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The 15+ Greatest Anime Shows From Production I.G. Studios

Production I.G. is one of my personal favorite anime studios. I’d easily put them in my top 10.

Unlike many studios, especially in 2020, production I.G has anime with realistic tones and designs. And they’re not defined by a certain genre either.

They’ve produced some killer anime over the years.

Let’s talk about it.


The Best Production I.G. Anime:


1. Psycho Pass

psycho pass police force characters

Let’s start with Psycho Pass. It’s one of the few police anime we have in the industry, and the concept is so on point.

It’ a technologically driven society with robots who can help you get dressed, and can even clean the streets. It’s so far in the future.

On the law side of things, the police are given guns called “dominators”. It helps police officers measure a person’s mental health, so they can judge their “threat” level.

The anime later explores the dark side of this society and how the police enforces the law. With a cunning, smart but young main female character who leads the way.

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2. Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit

guardian of the sacred spirit scene

Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit is an anime from production I.G most won’t think about at first. But it’s a solid series and the ratings don’t lie in this case.

It’s about a prince on the run from his own people who are trying to kill him. They believe doing so will “protect” their society.

A female bodyguard is hired to protect the prince, and they end up living together while on the run. And going on adventures.

A mother-son type of bond is what eventually builds from the main characters, and it’s a nice mix of action, feels, and a meaningful story.

No nonsense, no fan service. Just pure quality.


3. Blood+

blood plus anime scene

Blood+ is an anime about demons, or what they call chiropterans. They eat humans. This horror/action follows Saya, the main character who’s caught in the middle of it.

She happens to be a special case which turns out for the worst.

I thank this anime for introducing me to others down the line, it was one of my first 30+ or so anime shows.

Not the absolute greatest of all time for me, but a worthy mention from Production I.G.


4. The Ancient Magus Bride

the ancient magus bride beautiful gif

The Ancient Magus Bride is one of the most chilled, romantic and mellow slice of life shows there is.

The visuals are absolutely stunning.

Even in 2020 this anime can easily rival and destroy so many anime when it comes to animation quality.

Hatori Chise is “sold” to the highest bidder, who happens to be a magus called Elias. Who ends up being “the magus bride”.

It’s a laid back approach to a magic series as opposed to the more dramatic and flashy shows you tend to see in this genre.


5. Kimi Ni Todoke

kimi ni todoke episode 23

This anime starts out with misunderstandings, more so with the main character: Sawako.

She’s seen as frightening when in reality she’s the complete opposite.

Released in 20909 this shoujo anime has staked its claim in the genre and is still one of the highest rated ever since. And even most known.

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6. Vinland Saga

vinland saga kid character

Vinland Saga, released in 2019 is an anime series that seems to have went under the radar a little bit. Compared to Demon Slayer at least.

Still the anime is pretty popular and there’s a good reason why it’s so highly rated.

With its historical context, action, and the theme of war in England vs the dames, it’s one of Production I.G’S best collaboration projects.

Wit Studios is the original studio but Production I.G was in on it as producers.


7. Attack On Titan

attack on titan eren yaeger grown up

Just like with Vinland Saga, Production I.G produced Attack On Titan. All 3 seasons.

They produced it with WIT Studios.

This anime needs no introduction. It’s too famous as it is and is one of the most successful horror/action anime of the last decade.

It’s not my absolute favorite on this list but it deserves credit. And was one of the first anime I ever watched.

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8. Guilty Crown

YouTube video

Guilty Crown is another anime that happened to be one of the first I watched. Probably first 20 or 30+.

Gai, one of the lead characters, is a strategist. He thinks far into the future and never leaves an opening in his plans. Just like Lelouch from Code Geass.

The real protagonist of this show: Shu, comes across a power given to him by Inori. And further down the line this anime gets darker and darker.

It’s a decent show and a good introduction to many more like it.


9. xxxHOLiC

xxx holic anime series production ig

xxxHOLiC is a peculiar anime series that’s different by design and stands out from the pack. The character designs are one of the first things you notice about this anime.

The alluring, knowledgeable and mysterious female protagonist, and the male protagonist who meets her make for an interesting story.

The quotes taken from this series speaks for itself and reflects the anime’s tone in a lot of ways.


10. Robotic Notes

robotic notes akiho smile

Robotic Notes is like an alternative to Steins Gate in a few ways, but not literally.

You have a main character who’s cheery, happy, and full of life. The usual cliché but still likable and not at all annoying.

She has a mission to make a fully functioning giant robot where everyone else has failed. But the anime starts to get deep and takes a dark turn the further the story goes.


11. Haikyuu

haikyuu anime team

Haikyuu is probably the most popular sports anime of all time at this point. It’s managed to dominate consistently ever since it first started.

In that way, it’s similar to what My Hero Academia has done.

Hinata, the MC, is the orange hair protagonist who’s energy can be compared to Naruto if we have to go there. But he’s not a textbook character.

Through the sports of volleyball, he meets another MC and together they grow and rise as volleyball players in the sport.

You can think of it like Food Wars in the way it progresses.


12. The Prince Of Tennis

the prince of tennis old school anime

The Prince Of Tennis is a classic series going all the way back to 2001. With 178+ episodes it’s one of the longest sports anime you’ll ever see. If not the longest.

The influence of this anime on the genre can’t be denied, considering it’s fairly known and successful.

If you’re trying to get into more sports anime, start here. With some highly competitive tennis matches and characters who make it come alive.


13. A Letter To Momo

a letter to momo anime film youkai

A Letter To Momo is one of the first set of anime movies I watched. And is still one of my best.

It’s about Momo and the death of her father. Her father left a letter but it’s unfinished and only has the words “dear Momo” written on it.

It’s an anime about adapting into a new environment (she moves to a new place), and the odd creatures (Youkai) she ends up living and having to deal with.

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14. Kuroko No Basket

kuroko no basket characters team

Kuroko No Basket came before Haikyuu, and you could argue Haikyuu might not be around if not for the success of Kuroko No Basket.

In certain ways I’d compare this to Free! Eternal Summer, at least for the character designs.

Here it’s about basket ball and the usual competition and sets of personalities that comes with sports.

There are 3 seasons. 1 less than Haikyuu.

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15. Ghost In The Shell

ghost in the shell anime movie 1995

Ghost In The Shell, the famous and legendary movie from 1995 is by Production I.G studios.The influence of this movie is undeniable.

As far as technology and the concepts in this movie, it’s ahead of its time and few did it on the level of Ghost In The Shell.

25+ years later and this anime movie is still known and praised for its contribution to the anime industry.

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Other Production I.G. Anime:

  • Usagi Drop.
  • Ao Haru Ride.
  • Welcome to the Ballroom.
  • Love Hina.
  • Eden Of The East.


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