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40 Upcoming Anime TV Shows Released In 2023 (MUST See)

The year is about to end, and it is the perfect time to create a list for a new set of anime to watch for the following year.

Table of contents

I’ve made a great lineup of anime titles just for you, so be sure to stick around until the end.

On this list, you will find the best upcoming anime in 2023 that already has a confirmed date for its airing. The list provides you with relevant data for you to mark your calendar with the set of anime you personally picked among these anime titles.

Let’s put this show on the road and start the list immediately!


Winter Anime 2023:


1. Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. 2 (Bofuri) – Jan. 2023

word image 103493 1 |

Starting this list with our very tanky, clever girl Maple and her quirky adventures on a virtual game. It is a super feel-good anime that will hook you on binge-watching.

See how hilarious Maple topples the best and most highly skilled, competitive players in the game with just a clever trick of maxing out her defense.

I am excited about this new season and will see what kind of weird abilities Maple will acquire next—making her almost like an immortal player in the game.

I can’t wait for this new season to arrive, and hoping it won’t get delayed!


2. The Misfit of Demon King Academy S2 – January 2023

word image 103493 2 |

We will again witness the masochist Demon King and his love for throwing huge kinds of stuff, including a castle. This overpowered, low-key MC is arriving at your gates on January 2023.

How many action-packed epic battles will we witness in this new season? As for the main question, will another entry to our MC’s harem exist? The main question is much of a giveaway, but who knows?

I am more curious if he will be throwing a castle once again to showcase how overpowering he truly is.


3. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? IV Part 2 – January 5, 2023

word image 103493 3 |

I haven’t watched all the episodes on those seasons currently available for this anime because I already had enough of the main chic cosplay version of fans and non-fans I kept seeing on the internet.

Yeah, I hate watching stereotypical kinds of anime. It is just not my cup of tea, I would say. It is not like the Fate series that I could watch over and over again for the nth time, or Dragon Ball Z, Detective Conan, and One Piece. I don’t care how many episodes there were and will be.

Anyways, for fans of this anime. A new season is confirmed (it is a part 2 of the previous season, actually) to arrive on January 5, 2023. Mark the date if you’re waiting for this one.


4. Tomo-chan Is a Girl! – January 2023

word image 103493 4 |

The title of this manga is very interesting especially if you love slice of life genre. The story revolves around a girl with a very tomboy attitude, not a tsundere, in my opinion, who wants to be noticed as a girl with a very feminine heart and attitude.

The story has some good morals as it teaches “self-acceptance” very subtly. Curious?

Be sure to check out this wholesome anime with a bit of humor on its release next year in January.


5. Trigun Stampede – January 2023

word image 103493 5 |

I remember watching Trigun back when I am just a kid. It excites me to hear that there will be a remake of this golden anime. Vash Stampede is iconic for the 90s kids and is still well remembered. It has an exciting and deep story.

Let’s see how much of an improvement they will make on this upcoming remake, or will they ruin this great anime title? Answers will be given once it is released, and fans will be sure to keep an eye on this one.


6. Vinland Saga Season 2 – January 9, 2023

word image 103493 6 |

After seeing the trailer for the new season of this title couple of months ago, it gave me goosebumps. It goes darker than the first season. But it is not darker in the sense that it became morbid! It’s the storytelling.

From the trailer, you could quickly tell that the storytelling became deeper, making it far more interesting than the already interesting season 1.

This is one of my to-watch-list for the upcoming anime next year, and I will surely be one hell of a ride than before.


7. Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Arc – January 2023

word image 103493 7 |

If there is one thing I could describe Tokyo Revengers in a single word, that would be “Overhyped.” The anime is good, most of it. The time travel thing, combined with its whole storyline, is filled with plot holes enough to give you a Trypophobia.

Fingers crossed that this new entry for this anime, I hope they would do it well this time. The Christmas showdown arc is said to be released in January next year.


8. Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 – January 2023

word image 103493 8 |

The sought-after new season of Bungo Stray Dogs is finally coming to us next year!

