Kyoto Animation Will Use $10.1 Million Dollar Donations To Help Victims Of Arson Attack

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We all know of the horrific incident that followed Kyoto Animation back in July 2019. Where the perpetrator willingly set fire to Kyoto Animation’s building. Killing 36 people as of October 2019.

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Funds were sent to Kyoto Animation through GoFundMe, a funding platform. Totalling over $10.1 million dollars as of today.

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In a tweet written in Japanese, Shinichi Isa announced Kyoto Animation will NOT be using the money for their business. But instead – will use the money for the victims of the fire incident.

And so far – that means ALL of the $10.1 million dollars (and more) in their donations account.




“Kyoto Animation will not be applying any of the money it received from donors around the world for business recovery, but will be using all of it for the bereaved, the injured, and their families.

The company itself will not retain any of the financial support, including funds coming from government institutions, and will move forward under its own power.”

A memorial service will also be held around November 3rd, open to the public in Japan.

Some fans are speculating whether Kyoto Animation will end up closing their doors, but I don’t believe so.

Things will just take some time to help them get back on their feet.



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