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24 Anime Action Figure Photography Pics That Will Blow You Away

As an anime collector who loves to photograph your figures, you may take inspiration from others, too.

After all – buying and photographing anime figures is more than a hobby.

There’s a whole community built around it, with many communities online.

Here are some of the best anime action figure photography images worth sharing!


1. Kirito And Asuna Relaxing (Figma)

Anime Action Figure Photography

Kirito and Asuna are out enjoying the cool-weather breeze as a couple.


2. Shimakaze taking a break (Figma)

Action Figure Photography

Shimakaze from Kancolle, taking a moment to chill out.


3. Rintaro Okabe and Makise taking a selfie!

Action Figure Photography

A quick selfie before traveling back in time doesn’t hurt, right?


4. Rin Shibuya and Kirito (Figma)

Action Figure Photography

A little awkward, but still a great shot of Rin from Idolmaster and Kirito from SAO.


5. Yui Hirasawa playing the guitar in her hoodie

Action Figure Photography

Taken from anime series: K-On! Cool shot of Yui Hirasawa.


6. Makise from Steins Gate doing some sculpting!

Action Figure Photography

She looks focused, too!


7. Futaba Anzu’s having a bit of a rough day

action figure photography

You can blame the fast-food (Junk Food) for Anzu’s facial expression!


8. Shimakaze and Amatsukaze hanging out together (Figma’s)

action figure photography

Somewhere near the beach, and close to a cave…


9. Shimakaze flexing lost in thought (Figma)

action figure photography


10. Mikasa, Armin and Eren in Titan form

action figure photography

Armin’s freaking out, Eren’s relaxing and Mikasa’s launching a snowball at Armin…


11. Rei Ayanami’s feeding squirrels out in the snow

action figure photography

Beautiful anime figure photography.


12. Hachikuji Mayoi’s having some alone time with cuddly friends

action figure photography

Cute bedroom for a cute character. Courtesy of anime: Bakemonogatari.


13. Asuza has no idea what her Senpai’s have planned for her…

action figure photography

Clearly Yui Hirasawa wants Asuza to wear a pair of cat-ears…


14. Kirito And Asuna reading together

action figure photography

They’ve both got a bunch of red apples to themselves for snacks!


15. Super Sonico In the kitchen doing some baking…

action figure photography

While the little kitty-cat sits watching…


16. Koyomi, Kobayakawa and Karen are in a bit of a pickle…

action figure photography

Anime: Bakemonogatari and Love Plus.


17. “Just my luck to have a zombie crawl out of a video game”.

action figure photography

Touma Figma from: A Certain Magical Index.


18. Saber relaxing by her bike, thinking about the good times…

action figure photography

Anime: Fate Zero.


19. Saber Vs Kenshin Himura

action figure photography

Who do you think will win?


20. Tetsuya vs Kagami from Kuroko No Basket

action figure photography

Kuroko Tetsuya’s about to do a slam-dunk…


21. Koyomi from Bakemonogatari walking with his bike…

action figure photography


22. The King Of Knights is a terrible cook, and Shirou’s lost for words…

action figure photography

We can’t all be expert chefs…


23. Mikasa Ackerman holding mini Armin and Eren Yaeger (Figma)

action figure photography

Baby Armin and Eren aren’t too happy about it. 😉


24. Rintaro Okabe’s in a bad mood because Makise’s late!

action figure photography

Nothing like being stood-up late at night. 🙁


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