For those who haven’t watched a single episode of this anime and are curious why it is popular even though underrated, it is like the BTS of anime for a female audience.

For us guys, it is like when all the cooler-than-the-MC supporting characters of the most popular anime shows jump in together and make an anime for themselves.

I’m really excited about what the new season will bring to the great table this time.

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9. NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a – January 2023

word image 103493 9 |

The game Nier Automata broke the charts on its released and is still popularly played up until today due to its character design, dark and intriguing story, and complexity of its lore.

Announcing an anime adaptation for the best game in the Nier franchise, we fans will say, “Shut up and take all my money already.”

I cannot wait to see how this anime would go, similar to or beyond its game counterpart. I’m also excited if there will be a new relationship built up between the main characters, 2B and 9S.


10. Kyukou Suiri Season 2 (In/Spectre Season 2) – January 2023

word image 103493 10 |

Yokai’s goddess of wisdom is back for some adventures with a confirmation of a new season. It would be a winter release, and it goes with it very timely as the trailer for season 2 features Yuki-onna, the “snow woman” of Japanese folklore.

It is indeed opening a new set of mysteries our lovely tandem will face.

Also, here goes hoping to the creators that they should make the story clearer than the previous season.

The 1st season got me some confusing wtf moments with its storyline, and I hope it goes better this time.


11. Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko Season 2 (By the Grace of the Gods Season 2) – January 2023

word image 103493 11 |

Fans waiting for the new season of this anime would be delighted as it is confirmed already after waiting almost three years for a follow-up.

I honestly don’t have a single idea about this anime title, and I haven’t watched anything from it.

From what I have heard, this anime does have a nice story to it, and the trailer for season 2 did quite pique my interest a bit—making me want to watch season 1 later after making this anime list for you.

It has been decently rated by some people and even recommended to watch.


12. Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Season 3 – January 2023

word image 103493 12 |

Now, this is interesting.

This Sorcerous Stabber Orphen retained that classic magic/battle seinen vibe on its artwork, story progressions, and character build-up and stayed true to that for the whole two seasons. An anime that wants to showcase the greatness of OG anime style even in modern times.

Fans do not expect much for a new season to this anime title as it is pretty satisfying already with the previous season. But who are we to refuse such a great deal from its creators?


13.The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2 – January 2023

word image 103493 13 |

This anime received a lot of hate for its season one, yet they are confirming that a season two will come out next year. That leaves the question, why? Will they redeem themselves with this new season, or will it be another flop again?

Nobody knows until we come to see the new season. Let’s wait till then.


14. Tsurune Season 2 – January 2023

word image 103493 14 |

From Kyoto Animation, the studio that brought us great animes over the years, it is confirmed that there will be a season 2 for Tsurune.

This kind of anime might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the story is surprisingly correctly executed.

Even though I am not interested in archery, I still find this anime really good. Well, what do you expect from a professional anime studio that produces high-rating animes?

Give it a try yourself, and who knows, you might like it as well.


15. Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire – January 2023

word image 103493 15 |

Another reincarnation type of anime is about to come for us next year. At first, I thought this was just another reincarnation to another world thing all over again, but the trailer begs to differ.

I got inquisitive and a bit excited, actually, after watching the trailer.

It features something that resembles animation from MMORPG skills sort of thing. You should too as well add this to your to-watch list and see if it’s good or not.


16. The Way of the Househusband Season 2 – Jan 2023

word image 103493 16 |

To give you an honest idea, watching this anime is like rereading the manga but now with color, and it is now an anime.

If you haven’t read this manga, that is fine, as it is depicted precisely how it should be in the anime adaptation. As in exactly and literally!

It is simple, fun, hilarious, and just a feel-good anime. Glad that a new season will be added for anime, and I hope more people can appreciate this one. It is unique in its territory.


17. Spy Kyoushitsu (Spy Classroom) – January 2023

word image 103493 17 |

I watched the trailer for this one a couple of months back on YouTube, and I thought it was an upcoming gacha mobile game. Got totally shocked after realizing it is an upcoming anime for 2023.

