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ALL Of The Greatest Baka To Test Quotes Anime Fans Will Love!

Baka To Test anime quotes taken from characters:

  • Yoshii Akihisa.
  • Sakamoto Yuuji.
  • Shimada Minami.
  • Takashiro Masaharu.
  • Yoshiii Akira.
  • Kouta Tsuchiya.
  • Kinoshita Yuuko.
  • Nishimura Souichi.
  • Todo Kaoru.
  • Himeji Mizuki.
  • Shin Fukuhara.
  • Kirishima Shouko.

Baka To Test (or Baka And Test) is superpower/comedy anime produced by SilverLink. The same studio behind Kokoro Connect!

If you’re a fan of this well-received anime series, these lines will give you something to remember.

And other lines from the anime will make you think!

Let’s get into the quotes.


1. Yoshii Akihisa Quotes

yoshii akihisa quotes |

“If I feel lonely when someone is leaving, it means that the person is very close to me.” – Yoshii Akihisa


yoshii akihisa quotes 1 |

“Who’ll give up when it comes to such a mere setback? We haven’t lost yet! We’ll kneel on the floor and regret only after all possibilities are exhausted!” – Yoshii Akihisa


yoshii akihisa quotes 2 |

“This is a case of personal feelings: there’s no way to force someone into saying that he or she loves someone. Besides, only the person knows whether the love truly exists. Even if it’s said out with false feelings, it’ll just cause damage on both sides.” – Yoshii Akihisa


yoshii akihisa quotes 3 |

“No, I do want to be the hero… But since it’s a rare chance, I want to repay what I borrowed. Uu… how should I say it? I’m really troubled. I bet everything on such an important match, yet I didn’t accomplish anything before this thing ends. I can only wish that others can finish off this wish that I would never give up on. Should I be depressed, or angry, or is it an inexplicable feeling… I don’t know how to express it, but anyway— I’M JUST UNHAPPY THAT I’M NOT THE PROTAGONIST TODAY!” – Yoshii Akihisa


yoshii akihisa quotes 4 |

“If she lost because of a difference in ability, it can’t be helped. If she worked hard and didn’t get what she wants, she can just work harder next time. If she gave her all for this, it’s acceptable even if she lost.” – Yoshii Akihisa


yoshii akihisa quotes 5 |

“Ah, that’s right. Me hating that her hard work wouldn’t be rewarded was just my secondary reason. My motivation was actually much simpler– from the first time I met this girl, I just wanted to see her smiling face.” – Yoshii Akihisa


yoshii akihisa quotes 6 |

“The most important thing when fighting and running away is to defend. It is not about beating the enemy in front of them, but to retreat while buying time for their comrades to retreat.” – Yoshii Akihisa


yoshii akihisa quotes 7 |

“People normally say that mood and body have a close relationship. As the heart becomes weaker, the body will fall ill; and as the body falls ill, the heart becomes weaker. Thus, when humans are weak, they will have negative thoughts.” – Yoshii Akihisa


yoshii akihisa quotes 8 |

“Fear comes from within, and isn’t something that can be conquered psychologically in such a short while.” – Yoshii Akihisa


2. Sakamoto Yuuji Quotes

sakamoto yuuji quotes |

“There’s no need to worry about trivial things like vocal rights or working together. If nobody’s going to accept me, I’ll make them obey me, whether it’s by threat or by assassination. This is my — our F class modus operandi.” – Sakamoto Yuuji


sakamoto yuuji quotes 1 |

“Listen up you guys! This is the final battle! Grit your teeth and get ready to go with all your might! We’re only aiming to win! It doesn’t matter whether we’re idiots or ordinary people or smart people! Everyone’s to do whatever they can do! We’re definitely… going to win this battle! Just watch, 3rd years…! I’m going to smash those heads of yours and show you how capable these idiots you look down on really are!” – Sakamoto Yuuji


sakamoto yuuji quotes 2 |

“Pawns? Isn’t that such an ugly term to use? We should call them the foundation for our futures. But it’s a fact that they’ll be sacrificed.” – Sakamoto Yuuji


sakamoto yuuji quotes 3 |

“You have to fool your own people before you try to bluff the enemy.” – Sakamoto Yuuji


sakamoto yuuji quotes 4 |

“The people laughing are laughing at their own ignorance.” – Sakamoto Yuuji


sakamoto yuuji quotes 5 |

“Nobody will be happy being told off for something they never did.” – Sakamoto Yuuji


sakamoto yuuji quotes 6 |

“Most of the winning results in war is caused by pursuit. Do you know why? Leaving aside modern times, it seems during the era of bayonet warfare, the worst losses always, arise from the moments when the losing side is being pursued.” – Sakamoto Yuuji


