The Biggest Difference Between Anime Girls (And Girls In Real Life)

anime girls my little sister cant be this cute

It’s not just anime characters in general.

Anime by definition is fiction. So anime characters are drawn to look:

  • Unrealistic.
  • Perfect.
  • Flawless.

And usually with bodies that are impossible to have in real life.

But I don’t have to tell you that. You already know!

So with that said – here are the biggest differences I’ve noticed from 100’s of anime shows.


Anime Girls Vs Real Girls – The Biggest Differences:


1. Unrealistic “boobs”

Lucoa kobayashi

Let’s keep it real – this kind of thing is unrealistic, unattractive, and absolutely bonkers.

Not Lucoa (above) but I’m talking about “anime that take things too far.

It doesn’t make any sense to me personally. And It’s always boggled my mind, but I guess it has some sort of “appeal”.

Or else it wouldn’t exist!

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2. Flawless Skin

anime girls at the beach

Let’s be honest – anime girls are drawn to be absolute goddesses of beauty.

There’s nothing imperfect about anime girls.

  • They have the BEST skin.
  • No flaws, spots, acne or whatever else.
  • They don’t need creams, face washes or beauty products.
  • And they’re unrealistically perfect.

Anime girls set a benchmark that’s impossible to reach. It’s downright criminal!


3. Tsunderes

eriri spencer tsundere

Tsundere’s are a common thing in anime. They act like they’re not interested, and then turn around and “fall in love” with you. Only to act nice later on.

Not to mention the physical abuse that comes with it.

But in real life? That’s mostly a myth. You’ll find some variation of it, but it’s uncommon if it really does exist at all.


4. Yanderes

anna nishkinomiya

While in the anime world, anime girls will “kill” or harm anyone who tries to get “close” to their darling, in the real world – it’s more like you become the target of abuse.

Assuming that’s the kind of girl you’re dealing with. The real life equivalent is similar to a Tsundere.


5. 300+ year old Loli’s

300 year old anime loli

In the anime: The World God Only Knows, there’s a demon girl who’s about 300+ years old. With the deceiving appearance of a little girl.

Or a “Loli” as we call it in the anime community.

The real life version is cruel at best. No man, never mind a woman, can ever hope to look so youthful at such an age.

Anime is cruel when you put it like that! 🙁


6. Eating absurd amounts of food and never gaining weight

fubuki and akagi e1555603680239

Anime is cruel because it’s impossible to compete with it. But at the same time – that’s a part of its charm and beauty.

Even so – how can you compete with someone who never gains weight from eating TONS of junk food?

If that were possible – we’d all be eating chocolate bars and donuts all day, everyday.

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7. Harems

anime harem girls

Let’s keep it real: girls aren’t surrounded by harems of boys. And boys aren’t surrounded by harems of girls.

You’d think this kind of thing is “normal” in the real world if you base it off anime. But the reality is far from the tropes and cliches anime loves to portray.

But that’s not to say it doesn’t happen at all. Only in extreme cases and circumstances.


8. Kids with too much wisdom and knowledge

shana red hair

In the world of anime, female characters (especially in Shounen) have absurd amounts of knowledge and wisdom for their age.

It’s almost a running joke at this point. Shana from the anime: Shakugan No Shana is a perfect example of such a character.

Or Shionji Yuuko from Heaven’s Memo Pad.

If kids were THAT intelligent – imagine how far we would have progressed in society by now!


9. Wacky hairstyles and colors

jessie team rocket pokemon

Anime boys have wacky hairstyles, too. But nothing compared to anime girls.

Female anime characters have some of the craziest hairstyles going. Most of which defy gravity, the law of physics and reality itself.

While others look so good – you can only wish you’d see someone with a hairstyle half as interesting.

Not to mention eye colors and haircolor-combo’s you’ll only ever see in anime.


10. Kawaii

Anime girls are too cute for a reason: they’re designed that way.

I mean come on – what real life girl could ever be as a cute as an anime girl like: Latifa Florenza?

latifa florenza cute e1555608547172

Or how about Kanna Kamui from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid?

kanna kamui cute dragon e1555609276868



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