23 INSANELY Popular Anime Ending Songs (By Number Of Views)

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Everyone’s got an opinion. But opinions aren’t facts. They’re just feelings. That’s why it can never come to a conclusion.

That’s not the case with statistics and truths that are laid out in black and white! So that’s what I’ll focus on with this post.

Every video mentioned here is based on YouTube views and nothing more. Rated in descending order for the most popular anime ending songs.

Let’s get to it.


The Most Famous Anime Ending Songs (According To YouTube):


1. Kyoukai no Kanata Ending Song (28M+ Views)


2. Overlord ED Ending Song (20M+ Views)


3. Re:Zero Ending Music – Emilia “Stay Alive” (12M+ Views)


4. Naruto Ending Theme Song – Akeboshi (10M+ Views)


5. Clannad Ending Song Dango (9M+ Views)


6. Anohana Secret Base Ending Theme Music (6M+ Views)


7. Scum’s Wish Ending Music – Sayuri Heikousen (5M+ Views)


8. Free! – Splash Free! Ending Song (3M+ Views)


9. Kill Me Baby Ending Song (2.5M+ Views)


10. Koi wa Ameagari no You ni Ending Song (3M+ Views)


11. GoSick Ending Music – Resuscitated Hope (3M+ Views)


12. Claymore Ending ED Music (2M+ Views)


13. Violet Evergarden Ending Music – Michishirube Minori Chihara (2M+ Views)


14. Inuyashiki Last Hero Ending [Qaijff – Ai wo Oshiete Kureta Kimi e] (1M+ Views)


15. Konosuba ED Ending Music Theme (1M+ Views)


16. Bunny Girl Senpai ED Ending Music Theme (1M+ Views)


17. Food Wars Ending Music Theme Song (1M+ Views)


18. Your Name Ending Theme ED (1M+ Views)


19.  Natsume’s Book Of Friends – Aimer (1M+ Views)


20. Oban Star Racer Ending ED Music (1M+ Views)


21. Parasyte Ending Music – It’s The Right Time (1M+ Views)


22. Kimi No Suizou Ending ED Music – Sumika (1M+ Views)


23. B. The Beginning Ending Music “The Perfect World” (1M+ Views)


These videos (and their view counts) were found by searching:

  • Anime ending songs
  • Anime ending music

via YouTube.


Which anime ending song would you have liked to see?

If you thought any of the most viewed anime ending songs were GREAT, leave it in comments. 🙂



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