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November 2016


Theo Ellis


Greater Manchester,

North-West England

Business Hours:

10:00 AM – 10PM (GMT)


[email protected]

The Mission

  • Make a difference in the anime community.
  • Build the go-to online hub for Anime collectors and fans alike.

Official Mascot: Hikari Yorokobi

Featured In:

Japanese Station

The Biggest Indonesian news/media portal that covers Anime and everything surrounding Japanese culture.

Katsu News is a news aggregator which presents a summary of the day’s most interesting otaku and Japanese pop culture. Based in the UK.

Product Reviews

Shirou Emiya Figma Action Figure

This is a genuinely wonderful Figma and highly recommended for all Fate fans. Despite being a relatively plain design, the uniform is so well executed, not to mention articulated, that it really is like Shirou has stepped off the screen and on to the shelf.

James Barry
Titan Eyes T Shirt Attack On Titan

Great service and great T-shirt – very impressed. 5*

Nik Philips
Rin Tohsaka Figma Action Figure

The 2.0 Rin is a great looking figure with a nice range of accessories. Rin is well captured and articulated (shoulders I particular) and the embarrassed face in particular is just perfect.

James Barry

Company Values

  • Always go the extra mile.
  • Always be empathetic and understanding.
  • Provide as much value as possible.
  • Listen more than you talk.

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