Some Of The Most Overused Anime Cliches We Have To Deal With

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Anime Cliches are too cliche sometimes.

That’s not to say every single Anime is jam-packed with Cliches, because that would be a lie.

But at the same time, so many Anime shows (especially popular shows) have so many predictable cliches that it can become unoriginal, bland and uninteresting.

To the point where you don’t want to watch or even give a new Anime show a chance.

And what’s worse is – so many Anime shows over the years have followed these trends… Which makes people like myself switch off and not even want to watch an entire Anime series.

Because I already know what’s going to happen before it happens, and there’s no fun in that (Unless the Anime is so good, that the cliches don’t matter).

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Putting those thoughts aside for a second, here are 10 overused Anime cliches the typical Anime fan has to put up with.

They’re not the most common, but they do happen a lot.


1. The useless girl with over-sized “knockers

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One anime character come to mind:

  • Shizuka Marikawa.

She’s a school Nurse from the Anime series – High School of The Dead.

She’s hot, blonde, attractive, and “over-sized” in the chest department.

Throughout the entire Anime series, she contributes nothing to helping out the main characters. Or anybody for that matter.All she does is whine, complain, or act like a starved predator towards Takashi (if you know what I mean).

If that’s not fan service then someone tell me what is!


2. The overuse of the word pervert

The Most Overused Anime Cliches

When you overuse a word it ends up becoming stale, dull, and meaningless after a while.

Especially when it’s used out of context, or just for the sake of it.

How many Anime‘s do you know of where girls (or guys) call each other perverts for something that’s not even perverted?

I’m pretty sure an Anime popped into your head just now.

The Anime that comes to my mind is – The Legend of Legendary Heroes.

Among so many other Anime shows out there.


3. The moment being ruined as two characters are about to kiss

The Most Overused Anime Cliches
anime characters about to kiss.

This happens with a couple of Anime characters. Like:

  • Ayato and Julis.
  • Ako and Hideki.
  • Kodaka and Sena.

And so many more from a ridiculous amount of Anime shows that focus on romance. Even if just a little (or not).


4. Girls beating up guys for no good reason

Overused Anime Cliches

As much as I love Kokoro Connect, Inaba Himeko does the same thing to Taichi Yaegashi.

And there are so many more Anime shows and characters who do the exact same thing.

Over and over again.Sometimes it’s justified, but how often is that? It distracts from the story when used unnecessarily.


5. Anime characters who say – “The moon/sun is so beautiful”

anime couple wallpaper
anime couple.

How many Anime shows and characters have said this?

There’s so many scenes from so many different Anime shows where this exact thing happens.

And it’s one of the most overused, corny, outdated Anime cliches that’s much too common.


6. Anime girls who refer to guy as “my lord”

log horizon shirou and akatsuki
Akatsuki from Log Horizon Anime.

Akatsuki from gaming Anime – Log Horizon comes to mind. And every girl from the Anime series – The One Being Sung.

Of course there are so many more Anime shows where this happens.

It’s usually when it’s a historical Anime, or an Anime where a man has power and authority over a land, country, etc.

Or because it’s the traditional thing to say and do.

It’s not only a bad Anime cliche, it’s an outdated stereotype.

It only makes the Anime girl’s character worse than it should be (especially when they play a great role).


7. Anime boy falls on top of girl and lands in her chest

YouTube video

One of the worst Anime cliches on this list without a doubt. How many times does this happen in Anime shows?

Even if the Anime isn’t a harem or Ecchi, somehow, someway they still manage to throw that cliche in there.

Something similar happens at the beginning of the AnimeThe Asterisk War. And all the other Anime shows many of us have watched.


8. Overcoming impossible odds with the power of love or inspiration

fairy tail natsu laxus

Don’t get me wrong, I love Supernatural/super power Anime shows.

You know – like Dragon Ball Z, Shakugan No Shana, Fairy Tail and so on.

But it has to be said – the power of friendship (or anything similar) gives the protagonist some unrealistic advantage which helps them come out on top.

And it’s a little played out, especially if there’s no real reason to justify it.

It would be nice to see more of let’s say – an ending like Future Diary.Where no matter how hard the main character tries, there’s still no happy ending.

Or something else that’s new, different and surprising.


9. Overpowered Anime characters who are always male

vegeta powering up

Yes there are powerful female Anime characters. Like Shana, Wilhelmina Carmel, Captain Unohana and so on.

But 99% of OP characters are always male. Which assumes Males are more powerful than women, which is’t necessarily true.

A little diversity wouldn’t hurt, and I think the Anime community will welcome it.

As long as it makes sense and fits with the story of the Anime.


10. Anime hot springs fanservice and cliches

YouTube video

This is one of the most typical cliches I’ve witnessed. I ca’t remember watching an Anime with boys and girls, where the male characters DIDN’T try to peek at girls in hot springs.

It’s almost an accepted cliche that you’re expected to see no matter the cost.Even if it’s poorly (or well) done.


There are so many overused Anime cliches to list. And none of this is a bad thing completely. Because not every single thing can be new and fresh within an Anime, a film, or any piece of entertainment or art.

But none the less, depending on how it’s done, and how overused the cliche is, it tends to ruin some Anime shows.

Especially shows that had or have so much potential, but then are ruined by overused Anime cliches.

High School Of The Dead is a good example of this.

Do you have anymore Anime cliches to add to this list?


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