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9 Recommended Anime From Silver Link Studios Worth Watching

Silver Link isn’t my favorite anime studio, but a few of my favorites come from Silver Link.

They’re a studio known most for:

  • Slice Of Life
  • Romance
  • Supernatural
  • Mystery

These are the common themes either across their anime catalogue, or when it comes to their most popular anime shows.

Here’s a list of anime worth talking about from Silver Link:


1. Non Non Biyori

non non biyori countryside anime

Non Non Biyori is a reflection of living life in the “sticks”. Far out from the city of Tokyo, or any major city regardless of the countryside you live in.

It’s obvious why an anime like this won’t show up in conversations too often:

  • It’s a slice of life
  • It’s based on countryside life
  • It’s laid back
  • And has no supernatural or dramatic themes

But for anyone looking for a relaxing slice of life that doesn’t exaggerate themes, or rely on brainless fan service – it’s an anime made of gold.

You have 4 different main characters of all different ages. Each with their own blend of personality that keeps the comedy entertaining, and the laid back episodes mellow and chilled.

And the music is special. It’s built to match the mellow, chill vibes of the countryside.

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2. Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

YouTube video

For fans of Asterisk War, or people who know of it – Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry came about first. And both anime have strong similarities (but with their own differences).

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry is a romance fantasy Ecchi series and it doesn’t try to hide it. You get to see it in the first few episodes.

Even though it has decent action and some violence, it’s gonna be an anime you’ll either love or hate. But it’s a well known show from Silver Link.


3. Mitsuboshi Colors

mitsuboshi colors anime kids

Mitsuboshi Colors reminds me of being a kid again. Where life seems so innocent, the world seems so big, and you get excited over every little thing that’s new to you.

That’s the type of anime Mitsuboshi Colors is.

The main characters – 3 little girls make it their duty to “protect peace in the city”.

What follows is some comedy, but mostly slice of life and silly episodes from the perspective of 3 happy girls and their adventures.

A simple anime that doesn’t try to be anything other than itself.

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4. Baka To Test

baka to test funny scene

Baka To Test is an anime about climbing up the ranks, self improvement and succeeding. Dressed up in a school/superpower series with your typical romance and comedy.

It’s originally adapted from a light novel series.

It’s own way it has similarities with:

  • Assassination Classroom
  • My Bride Is A Mermaid
  • School Rumble

And other anime shows you’ll recognize. But it stands out in its own way and gets respect from its niche followers in the anime community.

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5. Kokoro Connect

kokoro connect funny

Kokoro Connect is one of the first slice of life anime I ever watched. Probably one of the first 10+ or so.

At first I didn’t know what to make of it. You get the daft rom com vibes from the first episode, with subtle fan service and the main characters messing around with each other.

But once you reach the end of the first episode, that’s where sh*t starts to get real. And the “dark” vibes start to settle into the anime’s main theme and story.

kokoro connect faces

It’s like a rom com with mystery and some deep themes that make it so much more than an average rom com.

It’ll have you questioning certain aspects of life, and how you’d react if you were in the same situations as the characters like Iori Nagase.

It’s still one of my favorite anime’s to this day.

The designs of the characters aren’t mind blowing, but the depth of the anime is.

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6. Restaurant To Another World

restaurant to another world anime series

Restaurant To Another World is an alternative to a series like Food Wars.

It follows its own lead and walks a different path. I’d say that’s why it’s not that popular of a show.

The main theme is:

  • Monsters
  • Dragons
  • Beasts

And all kinds of “talking” animals who visit a special Restaurant from another world and dine there when it’s open.

The restaurant is run by a human chef who serves creatures of all kinds, and that’s where the anime’s story takes off.

The food aspect of this series is more subtle and less dramatic, but it has a calming vibe to it some fans will appreciate.


YouTube video

I’ll start off by saying this is one of the craziest slice of life shows in the industry.

The opening for this anime speaks for itself. High energy, crazy and fast paced.

The anime itself once it starts focuses on Tomoko Kuroki, a teenage girl with self esteem issues. The type of girl who feels ugly in her skin, and doesn’t get compliments too often because of how she looks.

Tomoko is tom-boy ish and has bags under her eyes.

tomoko kuroki coca cola


For a comedy you’d think this anime seems a little too dark and depressing to be called “comedy”. But there are elements to it that helps the humor blend well with what’s happening.

It’s the ONE slice of life show you’ll either find strange, or will love for how different it is.

Not to mention relatable.

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8. Masamune Kun No Revenge

makabe fat anime

Masamune Kun No Revenge used to be one of my best comedy shows. Now it’s not because I’ve watched so many shows since then, but it’s still one of Silver Link’s best anime.

The main character: Masamune wants revenge against Adagaki, a girl who rejected him in his childhood when he was fat.

Masamune dedicates himself to working out and getting physically fit. And next on his list is to break Adagaki’s heart for the sake of vengeance.

masamune makabe in the mirror

Not surprisingly – it doesn’t go as smoothly as he wants (typical of this type of anime). But what happens in between is worth the laughs (and the nonsense) that comes with it.

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9. Tanaka Kun Is Always Listless

tanaka kun is always listless scenes

Image source:

Tanaka Kun is a slice of life that’s so chilled you could fall asleep watching it.

Not because it’s boring, but because it’s mellow and calming.

Tanaka has no goals, and loves to sleep and hates using more energy than he needs to get sh*t done. But with the introduction of new characters – this starts to change a little.

For a show that feels like you’re high on weed or a little sleepy, the comedy is actually good and works better than you’d expect it to.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Strike The Blood
  • Strike Witches
  • Tasogare Otome x Amnesia


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