A Collection Of Kimi To Boku Quotes For Slice Of Life Fans

kimi to boku anime wallpaper

Kimi To Boku Quotes taken from characters:

  • Asaba Yuuki.
  • Asaba Yuta.
  • Kaname Tsukahara.

Kimi To Boku is an anime series in the slice of life/drama genre. Produced by J.C Staff, same studio as Toradora

This shortlist of quotes from the anime will give you something to remember as a fan.

Let’s get started.


1. Asaba Yuta Quotes

Asaba Yuta quotes

“Whenever I see tulips, I’m always reminded of when we learned that these precious little flowers, have the strength to endure harsh winters.” – Asaba Yuta


2. Asaba Yuuki Quotes

Asaba Yuuki quotes

“I wouldn’t learn German just to apologize, that would be too much work.” – Asaba Yuuki


Asaba Yuuki quotes 1

“I don’t intentionally ignore anyone. Their words simply don’t resonate with me.” – Asaba Yuuki


3. Kaname Tsukahara Quotes

Kaname Tsukahara quotes

“Now that the rainy season has started, it rains quite a lot. I don’t like the rainy season. As the humidity rises, so does the misery. And recently, more things that contribute to my misery have sprung up around me.” – Kaname Tsukahara


Kaname Tsukahara quotes 1

“Chizuru, you shouldn’t be laughing too much. It was just a youthful indiscretion. Don’t treat someone’s first love like a mistake!” – Kaname Tsukahara

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