sakamoto yuuji quotes 7 |

“If so many people believe in this, the lies will become reality. That’s the so called group mentality.” – Sakamoto Yuuji


sakamoto yuuji quotes 8 |

“Everyone has their own talents, and strong wills that won’t lose to anyone else.” – Sakamoto Yuuji


sakamoto yuuji quotes 9 |

“If it’s almost there, it means it’s still not complete.” – Sakamoto Yuuji


sakamoto yuuji quotes 10 |

“There’s one good thing about being an idiot. When they really get into something, they can simple-mindedly devote all of their attention to it. I guess some people would just call them obsessed, but to them, that’s high praise!” – Sakamoto Yuuji


sakamoto yuuji quotes 11 |

“No matter what, anyone would hate to be weak as they get plundered. But if there’s a chance, even if humans fail to get what they want, they can unexpectedly accept such an outcome.” – Sakamoto Yuuji


3. Shimada Minami Quotes

shimada minami quotes |

“I can’t let myself not like the person I like.” – Shimada Minami


shimada minami quotes 1 |

“Once a person is ready to die, anything is possible.” – Shimada Minami


shimada minami quotes 2 |

“Aki, you can’t lie when you confess to someone. I’m trying to comfort you now, but if I just wanted to comfort you, I won’t confess to you. I confessed to you like this because I really like you. But I do find it a little annoying how you fidget around like this, and I really hate you for blaming yourself and regretting your actions. — and I really hate you when you said that a girl, who summoned all her courage to confess to you, is lying.” – Shimada Minami


4. Takashiro Masaharu Quotes

takashiro masaharu quotes |

“Yoshii Akihisa-kun, when a person with ability, but is unfairly treated, tries to get back the position he deserves, will you step in to interfere?” – Takashiro Masaharu


5. Himeji Mizuki Quotes

himeji mizuki quotes |

“I’ve always been wondering, even though you’ve been treating me carefully like a princess, are you just trying to keep your distance away from me? You praise me so much and belittle yourself, so I feel that you’re trying to keep your distance away from me…” – Himeji Mizuki


himeji mizuki quotes 1 |

“I’m sorry for not saying this to you, Akihisa-kun. I know I shouldn’t hide this from you, but I was wondering whether I should tell you this. Because if I told you that, you’ll definitely tell me “you should go”, or something like that. I understand you’ll say that for my sake, but I don’t wish to hear you say anything like a farewell to me, Akihisa-kun. Because– I like you, Akihisa-kun!” – Himeji Mizuki


6. Kouta Tsuchiya Quotes

kouta tsuchiya quotes |

“A wedding is a man’s grave.” – Kouta Tsuchiya


kouta tsuchiya quotes 1 |

“Who decided a student can’t win against a teacher?!” – Kouta Tsuchiya


kouta tsuchiya quotes 2 |

“A human’s belief can make the impossible possible.” – Kouta Tsuchiya


kouta tsuchiya quotes 3 |

“Don’t treat me as a fool, you pervert woman …Why do I have to prioritize you over my friends?” – Kouta Tsuchiya


7. Nishimura Souichi Quotes

nishimura souichi quotes |

“We teachers have to be role models for you students. If we can’t face you all head on, what can we teach you!” – Nishimura Souichi


8. Kinoshita Yuuko Quotes

kinoshita yuuko quotes |

“When people focus on what they want to do, they’ll show off an inexplicable charm.” – Kinoshita Yuuko


9. Todo Kaoru Quotes

todo kaoru quotes |

“When you’re upset, try making the intelligent decision. And then, you might actually get something you want for a change.” – Todo Kaoru


10. Shin Fukuhara Quotes

shin fukuhara quotes |

“At times, the truth can be cruel.” – Shin Fukuhara


11. Kirishima Shouko Quotes

kirishima shouko quotes |

“Love hurts. But it can hurt worse if you allow your eyes to wander.” – Kirishima Shouko


kirishima shouko quotes 1 |

“I just like those who try their best, even when they’re afraid.” – Kirishima Shouko


12. Yoshii Akira Quotes

yoshii akira quotes |

“Effort is nothing but a means to an end. Being proud of the fact that you tried is just putting the carriage before the horse.” – Yoshii Akira


yoshii akira quotes 1 |

“It’s all right to grieve over your defeat. It’s important to admit when you’ve lost. Not being able to do so makes it impossible for you to climb back up after a fall, and even more impossible, for you to move forward. So go on ahead and grieve to your heart’s extent. But after you’re done grieving, be sure to set your eyes upon your next goal and move towards it.” – Yoshii Akira


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