22 Of The Most Unique Green Haired Anime Girls Ever Seen In Anime

Green is the color of life, nature, energy, freshness and harmony.

A lot of the green haired anime girls on this list seem to match those words.

Even if just a little, or in more ways than one.

And unlike anime girls with blue, white or purple hair, green is a rare color in Anime. It’s not something you can expect to see in the average Anime show.

Pushing all that aside for a moment, let’s dive into 22 of the coolest green haired anime girls around!


1. LenaLee

D.Gray Man Protagonist.

Linalee’s one of the main female leads of D.Gray Man. An Anime similar to Shakugan No Shana.

She has dark green hair and a slim build.

What makes Linalee’s personality so attractive is her kindness and empathetic nature.

She’s the type of person you can rely and depend on, as she’s responsible and dedicated.

One of my personal favorites.


2. Akeno Shiranui

Akeno’s “cute” side.

Akeno’s a swords-woman from My Bride Is A Mermaid. Who appears a little later into the series.

Similar to Erza Scarlet, she has an intense personality that demands respect and authority of those around her.

And you won’t see her tolerating anything less than that without a fight.

Underneath that coat of steel though, Akeno is sweet and a little vulnerable. Depending on what it is.


3. Inchou (Class President)

Inchou without her glasses.

Inchou, another anime girl from the comedy show: My Bride Is A Mermaid. 

Usually she’s wearing glasses and goes unnoticed by almost everyone in school. And anybody else around her.

But when she takes her glasses of she’s prettier than she looks. And has an introverted, quiet personality.

With a soft spoken voice and one of the purest of hearts in the Anime series.


4. Flora Klemm

Flora cheerful as ever.

Flora Klemm is an orphan from the anime series: Asterisk War.

Who’s taken in by the princess: Julis Alexia Van Riessfeld, working as a maid in Julis’s castle.

For someone her age she’s a little naive, as you’d expect.

Flora’s best trait is her jolly attitude and “full of life” personality.

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5. Mashiro Kuna

One of the earlier lieutenants of the 9th division in the Soul Society.

And now a member of the Visoreds in anime: Bleach.

Mashiro Kuna’s one of the most childish characters within the series. Regardless of her age and having as much fighting/battle experience as she does.

And tends to act immature a lot of the time.

But I think it’s this trait of Mashiro’s that makes her personality bright, cheerful and unique.

Especially compared to characters like Shinji and Hyori.


6. Arania Web

Defeated in the grand magic games.

Arania Web is true to her yellow/brown spider costume. Meaning she has the power to shoot spider webs from her body.

She’s one of the support characters in Fairy Tail who’s part of Mermaid Heel.

If you know what it feels like for people to be concerned about you, and be thoughtful, that’s what Arania is like.

She’s also quite laid back and flirtatious, making her personality an interesting mix.


7. Kayano Kaede

If you’ve ever met a girl (or guy) who’s so small you’d mistake them as a kid, that describes Kayano.

She’s one of the cute, cheerful and bright smiled protagonists from Assassination Classroom.

Though as you watch through the anime show, you discover her dark secrets. And learn she’s much more vulnerable and shy than you think.


8. Tatsumaki (Tornado)

Tornado using her powers.

Similar to Kayano Kaede, Tatsumaki is mistaken for a girl much younger than she looks.

In reality she’s 28, but is perceived as a teenager because she’s tiny.

As one of the many characters from One Punch Man, Tatsumaki’s harsh, straightforward and outspoken.

And in some ways reminds me of Erza Scarlet (with the power to more than back up her attitude).

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9. Bisca Mulan

Familiar with Revy Rebecca from Black Lagoon? Well Bisca is like a “toned down” version of Revy without the foul mouth, harsh attitude and violent nature of the Black Lagoon series.

Bisca’s one of the members of the Fairy Tail guild, who’s magic allows her to store magical guns in special pockets.

When it’s time for battle she can pull them out of thin air. And use different types of guns for all types of battle situations.


10. Lucoa

A dragon goddess.

Featured in the 2017 slice of life: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

Of all the green haired anime girls on this list, Lucoa is one of the most interesting.

And better yet – her character design is unique from head to toe.

