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7 Anime-Related Questions That Are Strangely Difficult To Answer

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Avatar of Theo J Ellis
  • Who’s the best anime girl with white hair?
  • Who’s the strongest anime character of all time?
  • Who’s the funniest anime character?

These are reasonably difficult questions to answer. It takes a lot of thought. And even then the answer is debatable.

Especially because there are always new anime shows/characters who will eventually replace old favourites.

Here are 7 anime questions that are even more difficult to answer.


1. What’s your favorite anime of all time?

Anime Girl Thinking

Choosing 1 anime show out of 1000’s is tragic and painful. How does an anime fan even pull it off?

How do you even make sense of it?

I have too many favourites to name just 1. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re the same.

It’s really hard to have 1 favorite if you’ve watched dozens of shows from dozens of genres.


2. Is piracy killing or helping the anime industry?

This has been debated for a long time. And on each end of the stick, there’s evidence of piracy helping the industry (and hurting it simultaneously).

But the question is: how much?

Is it 70% helpful and 30% detrimental? Or the other way round?

Is piracy more helpful because of FREE exposure to millions of anime fans worldwide? Does that help with marketing so much so that it turns into cash along the way?

And is that amount of money more than it would have been if it weren’t for piracy?

Or is it all one big lie? This is a BIG question. But one thing’s for sure: piracy is a service problem, and the industry is at fault.

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3. Who is your favorite Waifu/Husbando?

Claiming Anime Waifus Like

This is similar to point #1. Choosing a favorite anime girl/guy is like choosing a favorite type of food… there’s too many choices.

Hard to choose when so many choices are good choices. And at some point in the future your “favorite” is bound to be replaced by another favorite anyway.


4. What does it mean to be an Otaku?


If you asked this question in Japan, you’d get funny looks that will make you feel uncomfortable. Or even ashamed to be an “Otaku”.

But outside of Japan? The definition has been twisted, bent, twirled and shaped into a NEW meaning all together.

Here’s how I define an Otaku (which most have agreed with):

“An Otaku is someone who’s “deep” into anime culture.”

You might own merchandise, or you might not. But one thing’s for sure:

  • You read anime blogs and have an understanding of WHAT’S happening in the industry.
  • You’re passionate about anime, but not to the detriment of your life or well being.
  • You’re knowledgeable about anime.

An Otaku in Japan (from what I know) is someone who can’t differentiate between fiction and reality. And literally is so lost in the anime (or gaming) that it’s ruining their lives and their sense of reality.

Even so, the definition of an “Otaku” is still up for debate. Making it a question with an incomplete answer.


5. Which anime is better: DBZ, One Piece or Naruto?

Naruto One Piece And Dragon Ball Z

This is hard for a reason. Naruto in more ways than most fans will admit.

Though One Piece and Naruto have been mega successful just like DBZ. With One Piece being the most successful of all 3 (in terms of sales).

Facts aside, opinions are different for each show. And the debate will never end, because there are millions of fans for each anime as it stands.

I guess that’s why they’re all so successful, fuelled by comparison.


6. Why is anime still treated as childish, despite being so famous and diverse?

This Shit Again Anime Meme Facepalm

I’ve tried answering this countless times and have spoken about it before.

Example: 5 Simple Reasons Why Anime Isn’t Aired On National TV

Why is it anime is still seen as childish?

Anime is so famous and globally recognized that it’s unbelievable. But because of how it’s treated by the masses (in general), the industry’s smaller than it should be.

Are people just being ignorant? Are big TV companies denying the existence of anime out of fear?

Does the average person claim anime is “childish” for the sake of it, knowing there are so many deep, dark and meaningful shows that have been made?

These are questions without concrete answers. Especially from a business point of view.

Every anime fan knows that anime is on par (or more than good enough) to be aired on your average TV station. But there’s a stigma preventing that from happening.


7. What anime should I watch next?

Aladdin Meme From Magi Anime

One of the most difficult questions an anime fan could ever answer.

I’ve said it before that there are more than 20,000+ anime shows in existence. That means you’ll die before you finish even 10-20% of that.

30% if you’re lucky (or have too much time on your hands).

This is what makes it so F’in hard to choose the next best show to watch. Because there are so many good choices, like an all you can eat buffet full of international dishes.

Can you add any more difficult anime questions?

I’m betting there are more, but these are the 7 worth mentioning.