I got some factual information about this one, which is quite intriguing.

It is a story of a girl who doesn’t have any incredible characteristics aside from being beautiful that will have an opportunity to join an all-female spy organization led by a mysterious man as the mastermind.

It somehow gives me the character and story build-up similar to the zombie land saga. Let’s all together wait until it is available to see exactly what this anime is all about.


18. Isekai Nonbiri Nouka (Farming Life in Another World) – January 2023

word image 103493 18 |

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka, or Farming Life in Another World, is a light novel turned web novel turned manga turned anime. It does depart from your typical logic isekai anime, and it is fascinating to see how this anime pans out.

After announcing that there will be an anime adaptation of this title, fans who have read the manga are extremely excited about adding to the organic hype before its release.

The anime is said to be released in the first quarter of 2023. We should also add ourselves to the growing numbers excitedly waiting for this title.


19. Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible – January 2023

word image 103493 19 |

I have read the manga version of Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible, and I will give you an idea of what to expect from the upcoming anime version of this title.

To put into perspective, it is like a complete mix of the anime Another and Komi Can’t Communicate blended into one. Two utterly different story spin animes, but it does really gives me that vibe after reading its whole manga.

It has a very unique and engaging story to it, so I highly suggest giving this a try once it is aired.


20. ONIMAI: I’m Now Your Sister! – January 2023

word image 103493 20 |

Imagine you have a surprisingly bright sibling who is generously and lovingly enough to make you a test subject for a sketchy experiment. That experiment resulted in you changing gender physically in an instant.

It is weird, I know. But expect a more bizarre twist and turn when you watch this anime. Its story only gets weirder and weirder but in a very entertaining, hilarious, and addicting way.


21. Ooyukiumi no Kaina – January 2023

word image 103493 21 |

The studio that gave us the Ajin anime series and the anime version of Godzilla comes with a 2023 anime called Ooyukiumi no Kaina.

Using the studio as a reference on what to expect from this anime, this title will surely be a heavy story-driven kind of anime.

The animation style is very similar to how they do in the Ajin series. It won’t be surprising that it would be another hit of an anime for fans of this kind of anime style.


22. The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague – January 2023

word image 103493 22 |

This title came from a popularly rated manga with a very wholesome and cute story revolving around it. Although, I am quite sceptical about how many episodes they will be releasing for this one as the manga is very short, to be honest.

It is also interesting and curious to see if they will somehow let the story grow further or if this will be the exact story from the manga.

A lot of awww moments can be expected from this anime, and the trailer only made me more excited as the voice acting they chose for the manga truly resonates with the original story concept for this title.


23. Ayakashi Triangle – January 2023

word image 103493 23 |

Illustrated and written by Yabuki, Kentarou already gives you a pinpoint idea of what you should expect from this anime. Damn straight, it’s another god-tier contribution to the culture.

Kentarou sensei is very well known for how eccentrically he illustrates and designs female characters in his works. He completely transforms 2d illustrations into an epitome of how a female should be perfectly depicted in ecchi anime.

He is quite a good storyteller too! Adding more reasons why we should be excited for this upcoming anime version of Ayakashi Triangle.


24. Mou Ippon! – January 2023

word image 103493 24 |

Sports-type anime commonly has all men characters to it. When it became all women, it was typically an ecchi or too much emphasis on the sexiness of female characters.

Mou Ippon! Gives a unique approach to this kind of niche in anime. An entirely wholesome slice-of-life anime title revolves around the sport of Judo featuring regular female teenagers.

It is an excellent change of phase for this kind of anime genre, and many anime fans would be sure to love this one.


25. Kaiko sareta Ankoku Heishi (30-dai) no Slow na Second Life – January 2023

word image 103493 25 |

Please note, despite its long title, this is not an isekai, my friend. It is a Light novel in Japan that just happened to have copies currently printed in just a small number of one million copies upon its publishing.

