5 Simple Reasons Why Emilia Is BETTER Than Rem From Re Zero

5 Simple Reasons Why Emilia Is BETTER Than Rem From Re Zero

Who do you choose? Rem or Emilia, and why?

Whatever your answer, hold that thought.

When I got into Re Zero I was surprised to see how popular Rem is, despite not being the protagonist like Emilia.

I even assumed Rem might be a protagonist… But I was obviously wrong.

Now I question why some fans argue and get bitter over something as ridiculous as “Rem Vs Emilia”.

  • On one hand: you have people who genuinely love Rem more.
  • And then there are fans of Emilia who keep quiet because of the petty haters.

So since nobody else is willing to mention why Emilia is better to avoid criticism, I’ll be the one to do it.

Let’s get started…


Why Emilia Is BETTER Than Rem:


1. Emilia’s The Protagonist for a GOOD reason

5 Simple Reasons Why Emilia Is BETTER Than Rem From Re Zero

When all is said and done, Emilia is the protagonist for a good reason.

Subaru ends up in another world, not knowing WTF is even going on. But because it looks good, he goes along with it anyway.

And after running into a bunch of idiots, Emilia shows up and saves the day. While pretending not to care for his well-being, as if she did it for the sake of it.

5 Simple Reasons Why Emilia Is BETTER Than Rem From Re Zero

These “little” moments in the first 40 minutes of Re Zero is what sets the stage for Emilia’s character.

You get to see in plain sight how kind, caring, stubborn, and even how “flawed” she is in terms of her habit of lying to save face (mentioned by Puck).

She’s a likable character from the get-go. Which is especially true if you were able to predict what kind of person she is from her actions in the beginning.

REM would have been an awful protagonist because of her initial behavior when she’s first introduced. And her unstable nature.

Making Rem a weaker character for the role and context portrayed by Re Zero.


2. Emilia’s character is enhanced by PUCK

5 Simple Reasons Why Emilia Is BETTER Than Rem From Re Zero

Let’s keep it real: Puck is one of those “side characters” who makes the protagonist MUCH better.

This is mostly from a comedy point of view, and filling in a few gaps for Emilia’s character.

The relationship Puck and Emilia share is fun and special in its own way.

Similar to Natsu and Happy from Fairy Tail but different. Both characters makes the other better.

While Rem has RAM as her companion, you don’t get to see the kind of relationship Emilia and Puck has consistently or initially.

Puck makes Emilia more entertaining, and Puck by himself is a likable character as well.


3. Emilia’s intentions are pure from the beginning (unlike Rem)

5 Simple Reasons Why Emilia Is BETTER Than Rem From Re Zero

In the first 40 minutes of Re Zero you can see what kind of person Emilia is in plain sight.

  • Kind.
  • Pure of heart.
  • Generous.
  • Grateful.
  • And willing to return favor without a second thought.

Not once are Emilia’s intentions malicious or deceitful.

Compare that to Rem, who even though she works as a maid in the mansion, she kills Subaru Natsuki based purely on assumption and irrational behaviour.

This is despite her “playing nice” in the mansion, which is why it’s one of the most shocking scenes in Re Zero when the “silent killer” is revealed to be Rem.

5 Simple Reasons Why Emilia Is BETTER Than Rem From Re Zero

The only reason Rem becomes “a likable character” is because of Subaru’s insistence on getting Rem to trust him.

Or else she would have slaughtered him like she did the first time.


4. Emilia puts others before herself (no matter WHO it is)

5 Simple Reasons Why Emilia Is BETTER Than Rem From Re Zero

No matter how I look at it, this is one of the most attractive traits of Emilia.

It’s not everybody’s cup of tea as we say in the UK, but it doesn’t matter.

It’s not the act of putting others before herself, it’s the pure intent and authenticity behind it.

  • She’s not doing it “just” because it’s convenient.
  • She’s not doing it as part of some hidden scheme or agenda.

Emilia does it because she wants to do it.

I like that a lot about Emilia in comparison to Rem. Who’s only nice because she loves Subaru.


5. Emilia’s relationship is more developed with Subaru

5 Simple Reasons Why Emilia Is BETTER Than Rem From Re Zero

In the end, the fact is Emilia’s relationship with Subaru is LEGIT.

And why wouldn’t it be? They’re both protagonists. Plus it’s not “one-sided” like with Rem.

Both Subaru and Emilia’s relationship has been a perfect match from the beginning.

They both balance each other out in interesting ways. Like how Subaru’s optimism has a positive impact on Emilia.

Or how Emilia’s pure intentions “inspires” Subaru and makes him fall for her even more.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Emilia’s design is better than Rems.
  • I connect with Emilia better, personally.

Does that mean Rem is a bad character?

5 Simple Reasons Why Emilia Is BETTER Than Rem From Re Zero


In fact I like Rem. Her genuine flaws, scars, and struggle with self-esteem makes Rem relatable.

And in terms of Subaru, because of what Subaru did for Rem’s confidence, she does whatever it takes to support him.

Especially when he’s depressed or feeling down on himself.

BUT overall:

  • Emilia doesn’t get enough love in Re Zero, despite being a protagonist.
  • And besides that, I love Emilia’s role better as a character.
  • Not many Re Zero fans will admit that to avoid being attacked by losers in the anime community.
    • “Losers” because some fans are so petty they’ll attack you for disagreeing. As if the sun shines out their ass.

So Emilia get’s my vote 10/10. Anyday of the week.

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4 thoughts on “5 Simple Reasons Why Emilia Is BETTER Than Rem From Re Zero

  1. Kiss my @$$ says:

    You’re the kind of person who makes bad decisions in relationships, are you?

    • Theo J Ellis says:

      Sounds like there’s a “deeper story” behind those words that you’ve yet to deal with. You might wanna fix that instead of projecting it onto other people 🙂

      Merry Christmas!

  2. Minh Anhh says:

    Add one more thing: Most of Rem’s fans are awful as hell.

    Re:Zero is one of the most popular anime in my country Vietnam, and over 60 or 70% of the fans love Rem more than Emilia. At first I was like, a person that follows the trend “Rem >>> Emilia”. But when I started reading Re:Zero, I loved Emilia in her first appearance. She is kind, beautiful, she really cares about other people. The more I kept reading, the more I was in love with Emilia.

    I don’t understand why so much people hate Emilia? She’s a wonderful character. As for me, most people that dislike Emilia are Rem’s fans. Because Rem was REJECTED by Subaru by “I love Emilia”, and they started hating on Emilia. I mean, Emilia came FIRST. And Rem-Subaru is just a one-sided love.

    In the end, EmiliaxSubaru is best ship.

  3. Zan says:

    Me too,i love Emilia,but that doesn’t means i hate Rem.It’s just that i love Emilia better.But i don’t understand why re:zero fans love Rem better than Emilia,Emilia’s voice,personality,are better than Rem.Also i think Emilia’s more beautiful than Rem.But there was one got-cut scene in this anime.Where Subaru says that he wants to have two wife(which is Rem and Emilia)to Rem.But he has to sees if Emilia agrees.Yea i want that to happens too.

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