I Love Kyoto Animation (Tribute From A Loyal Anime Fan)

I Love Kyoto Animation (Tribute From A Loyal Anime Fan)

I still remember the first time I watched Beyond the boundary.

When Akihito was trying to please Kuriyama by saying that girls look good in glasses. And Kuriyama says Fuyukai desu and bang.

I Love Kyoto Animation (Tribute From A Loyal Anime Fan) 1

In beginning Kuriyama keeps on yelling that they didn’t know her pain. But everyone has their own suffering, pain and share of happiness.  

I Love Kyoto Animation (Tribute From A Loyal Anime Fan) 2

We all fell in love with a Chuunibyou at some point. Not because Rikka Takanashi was stupid, but because she was trying to run away from reality.

At least that’s what we all do… We desperately try to run away from sad things.

I was also like that at one time!

I Love Kyoto Animation (Tribute From A Loyal Anime Fan) 3

5 Moe girls who sit around in a room eating and drinking some MUTHAF*KIN tea… Doing things that an ordinary girls do and wasting time instead of practicing for their music performances.

Who then bang on performance day start rocking the stage like stars. Followed by a finale of it…

That was something so important to me. the happy days, the good times, all those things once they’re gone, you have to keep moving forward.

I Love Kyoto Animation (Tribute From A Loyal Anime Fan) 4

I wouldn’t dare to watch Clannad again because it’s a show that made me cry a lot, and I adore it so much that I can’t express it.

Kumiko’s hardships in Hibiki Euphonium showed that with hard work we can achieve what we actually want and we were experiencing her journey of hard work.


Now let’s be honest

I dropped a show which i thought didn’t resonate with me, without hesitation. Although it had some of the best animation I had ever seen. And I actually thought that I would never watch it again.

Not unless episode 10 happened. I just watched a little of it and watched it from beginning and before I knew it I was crying without even realizing it. 

For me it was that same feeling when I was watching A Silent Voice. When ishida finds his redemption.

I Love Kyoto Animation (Tribute From A Loyal Anime Fan) 5

He frees himself from his deeds. I think it’s the most realistic movie that I had the pleasure of watching. How humans miscommunication leads to something terrifying.

It teaches you that your deeds can affect someone whether it’s you or people who you’ve hurt. 

I have watched A Silent Voice once because I don’t have enough guts to re-watch it.


And there are so many shows….

All these shows have those characters that resonates with you.

Sometimes you might get connected with a story. Sometimes you just want to get inspired by some simple story which were good.  

But there is no denying that we all love the studio who made all these shows.


I love Kyoto Animation

I Love Kyoto Animation (Tribute From A Loyal Anime Fan) 6

And when I heard about the horrific incident I was silent, I was numb. I couldn’t think of anything. I wanted to write something and wanted to do something for my beloved anime studio. 

Kyoto Animation and there talented workers gave us so many reasons to get inspired, helped us meet many amazing people or friends that we have made on the internet.

And they’ve taught us so many things through their works. 


This is the first time something so horrible happened in the anime industry.

Those workers of Kyoto animation did nothing wrong yet faced such a fate. Lost data and works can be remade again but not the lost people.

I have made many friends or family through KyoAni’s work, although I have seen some of their faces, some are still faceless, but still 

I hope those souls rest in peace. Who are not among us now.


Thank You for everything


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