An Open Letter To The Anime Community (Advice For Anime Fans)

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Dear anime fans, (and the anime community).

If there’s one thing I’ve seen in the past few years, it’s the way some anime fans behave.

  • Childish.
  • Insecure.
  • Trolls.
  • Losers with too much time on their hands.
  • Political correctness.
  • Too sensitive.

These are some of the words I’d use to describe these anime fans… the type who ruin it for everyone. I’m talking about anime creators, too (bloggers and so on).

As entertaining as it is to be on the “receiving” end of that criticism, I’d rather share some advice instead.

And as for criticisms from outside the anime community (outsiders), it’s because of a certain set of people who ruin it for everyone else, that some stereotypes are true.

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Now that’s out of the way, I’ll share some advice for anime fans across the board.

Because more often than not, I see people in the anime community breaking these rules. Which makes life in the anime community more difficult, and less fun as a result.


Advice to anime fans:


1. Stop giving a f*** about what people think

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Look – I understand. You don’t want to be judged, and you don’t enjoy the feeling that comes with it.

After all – who does? It’s a sh*** experience, but that’s life.

You know why? You’re gonna be judged anyway, whether you like it or not.

People will judge horse sh** if they have to. Or a flipping stone on the floor.

That’s the kinds of people we have on this planet.

But… when you learn to stop caring about what people think (including what people think about the anime you like), you’ll be a happier person.

It’s the reason I laugh at EVERY troll-comment I get online, almost every day. Or any stupid comments in general.

It’s the reason I can create a post titledThe 17 Most Disappointing Anime MOST Fans Seem To Love

And do it without giving a F about what people will think of it.

I say what I feel with pure honesty and authenticity, without being a cu** or an elitist with a bloated ego. Because nobody’s negative opinion even matters.

I don’t need approval from a bunch of idiots who wanna push their insecurities onto others.

And that leads me to my next piece of advice…


2. Stop looking for approval

I laugh when I see so many people getting upset online, just because I openly admit I’m not a fan of a popular series like Steins Gate or Your Lie In April.

Or how I enjoy watching dubbed shows, or how I’m not a fan of the subbed version of Konosuba.

What – you think I should act like most people and only tell you the things you want to hear, so you’ll “approve” of my opinion?

What kind of life is that?

are you being serious anime girl

I live life and say whatever I wanna say, regardless of whether anyone agrees with it.

I don’t need a pat on the back to be told I’m “right”. And I don’t need approval to feel “good” about myself.

I already do. Because I have self-confidence AND self-esteem.


The same is true for you

Regardless of your interests in anime.

Stop looking for approval. You don’t need it. Approve of yourself instead.

When you can live your life like this, nothing will stop you. And nothing will break your happiness.

And that’s regardless of whether we’re talking about the anime community, or life as a whole.

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3. Open your mind

open your mind you must yoda

It’s easy to be closed-minded. That’s why I get so much hate for saying things most are afraid of (see point #1).

“Closed-minded” is the default way of viewing the world. That’s also why people eat up the negative mainstream news for breakfast, and why so many of us are judged so ruthlessly, without any empathy whatsoever.

And as flattering as it might be to get criticized by “anime fans” who think the world shines out their A-hole…


I’d rather these same people open their mind and look at things from a different perspective

Even if they’re so-called “enemies” who have a problem with me (which is really directed towards themselves).

If they did open their mind, and you did:

  • The anime community would be more supportive.
  • There would be less criticism about anime fans in general (I don’t like to admit it but yes, some of them are justified).
  • The anime community (and industry) would grow faster. It’s as if some fans are more interested in “getting 1 up” on you than they are being supportive of the thing they love most: anime.
    • And this goes for people who run their own anime sites (or the equivalent). It blows my mind.

And most importantly: opening up your mind makes life less problematic in general. Regardless of anime.

Because then you can see things from a higher perspective, and you’ll be less judgmental (and insecure) about yourself.

Everybody wins.

I have nothing else to say.

Take it or leave it!



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