Interesting Differences Between Anime And Real Life
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19+ Interesting Differences Between Anime And Real Life

Anime is exactly that. Animated. So everything in real life is exaggerated or expressed in a way we’re not able to in the real world.

That being said, have you ever compared the differences between Anime and real life?

It might surprise you… And you’ll likely be nodding your head in agreement.


1. Anime food always looks PERFECT!

Differences Between Anime And Real Life

But food in real life? It doesn’t always look that great.

I mean yes, it looks delicious. But not in the same way it does when you watch Anime…


2. Anime girls are usually slim or thin

harem boy surrounded by girls

But in real life, girls come in many different shapes and sizes.

Also, not all girls match society’s stereotype.


3. Anime characters never have facial spots or acne

mako chan kill la kill
Mako from Kill La Kill

In real life, many of us suffer from facial spots and acne.

We have to buy tons of beauty products, creams and face washes to rid of it.


4. Wealthy Anime characters are loved and admired

bulma db super

In real life, rich and wealthy people are despised, hated, and envied. And people generally dislike the wealthy because they have what they don’t.

In Anime, this usually isn’t the case for the most part. It’s almost like a fetish.


5. Anime characters can be born with any hair colour

levy mcgarden smile

In real life, we have to ruin our hair by dyeing it the colour we want…

Not the case with anime. Whatever you want, you can have it as far as hair colours.


6. Angry Anime girls look dangerous

Kogami angry
Devilish Kagome.


erza scarlet angry
Pissed off Erza.


yuno gasai psycho
Yuno looks insane.

Real life girls who are angry look half as dangerous. If that.

Even a small girl in an anime can look sinister, sadistic, and manic all at once if given the right facial expression (unlike small girls in real life).


7. Anime characters have bright, white teeth

ichigo kurosaki happy
Look at that smile!

In real life, our teeth are no way near as perfect.

People in the real world have:

  • cavities
  • rotten teeth
  • black teeth
  • yellower teeth
  • missing teeth
  • crooked teeth

and the list of flaws goes on forever.

Not anime characters, though.


8. The streets in Anime look clean and spotless

Clean Anime Streets

Not so much in real life though…

Yes, it’s true that in certain areas, locations, towns, and villages the streets can be spotless, clean, and pristine. Like parts of Japan actually.

But in anime, this is a rule, not an exception. It’s unrealistically perfect.


9. In Anime all the school teachers are hot and attractive

k-on teacher
Sawa Yamanaka from K-On.

In real life, not all teachers look like supermodels. Or fit the “stereotype” of what looks good.

In anime, they play on the whole “school teacher with glasses” who ends up looking sexy, not by coincidence. Or the fantasy of school teachers being attractive from head to toe (both genders).


10. Anime relationships look easy and effortless

asuna and kirito house
Asuna & Kirito, Season 1.

In real life, it takes a lot of effort to find the right girlfriend/boyfriend. And a lot of hardship comes with it.

You can meet your high school sweetheart, but often even then it’s not as easy as it can be portrayed in anime.

Not all anime are like this, but anime is painted in an idealistic fashion when it comes to many relationships and romances.


11. In Anime, pregnant women look perfect after giving birth

anime pregnant

In real life, it’s bloody, messy, and not as attractive. And women go through all kinds of hell before and after pregnancy (weight, skin, acne, etc).

In anime though, it’s a smooth ride and they get back to their life looking as good as ever.


12. School life in Anime looks fun (when compared)

School life in Anime looks fun 1
School life in Anime looks fun.

In real life? Most kids are bored, dissatisfied, unhappy and even stressed at school. Because of the pressure to do well and get good grades.

Whether it’s Asian parents being overly strict, African parents pressuring their kids to be doctors, or Western kids self harming because of issues like bullying and so on happening in their school.

School life in anime is portrayed as idealistic as possible unless it’s written in a certain type of way.


13. Even when an Anime character is a terrible cook, it doesn’t look too bad…

anime food table

But in real life? Well, you already know what terrible food looks like…

A bunch of slop on a plate.

In anime, food always looks good even if the character is an average cook or isn’t the best at making a masterful meal that will make people salivate.


14. In Anime the weather always looks attractive. Even if it’s terrible

cute anime girl in the rain
Anime girl in the rain.

When it rains in real life, it looks awful. It feels awful. And the streets look messy, soggy, and it makes you want to stay at home.

Even though characters may mention the fact that it’s not attractive when it’s raining outdoors, how it looks, the visuals, and how it ends up being perceived are worlds apart from real life.

Sometimes it can be the reason for an anime’s gorgeous aesthetics and pleasing art style.


15. Hand biting causes major bleeding

hand bite anime meme

Attack On Titan might be one of the more famous examples of this happening. It’s a major cliche you see in certain shows like Shounen, action, etc.

In real life no matter how angry you are, biting your hand likely won’t cause it to bleed so aggressively. Even if you bite someone else on purpose.

But you knew that already.


16. Girls run to school with bread in their mouth

girl bread in mouth anime funny

This is one of anime’s greatest cliches of all time. The girl running with bread in her mouth who is late for school, is a klutz, trips over a lot, and has bad habits.

As silly and daft as people can be in real life, no equivalent exists.


17. Anime characters are VERY forgiving, even to the worst of people

naruto pain

Imagine a serial killer who goes around killing people in the name of PAIN, so he can make others feel the pain that he or she once felt after being victimized in the past.

I’m talking about PAIN from the Naruto series. He even slaughtered entire families just because one person from a family did him harm.

Naruto Uzumaki in spite of knowing all this still forgives him to the point of insanity, which is part of why Naruto as a franchise is so loved, appreciated, and admired.

Now flip this to the real world and there’s no chance a serial killer would get away with this kind of thing, be forgiven, and then somehow be allowed to walk free, be spared, or get off on only a light sentence.

We see the same thing happen in many anime, including Slayers, DBZ, and too many others to name.


18. The stars look so much better at night WITHOUT the need for a telescope

stars in sky anime beautiful art wallpaper

In real life, you might need a telescope to see stars look so “pretty” as said often in anime. And the sky is hardly full of stars so plentiful, even in places without pollution like villages or the rural countryside.

In anime, everything can look this way, even on an average night and it’s a sight to be seen.


19. Clenching your fists causes blood to drip

clench fist bleeding anime

When shounen characters clench their fists, bleeding follows a lot of the time. It signifies how hard they’re clenching, or how angry and determined they might be.

In real life, well, nobody can clench their firsts so tight that it causes bleeding, even if we wanted to.


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