37 Delicious Anime Food Photos That Will Make You Drool Like A Little Baby

Squid Girl Drooling For Shrimp

Anime food is like watching a strip tease on TV. Because no matter how tempting it is, you’ll never get to experience it first hand.

If only we could jump inside the TV and get a taste of some delish anime food, eh?

Here are 41 photos worth sharing to whet your appetite. 😉


37 Delicious Anime Food Photos:


Anime Noodles Twirling
Anime spaghetti noodles.


Anime Pizza Gif
anime pizza.


Anime Noodles Food
Anime fried noodles.


Butter Anime Food Gif
Buttery pancakes.


Megumi Food From Food Wars Anime
Megumi’s special dish from Food Wars.


Anime Donuts And Desserts
Anime donuts and desserts.


Anime Food Gif


Anime Food Is The Best


Delicious Anime Food Gif


Yes Please Anime Food
Anime buffet heaven.


Tasty Anime Food Gif


Anime Mmm Food
Exquisite anime meal.


Anime Food Bundled On A Table
anime fish, soup, sushi and more.


Anime Food Food Wars
food wars dish.


Food Wars Anime Food Photos


Healthy Meal Food Wars Anime
food wars healthy dish.


Anime Bacon And Eggs
eggs and bacon anime food.


Delicious Anime Food


Anime Food Desserts And Drinks
Anime desserts paradise.


Cutting Into Anime Food With Spoon


Cutting Into Anime Food


Gorgeous Anime Food


Healthy Anime Food Dinner
Healthy anime food for one.


Anime Food And Tea
Egg benedict and tea.


Food Wars Anime Rice And Meat
rice, lemon, meat, green vegetables and tomatoes.


3 Delicious Anime Food Pancakes
syrup and pancakes.


Soft Anime Food Gif


Sugar Anime Food Cake
anime cake, black berry and strawberries.


Anime Desserts And Cakes Gif


Pankcake With Syrup Anime Food


Egg Toast And Hot Drinks Anime Food


Food Wars Fried Rice Anime Food
fried rice from food wars anime.


Anime Vegetables


Beautiful Anime Food Photo


Anime Recipes Like Katsudon Anime Food


Anime Buffet


Anime Food Cooking In Pot


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