22 Kokoro Connect Quotes About Pain And Sadness That Will Inspire You

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Kokoro Connect is one of my favorite anime shows to date. Even in 2018.

Each character, especially Iori Nagase, has a surprising level of depth, story and relatability to them.

And it was one of the first anime to experiment with “out of body” experiences. Which made the story and emotional train ride more impactful and interesting.

Want some inspirational quotes to remember Kokoro Connect by?

Then here are 22 of the best quotes taken from the series…


22 Kokoro Connect Quotes:


1. Inaba Himeko Quotes

Inaba Himeko Quote image

“If I show people how weak I am, they won’t need me anymore.” – Inaba Himeko

Truth be told, showing your weak side is what makes you human and easy to relate to.

Perfection is a myth!


Inaba Himeko Quote image

“Never forget that kindness can hurt instead of help.” – Inaba Himeko

Some people just don’t want your kindness. This is one of the those things about life you tend to learn eventually.


Inaba Himeko Quote image

“There won’t be any pain if you don’t do anything stupid.” – Inaba Himeko

And yet pain is still unavoidable in the end…


2. Ryuuzu Gotou Quotes

Ryuuzen Gotoui Quote image

“You’ll discover that problems have a way of working themselves out if you talk to your friends.” – Ryuuzen Gotou

Talking is like therapy. You get to “release” your feelings instead of keeping them boxed up inside.


3. Iori Nagase Quotes

Iori Nagase Quote image

“What are people? What is the “self”? So long as you look like someone else, no one can’t tell who’s really on the inside.” – Iori Nagase

Idolizing celebrities. Putting others on a pedestal and then mimicking their personalities… It makes sense why people do it, but in the end you’re doing yourself a disservice by not being who you really are.


Iori Nagase Quote image

“If you’re lonely, you should say something! If you’re worried, say something! Most people aren’t as sharp as you are! If you want those people to understand you, you should say something! Even if you’re worried that you’ll embarrass yourself, you should still say something!” – Iori Nagase


Iori Nagase Quote image

“After spending most of my life trying to live as someone else wanted, I’d apparently forgotten who I was.” – Iori Nagase


Iori Nagase Quote image

“You can never tell what’ll happen next in life. But so long as you have faith in your feet, the road you walk will be a part of you.” – Iori Nagase


Iori Nagase Quote image

“If you were given the chance to redo your life, would you take it?” – Iori Nagase


Iori Nagase Quote image

“What defines humans… Defines us? Nobody will notice a change on the inside if you look the same on the outside.” – Iori Nagase


9 Exclusive Iori Nagase Quotes To Be Inspired By

“I wouldn’t be who I am now if it wasn’t for everything in the past. So I don’t need to start over.” – Iori Nagase

And we can’t anyway…


9 Exclusive Iori Nagase Quotes To Be Inspired By

“Life isn’t about doing everything right. It’s about doing what you wanna do, being who you wanna be.” – Iori Nagase


9 Exclusive Iori Nagase Quotes To Be Inspired By

“I don’t have to be perfect. I don’t have to meet everybody’s expectations. There are people who accept me as I am.” – Iori Nagase

The mistake is thinking you have to meet people’s negative expectations or force people to accept you. When instead you should just surround yourself with people who accept you without question.


9 Exclusive Iori Nagase Quotes To Be Inspired By

“I am who I am now because of everything that’s happened. If I try to deny my past, I’m denying the person I’ve become.” – Iori Nagase


9 Exclusive Iori Nagase Quotes To Be Inspired By

“I don’t care what normal people do anymore. I’m gonna live my life the way I want to.” – Iori Nagase


9 Exclusive Iori Nagase Quotes To Be Inspired By

“It’s your own life, so live it the way you want. It’s that simple.” – Iori Nagase


9 Exclusive Iori Nagase Quotes To Be Inspired By

“I was always trying to be what someone else wanted, and that was wrong.” – Iori Nagase


9 Exclusive Iori Nagase Quotes To Be Inspired By

“You shouldn’t take it out on others when things don’t go your way.” – Iori Nagase


9 Exclusive Iori Nagase Quotes To Be Inspired By

“Enough is enough. I’m going to follow my heart.” – Iori Nagase


4. Taichi Yaegashi Quotes

Taichi Yaegashi Quote image

“Everyone has different faces.” – Taichi Yaegashi


Taichi Yaegashi Quote image

“When you’re hiding a secret from the whole world, it puts a weight on your shoulders.” – Taichi Yaegashi


Quote image of Taichi Yaegashi

“What you can’t accomplish alone, becomes doable when you’re with someone else.” – Taichi Yaegashi

We can only do so much alone. And so much more as a team.


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