7 Soothing Anime You Should Watch If You Want To Fall Asleep

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After 9-10PM when your days over, you might not be in the mood for depressing anime shows. Or thought-provoking anime that makes you think too hard.

Or any anime that’s too energetic and flamboyant to take in.

A nice relaxing, chilled and lazy series is what you need. The type that will give you a massage and send you off to sleep. And help you relax.

I’d recommend trying these 7 anime shows that are laid back and easy-going. Each with their own unique flavor.


1. Tanaka Kun Is Always Listless

7 Soothing Anime You Should Watch If You Want To Fall Asleep

If I was a weed man, I’d probably watch Tanaka Kun while I light one up in the air.

Tanaka Kun is literally THAT relaxing and lazy at the same time.

The anime kicks off with Tanaka and his friend: Ohta who are always together.

There are no:

  • Exaggerated, over the top expressions.
  • Overly energetic characters.
  • Flamboyant, stylish scenes.
  • Or stupid fan service.

Each episode is so lazy you’ll feel you’ve watched 2 or 3 episodes by time you’re finished.


2. Hyouka

7 Soothing Anime You Should Watch If You Want To Fall Asleep

Hyouka does have some intellectual conversations here and there, but it’s only light. And it doesn’t deviate from the mellow vibes and chilled atmosphere.

It’s a mystery series without the violence, spooky characters, and unnecessary fan service. Made by Kyoto Animation.

And let’s not forget Hotarou Oreki. One of the laziest main characters you’ll ever meet.

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3. Alice & Zouroku

7 Soothing Anime You Should Watch If You Want To Fall Asleep

Though this series does have violence, action, and some dark-ish moments, for the most part it’s chilled, fun and adventurous. Which becomes more and more clear as you ease into the story.

I’m surprised it’s not listed as a “slice of life” because it shares a lot of the same elements. With a few similarities to Non Non Byori Repeat.

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4. Kino’s Journey (The Animated Series)

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I would’ve recommended the earlier version: Kino’s Travels, but Kino’s Journey is the more relaxing show with fresher animation.

The story focuses on Kino who travels the world on her motorbike. Staying in each town or village no more than 3 days at a time.

The storytelling, gorgeous animation and laid back plot will send you to sleep without much effort.


5. Best Student Council

7 Soothing Anime You Should Watch If You Want To Fall Asleep

Best Student Council was released way back in April 2005. So the animation is a little old school by 2018’s standards.

It’s a slice of life about 9 student council members and their commitment to building a successful school for girls.

Each character has enough flair to keep you interested, while helping you relate to their characteristics and quirks.


6. Flying Witch

7 Soothing Anime You Should Watch If You Want To Fall Asleep

Made by J.C. Staff in 2016, Flying Witch is a niche series about a witch living in the countryside.

It has a laid back approach in terms of its supernatural elements, choosing not to delve into it too often. And I like that about it.

But more importantly: each episode is paced well and doesn’t rush anything. Making the experience mellow, calm and cool. Without the nonsensical fan-service seen in similar anime.

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7. Barakamon

7 Soothing Anime You Should Watch If You Want To Fall Asleep

Barakamon is a slice of life about the life of a 23-year-old calligrapher.

10 minutes into the first episode, Seishuu Honda (main character) punches a critic in the face for being criticized.

As aggressive as that sounds, the entire anime is cool, calm and collected. Focusing on the personal growth of the main character.

And the life lessons he learns along the way after being sent away to live on an island.

The comedy is some of the best out there for an anime that’s relaxed and laid back. And the subtle music makes a difference too.


Other Relaxing Anime Shows:

  • Non Non Byori Repeat.
  • Tanaka Kun.
  • The Ancient Magus Bride.
  • Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.
  • Mitsuboshi Colors.



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