5 Calming Anime’s You Need To See That Will Soothe Your Soul

Your Lie In April
Written by Masaomi Soma

Having to deal with anxiety can be stressful and trying to find a distraction can sometimes be a difficult thing.

You get these feelings of worry and you just can’t make them go away.

I have found that, when trying to deal with anxiety, getting lost in fictional universes usually helps with the anxious feelings. With anime, there are plenty of worlds in which to lose yourself.

Here are 5 anime’s that might help you forget about your uneasy feelings.


#1 – Kiss Him, Not Me


Kae Serinuma is a huge fan of BL (boys love). She’s an overweight student who absolutely loses it whenever she sees any kind of friendliness going on between two boys.

When she suddenly loses a lot of weight, she captures the attention of a few of her school friends.

Now, the boys Hayato Shinomiya, Yusuke Igarashi, Asuma Mutsumi, and Nozomu Nanashima think Serinuma is incredibly beautiful.

Even Nishina Shima takes a liking to her.

All of them battle for her affection, but Serinuma would rather have them be with each other instead of her!

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#2 – Your Lie In April

5 Calming Anime's You Need To See That Will Soothe Your Soul
Arima Kousei is a young boy who is very skilled at the piano. He’s been learning to play ever since he was little.

His mother pushed him and pushed him to perfect his skills. When his mother passed away, Kousei was left emotionally bruised.

Kousei meets a girl named Kaori Miyazono, who is a gifted violinist.

He’s talked into trying to be her accompanist, but something is off after he starts playing the keys for awhile. He can’t hear himself play.

If you choose to watch this anime, make sure you have a box of tissues ready. There will be tears, especially during the last few episodes.

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#3 – Sgt Frog

5 Calming Anime's You Need To See That Will Soothe Your Soul
This anime is about little frog-like aliens that come down to earth in order to take control of the planet.

Some of the aliens take up resident in the Hinata household with Fuyuki, Natsumi, and their mother.

The family members each have a different attitude towards their new housemates, but Fuyuki tends to be kind to them.

Their mission is to take over earth, but they keep getting distracted. To be more specific, Sgt, Keroro keeps neglecting his duties to do more trivial things.


#4 – Food Wars

5 Calming Anime's You Need To See That Will Soothe Your Soul
Yukihira Soma is a cooking prodigy. He works with his father at their family diner where every single customer enjoys their cooking.

One day, his father decides to close the restaurant while he goes and cooks in different places around the world.

In the meantime, Yukihira Soma is sent to an elite cooking school, where he must create a satisfying dish in order to enroll.

Yukihira Soma trains to become the best cook he can be, hoping to one day surpass his father’s cooking.

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#5 – Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club anime characters

I’ve written about and recommended this anime before, but it’s just so great I have to recommend it again.

Haruhi Fujioka, a commoner from a single parent family, attends Ouran Academy on a scholarship.

When looking for a good place to study, she stumbles upon the Host Club. The Host Club is a group of boys who entertain girls at the school in their spare time.

Haruhi accidentally breaks a vase, and now she owes the Host Club a great amount of money.

How will she pay it off? By becoming a host herself!


I love every single one of these shows. All of them helped me in some way, and I hope they are able to do the same for you!


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