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7 Unspoken Rules To Follow When Watching Anime

I don’t think about it much, but there are some unspoken rules I follow when watching an anime series.

The types of rules I don’t even ponder on because I’m too busy “getting into” whatever it is I’m watching.

This is obviously not a hard set of rules you must follow when watching your favorite anime.

It’s just one man’s point of view. But it works for me, and it should work for you, too. Technically.

Especially if you’re short on time!

Let’s get to it.


7 Unspoken Rules When Watching Anime:


1. Skip the opening intro

YouTube video

Wait… what the actual F? Skip the opening intro music?

It sounds insane, depending on what kind of anime fan you are. And how obsessed or “hype” you are when it comes to opening intro music

But as much as I love some of the music, depending on the series… I usually SKIP the opening intro.

It’s a waste of my time.


  • It wastes time I could be spending on actually watching the anime.
  • Once you’ve seen the opening intro at least one time, you don’t need to see it over and over.
  • It doesn’t offer any value after the first time round.

And that’s why I skip the opening intro. I don’t need to hear the same thing again and again.

I get it. It’s nostalgic. But it’s still a massive waste of time (I save 30 minutes or well over an hour, depending on how long the anime).

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2. Always watch with headphones on

miku nakano headphones |

Headphones are KING. You can get yourself a powerful set of surround sound speakers, and sure – it’ll be one hell of an experience.

But… Nothing beats watching an anime series with headphones.

  • You get your privacy.
  • It’s a “deeper” experience as far as sound goes.
  • You get to hear things you would miss, otherwise.
  • And most of all – nobody is likely to bother you.

That’s the whole point of headphones. You’re giving people the “signal” to not disturb you. And it’s a better experience watching anime with headphones, anyway.


3. Learn something from the experience

anime girl purple hair studying e1555514054237 |

There’s always something to learn from anime. I don’t care if it’s a comedy, slice of life, psychological or adventure series.

It could even be a police or ECCHI series of all things. It doesn’t mean I can’t learn something from it.

And so… I’m always paying attention to what’s happening in the anime I’m watching. And whether there’s something I can take away from it.

Even if it’s only something simple or basic. Or even if it’s more of a “funny” life lesson than anything more serious.

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4. Pay attention

Continuing from my last point, it’s easy to get distracted by dumb sh**. Because at the end of the day – it’s everywhere these days.

  • Notifications.
  • Social media.
  • Phone calls.
  • Text.
  • Emails.

Distractions are everywhere. And the last thing I NEED is for someone or something to stand in the way of my “anime relaxation”.

So I get rid of any distractions and give it my FULL attention.

That way – I can enjoy what I’m watching, without stopping every 5 minutes because of nuisances and pointless interruptions.


5. If I’m bored to death within 3-5 episodes, drop it

This is a HARD rule to live by. And the reason is simple:

  • If you drop an anime within 3-5 episodes, how do you know if it could have gotten better?

The truth is – you don’t. I’ve watched 100’s of anime shows. I’ve dropped over 100 as well.

Some anime shows are too slow. It’s like a driver with their foot on the break, cruising. Mushishi felt like that for me.

And as harsh as this rule is – it’s mostly worked well for me. And it stops me from wasting too much time on an anime I won’t end up enjoying, anyway.


6. Always watch at night

I always make it a rule to watch anime at night-time. I NEVER watch anime in the day time. Not ever.

The day time is when it’s time to get sh** done. No matter WHAT line of work you’re in, or whether you’re still in school and studying.

And for that reason – watching anime in the day will make you:

  • Think
  • Ponder

And have a desire to watch “more” of the anime you watched.

That leads to bad habits.

Bad habits leads to a BAD life.

Anime is the last thing I do after I’ve done EVERYTHING, If I decide to watch some on any given day.

Try it yourself, it might work wonders.


7. Ignore the “ending” music or skits

anime shrug magical |

That’s right – I even ignore the “ending” music to an anime series.

Does that mean I don’t like it? No. I love many of them (Tamako Market is one of them).

But come on – how many times am I gonna watch the same thing?

I know the music already. It offers nothing new to listen to it again.

After an episode is finished, I skip the ending and go straight to the next episode. And if there’s a “skit” or a short extension “explaining” the next episode… I usually skip that, too.

When all is said and done – it saves me a TON of time.


BONUS TIP: Scream out the attacks when watching Shounen!

goku kamehameha |

This is obviously a joke. So don’t take this seriously.

But then again – if it works for you to scream” ka-me-ha-me-ha” then go for it. 😉


What are your unspoken anime rules?


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