Both Lucoa’s eyes are of a different color and style. Along with her light green hair and dragon horns.

And as far as personality, she’s the type of character who’s laid back, care free and chilled.

And of course… Her “assets” make Lucoa the type of person who attracts attention for the wrong reasons at times.


11. Vert

Verts many designs and expressions.

Vert is an Otaku in the Anime: Hyperdimension Neptunia.

That aside she’s one of the calmest members of the Hyperdimension character roster.

Not to mention quite mature, smart and hard working compared to characters like Neptune.


12. Tsuyu Asui

Member of the My Hero Academia team.

The new girl on the block in recent years: Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia.

Tsuyu’s quirk (and design) is that of a frog in almost every way possible.

That aside, she’s the last person you’d expect to panic in a chaotic situation. As proven when shit hits the fan towards the end of My Hero Academia season 1.

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13. Hisui E Fiore

Princess from Fairy Tail.

Hisui’s the princess of Fiore from the Anime: Fairy Tail. Though she’s not the typical image of a stuck-up, arrogant princess.

Hisui goes out of her way to make everyone feel at home. She’s not a fighter like most members in Fairy Tail, but if she’s forced to fight she’ll do whatever it takes. And whatever she’s capable of to make a difference.

I thought she was an interesting side character throughout the arcs she’s featured in


14. Minami Iwasaki

Fan of the slice of life anime series? Then Minami Iwasaki from the show: Lucky Star is worth watching

Minami Iwasaki from Lucky Star shares the same voice actress as Rukia Kuchiki.

Compared to other Lucky Star characters, she’s shy, embarrassed and lacking in confidence. Especially when it comes to how “developed” she is compared to girls her age.


15. Envy

FMA character.

Envy’s one of the villains in Full Metal Alchemist. Though really she’s not a villain in the slightest.

And has strong reasons for walking the path she’s chosen. You’d have a hard time getting friendly with Envy if she was real, as her personality is harsh and brutal.

And that’s all down to Envy’s backstory.

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16. Kyoka

Kyoka, one of the Tartaros dark guild members from Fairy Tail.

There’s not much to say about Kyoka except she’s sadistic, confident and gets a kick out of punishment.

Like when she ‘s holding Erza Scarlet hostage in the Tartaros arc.


17. Ritsuko Kunihiro

Ritsuko has one of the weirdest hairstyles I’ve seen.

If you like gory Anime’s like Death Note, Higurashi, or Future Dairy… Shiki is the Anime Ritsuko’s featured in.

And It’s one of the bloodiest, most cruel, heartbreaking, twisted shows I’ve watched.

Shiki will have you questioning life and what we consider “right” and “wrong” on so many deep levels.


18. Mion Sonozaki

One of my favorites.

Mion Sonozaki’s personality is infectious, bright, cheerful, and full of life. At least until the series starts to get real ugly.

She’s a personal favorite of mine.

I’d recommend the horror Anime: Higurashi: When They Cry.


19. Marielle

Love Video Games?

The Anime: Log Horizon might be worth adding to your list. Featuring characters like Marielle.

She hates any type of work that involves heavy lifting, physical labor and tiresome tasks.

And plays a support role throughout the Log Horizon anime series.

To me she has one of the best personalities out of most female anime characters I’ve come across.


20. Nelliel

Nelliel ready to battle Nnoitra.

One of the most iconic battles in Bleach involved Nelliel from the Espada arc in Bleach.

Despite Nelliel’s height and age, she’s unbelievably childish and impulsive. But can more than hold her own when it comes to fighting.


21. C2 (C.C)

C2 ‘s favorite food.

From the famous Anime: Code Geass. C2, or CC is fascinated by food. Especially foods like Pizza and stuff she’s not used to.

Despite being a smooth talker she’s witty, forward thinking and makes a great sidekick for Lelouch.

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22. Shion Sonozaki

Twin sister of Mion Sonozaki.

Unlike Mion Sonozaki (the cheerful sister), Shion is anything but cheerful. Which you’ll realize as you dig deeper into the anime show: Higurashi When They Cry.

Though she’s fun and playful on the outside, there’s so much more to her than you can see on the outside…

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Did I miss any characters worth mentioning? Share your thoughts!


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