It’s the story of a man who cannot use magic but has great natural talent and skills and was raised in an environment surrounded by demons.

He is one with the demon army, not until the generals he is serving are replaced, and then he gets fired just right after that. The story progresses and primarily centers on the slow life he has become after realizing he is a human.

He is a human to start with and was just raised in a completely different environment. He will soon find himself very overpowered doing tasks in a human village.


26. Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement – January 2023

word image 103493 26 |

Here is an isekai anime in which the main character doesn’t have to die first or be in a coma just to be transported to another world.

Here, the main character can freely transport herself from the natural and fantasy worlds whenever she pleases.

She can also take pieces of stuff back to the real world, and further information after this would be considered a spoiler.

And I definitely would not want that, and neither do you.


27. The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady – January 2023

word image 103493 27 |

This next one is an entirely story-driven isekai anime, and based on the trailer, it has an incredible combat scene that will excite anyone who sees that.

The animation style and artwork are genuinely remarkable based on the trailer, and it embarks on a story with no harem.

Its departure from the stereotypical male protagonist combined with harem thoughts sets this upcoming anime apart, which makes me really curious about it.


28. The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten – January 2023

word image 103493 28 |

It is your stereotypical anime story, a very popular, pretty female character and a loser kind of male character start developing affection for each other. You know, just the normal.

BUT! What makes it reasonably apart is the heartfelt and sincerely warm moments that this title showcased in its manga version.

If they could do just that and then execute that correctly in the upcoming anime, this title would be viral.


29. Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World – January 2023

word image 103493 29 |

Next on this list is the anime called Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World.

It has a fascinating plot to it. Slightly similar to the anime Arifureta but all four main characters experienced betrayal at some point in their lives. That same pain led them to form a party and embark on an action-packed and exciting adventure.

All four characters have different traits and backstories, making them all stand out equally throughout the story.

No main characters here fell off a bit from one another and were given equal attention and exposure to the manga.

I won’t be surprised if this becomes one of the best anime titles for 2023.


Spring Anime 2023:


30. Chronicles of an Aristocrat Reborn in Another World – April 2023

word image 103493 30 |

Let’s start with the anime titles coming in the Spring of 2023 with Chronicles of an Aristocrat Reborn in Another World.

Based on the manga, it is still the typical plot of isekai anime. Someone died, reincarnated to another fantasy world. It’s a good title to kill spare time but coming with an anime for the manga? That’s where it gets very interesting.

The manga received mixed ratings among the readers. Will they somehow redeem their reputation with this anime version or entirely ruin it?


31. Blue Orchestra – April 2023

word image 103493 31 |

Anime shows that revolve around music captivate audiences so well that even a non-avid fan loves them.

Blue Orchestra is one music anime manga that has received high praise for its awesome storyline. How much more if this becomes an anime and the music is fully emphasized?

Many people are excited about its anime release, and some can’t wait to see the magic it could bring. By the looks of it, Blue Orchestra is a strong contender to be the best music genre anime to come this 2023.


32. Dr. Stone: New World – April 2023

word image 103493 32 |

Who doesn’t wait patiently for Dr. Stone’s new season? Fans are dying to see the continuation of Senku’s adventure. It is one of the anime with a strong story progression with a wild flare of exotic and interesting fun facts.

Many videos and articles about wild random theories, discussions, and debates surround this anime title alone.

This is a no-brainer that this anime deserves mention on this list, or else it won’t be a great list at all.


33. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Season 2 (Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch!) – April 2023

word image 103493 33 |

If Maple is an overpowered tank in her anime, the main character here, Yuna, is overpowered in cuteness and outright adorable.

Sharing the same concept of a young girl now enjoying life more on a virtual game, Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear solely focuses on the beauty and the colorful world of the game Yuna’s playing.

Being released in the same year as Maple’s anime creates a kind of rivalry between the two anime titles.

Sharing a similar story concept helps the increase in popularity and hype for both anime titles, which is good for the entire anime community.


34. The Ancient Magus’ Bride Season 2

word image 103493 34 |

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Season 2 seems to be the quench fans have been waiting for to ease their thirst for this anime title.

