo

Dark Anime Series

A type of ancient relic, called: Tattoo’s are in danger of being captured by the Kingdom.

A martial artist called: Justice is dragged into this mess when a strange man merges a tattoo into his hand.

This anime is action-heavy like Akame Ga Kill. And the violence will either disappoint or keep you interested. As it’s quite extreme.


9. Akame Ga Kill

Dark Anime Series

The government is corrupt, society basically lives their lives like slaves, and one group of assassins are sick of it.

So: they form a group called Nightraid, with the intention to overthrow the capital and create a revolution.

Few mature anime can compete with Akame Ga Kill’s intense action, entertaining fights, and depressing violence.

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10. Another

Dark Anime Series

At Yomiyama North Middle School, students and teachers have been known to die at random. Because of a dangerous event that occurred in the past.

It’s not my most favorite horror/mystery series, but the main character is satisfying enough.

As far as gore, this anime takes it to the extreme. And death is both vile and obscene.

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11. Death Parade

Dark Anime Series

What happens when you die? Death Parade answers that question with a twist.

When you die, you’re sent somewhere between heaven and hell.

You’re then put through a series of tests to see whether you deserve to be sent to heaven or hell.

This is a game/psychological series with seriously dark, mature and attention grabbing themes.


12. Elfen Lied

Dark Anime Series

When you create a human-like experiment that goes wrong, you can’t be surprised by the consequences.

And yet that’s exactly the basis of this story.

A girl named Lucy is being hunted after managing to escape a top-secret laboratory. The same place she’s born.

The ending is depressing, and what happens in between is full of horrific, maddening violence. Including themes like Child Abuse.


13. God Eater

Dark Anime Series

The world is being overrun with a monster called: Aragami.

God Eaters (a type of militant soldier) are trained to use God Arcs. A weapon that fuses with its user to destroy the Aragami.

Not original, is it? But the story is well-done. The violence will tear your soul in half. And the bloody scenes will disturb you.

All this is shown with impressive CGI Animation.

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14. Fate Zero

Dark Anime Series

Fate Zero’s a classic fantasy series with alternative animes in alternate universes.

Every now and then, something called the Holy Grail will choose a master and a servant.

Whoever is chosen gets forced to fight in the Holy Grail war, with the promise of having 1 wish fulfilled if you win.

Compared to Fate Stay Night, Fate Zero is obscene and disgustingly more vile in almost every way.

FATE zero anime


15. Jormungand

Dark Anime Series

The life of an arms dealer is gruesome, immoral and dangerous.

Jormungand paints a realistic image of an arms dealers lifestyle.

For example: An arms dealer is the reason countries go to war, or why child soldiers exist.

And it’s also the reason the US spends more money on the military than they do on education.

After watching this anime, you’ll have a new perspective on life. And on just how cruel it can be.


16. Samurai Champloo

Dark Anime Series

Fan of Hip Hop? Good, Samurai Champloo has plenty of hip hop music playing throughout.

In fact it’s one the animes major influences, and it’s why this Samurai/historical series is so fresh and unique.

If you love Cowboy Bebop, the same creators were behind Samurai Champloo. And they both share similar vibes.


17. Full Metal Panic

Dark Anime Series

I’ve never been more surprised by an anime like Full Metal Panic.

I don’t even like Mecha anime that much. But after watching this my mind changed.

If it’s Mecha, military, action and some romance you’re looking for, this is the perfect recipe.

The more you watch FMP, the darker and more powerful the story becomes.


18. Hell Girl

Dark Anime Series

What would you do if getting revenge was as easy as logging into a website at 12AM. And typing in the culprits name?

This is how each victim seeks out revenge in Hell Girl.

There’s so few series that paints a more realistic and brutally honest image of how negative certain people can be.


19. Psycho Pass

Dark Anime Series

You can see the obvious “mature” themes the moment you step into episode 1 of Psycho Pass.

After all, a woman is almost raped in a gritty run-down part of the city.

Other than violence, Psycho Pass does a good job of storytelling, portraying a futuristic society, and staying on track.

A lot of animes seem to forget about that.


20. Terror In Resonance

Dark Anime Series

On the surface you’d think this anime is about terrorism. The first episode proves that.

But a darker theme is revealed along the way.

To avoid spoilers I won’t say too much, but this is a decent anime with a good level of depth and purpose.


Other Anime:

  • Made In Abyss.
  • Classroom Of The Elite.


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    Hi I would like to inform you that you should update your list. And instead of FMP you should consider BERSERK, HELLSING & GOBLIN SLAYER & there are many more.

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    Oh my gosh, I just binge watched all of School Days, I totally called part of the ending, yet I’m still shell shocked! Out of all the Anime I’ve seen, Tokyo Ghoul my fav, the ending was the creepiest of all! Smh

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      Good person Tokyo ghoul is bae

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