It became so popular because it has a unique kind of delivery in an anime that lets the viewers dive into its world completely.

Absorbing the greatness of the story and the characters’ traits. It makes the audience continuously craves more of The Ancient Magus’ Bride’s storyline.

The long wait is finally over, and it is confirmed that season 2 is arriving around April 2023.


35. In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 – Spring 2023

word image 103493 35 |

It is right about when they confirmed the announcement for a new season of this anime.

This anime left me hanging for a very, very long time. I mean, seriously! The story of season one is such a tease making you want a new season already.

I thought it would be like the High School of the Dead, wherein they would leave a massive cliffhanger to bust your balls and then leave you hanging forever. I hope they will not suddenly announce delays because we waited long enough for this.


36. Edens Zero Season 2 – April 2023

word image 103493 36 |

From the studio that gave us massive anime, J.C. Staff confirms a season 2 for their anime Edens Zero. Again for the nth time, please don’t take it as a rip-off of the anime Fairy Tail because Fairy Tail is a total rip-off of the anime Rave.

Technically speaking, both Edens Zero and Fairy Tail are complete rip-offs of the successful OG anime Rave. Hiro Mashima created all three titles.

Let’s all just enjoy a new season of Edens Zero. Take part in the quirky, magical adventure of a spiky-haired guy and a blonde female character with big boobs together, fighting evil with the power of friendship.

To make things clear, sink into yourself what I just said.

Does the spiky-haired guy accompanied by a lady with huge boobs resonate with the very same concept of the three anime titles mentioned?


37. The Legendary Hero Is Dead! – Spring 2023

word image 103493 37 |

I am incredibly excited about this anime title because I know nothing about it. The pictures and marketing covers for this anime title make me insanely curious about what this anime will be about.

Straight to the point, I haven’t read the manga and don’t know what to expect.

Join me on a waiting game for The Legendary Hero Is Dead! Release in Spring of 2023.


38. Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence – April 2023

word image 103493 38 |

Another anime that I don’t have even a tiny bit of an idea what it’s all about is Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence. But it creates some buzz in the anime community, which is why I included this on the list.

Maybe it’s about the title, the cover or the manga of this title has something great to it.

I literally do not know, and I am sure to wait and watch this anime once it gets released next year.

Seriously, this one got me overly curious.


39. A Galaxy Next Door – April 2023

word image 103493 39 |

A little is known about this upcoming 2023 anime, A Galaxy Next Door. Aside from the trailer and synopsis, that’s pretty much it. It is announced to be aired on April 2023 and has already created a large pool of interested anime viewers.

Is it because of the mystery of not having much information about this anime title? Can be.

By the way, the trailer and marketing cover artwork is gorgeous.


Summer Anime 2023:


40. The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior – July 2023

word image 103493 40 |

The last entry for this list is The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior. At first, I mistook this as a generic otome game isekai anime. That idea took a 360-degree spin after watching the official trailer for this anime.

First, the music used for the trailer is ominous and dark. Next, the trailer shows some dark vibes and blood for some reason.

After watching the trailer video, my intrigue and interest in this anime grew within me.

I am fully prepared that this anime would come later compared to all anime previously mentioned. I could work with that.

I believe it is just a small price to pay as long as I know what’s going on with the story of this upcoming anime.


Honorable mentions

Here are some confirmed upcoming Anime for 2023, but yet to be announced for a specific release date.

  • Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 3 – 2023.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 – 2023.
  • Classroom of the Elite Season 3 – 2023.
  • Konosuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World! – 2023.
  • Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World Season 2 – 2023.
  • Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 – 2023.
  • The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent Season 2 – 2023.
  • The Duke of Death and His Maid Season 2 – 2023.
  • Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan – 2023.

Did you enjoy what’s on our entry today? Have you created your upcoming anime for the 2023 to-watch list?

Share your thoughts, comments, and suggestions about this one with our comment box below, and I’ll see you with the next one.


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