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9+ Of The Best Anime Like Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi!

Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi is an anime series by MAPPA studios. They’re on a roll in recent years with anime like Jujutsu Kaisen.

At first, Idaten Deities seems like a Shonen series.

You get:

  • Action
  • Groundbreaking (literally)
  • Lightning fast characters

And all the other traits Shonen is known for.

But…. The anime is actually a Seinen mixed with fantasy, supernatural, and action.

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The anime in this list will share similar:

  • Art styles
  • Themes
  • Characteristics
  • Animation

And other aspects that make them similar to Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi!

Let’s get started.


1. Kill La Kill

ryujo matoi kill la kill series | https://animemotivation.com/anime-like-heion-sedai-no-idaten-tachi/

Kill La Kill‘s art style is similar to Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi. Both have great colors, character designs, and feel unique compared to the average anime.

Ryuko Matoi in Kill La Kill is hunting down her fathers killer. So she ends up in Hanouji Academy where she initially gets the sh*t kicked out of her.

The battles, the fights, the action, the camera angles (during fights) are dazzling. And it’s gorgeous.

Few action series look THIS good like Kill La Kill.

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2. Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt

Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt transformed angels | https://animemotivation.com/anime-like-heion-sedai-no-idaten-tachi/

Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt might seem like an oddball comparison because it’s Ecchi…. But like Kill La Kill, it shares many elements with Idaten Deities.

First there’s the main girls (sisters) who are both angels. You could call them “fallen” angels but not literally.

They’ve been kicked out of heaven for misbehaving.

To reclaim their place, they’re forced to destroy ghosts which earns them points to get back into heaven.

One of the sisters is a sl*t to be blunt. The other is a glutton for sweet foods and junk food in general.

The wacky style, the animation, and the art makes this stand out visually like no other anime. Though it can get raunchy at times.


3. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 shigeo hand | https://animemotivation.com/anime-like-heion-sedai-no-idaten-tachi/

Mob Psycho 100. The title itself relates to what happens with its main character Shigeo Kageyama.

He’s an introvert. The kind of guy who does his own thing but is shy and not the best communicator.

That said, he defines the saying “quiet people aren’t to be messed with”. His we’ll say, “nasty” side reveals his immense inner powers related to psychokinesis.

What makes the anime shine other than the art is Shigeo’s mentor Arataka.

The life lessons in this anime are profound and relevant.


4. One Punch Man

One Punch Man saitama block | https://animemotivation.com/anime-like-heion-sedai-no-idaten-tachi/

One Punch Man is known enough, and most of its popularity came from JUST one season alone.

Saitama is depressed not because he lives a seemingly average life, but because he’s able to destroy anyone in one single punch.

In this way, he’s like a God in the human world. This eventually becomes mundane and it shows in Saitama’s demeanor and lack of interest.

Similar to Idaten Deities (powerful characters, even besides the main one.

The action is well done and deserves a spot on this list.

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5. Soul Eater

Soul Eater art | https://animemotivation.com/anime-like-heion-sedai-no-idaten-tachi/

Soul Eater is a bit different in the sense they hunt Kishin eggs (from demons). The main characters who do this are called Meisters.

Each carries a weapon with its own soul and personality. And it makes for good comedy and action as the anime progresses.

You won’t find OP characters in this series, but the comedy style and the pleasing art is a nice transition from an anime like Deities Who Only Know Peace.

Plus Soul Eater is underrated and doesn’t get anywhere near the credit it deserves.

Definitely watch it.


6. Noragami

Noragami trio characters | https://animemotivation.com/anime-like-heion-sedai-no-idaten-tachi/

Noragami is about Gods, humans and Phantoms. But Gods aren’t the same when portrayed compared to other anime.

Yato, the MC, is a God. But he’s considered “poor” as a God compared to others who are higher up the ladder.

This is pointed out by Hiyori, another MC in the Noragami series.

Hiyori Iki Quotes 2 | https://animemotivation.com/anime-like-heion-sedai-no-idaten-tachi/

In spite of that, Yato still puts in the work and does what he’s able to do…. Alongside Hiyori and one of Yato’s familiars.

There’s action and some of the nicest visuals going in this studio bones produced anime, but the fights aren’t the most compelling.

I say that when comparing to let’s say, Kill La Kill. But overall Noragami is a decent series and is relevant for this post.


7. Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia atsuko key | https://animemotivation.com/anime-like-heion-sedai-no-idaten-tachi/

Little Witch Academia is about 3 witches. Atsuko, Lote, and Suzy. Atsuko in particular lacks any real talent to be a witch.

In spite of this she still signs up and attends the WItch academy, and is determined to prove everyone wrong.

Surprisingly for a slice of life/fantasy series, you do get some solid action scenes when it comes around. And it’s animated better than expected.

The visuals is really what sells the entire series apart from it’s careful writing.

The ART style is the biggest similarity to Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi.


8. Dragon Ball Super

zamasu and goku black | https://animemotivation.com/anime-like-heion-sedai-no-idaten-tachi/

Dragon Ball Super goes in a new direction compared to previous movies and the DBZ series in general. There’s now Gods, and they play a big role.

Beerus, one of many Gods of Destruction, is so powerful he tapped his fingers on a planet and it explodes to pieces.

Every God, and even more so the Angels are too out of reach for even the Saiyans to compare to.

DB Super is only vaguely similar to The Idaten Deities, but it’s worth a mention.

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9. Shakugan No Shana

Shakugan No Shana denizens | https://animemotivation.com/anime-like-heion-sedai-no-idaten-tachi/

Shakugan No Shana is the last comparison on this list. There’s a lot of moving parts to this anime series, but demons, humans, and Flame Haze are the main suspects.

Flame Haze can be considered Deities. They live to destroy Denizens (demons) and maintain the world’s balance so it doesn’t lose control.

Demons in this world try to kill humans and consume their existence, which upsets the world’s balance.

The duo MC’S are eventual couples, and with 3 seasons, the action, fantasy, romance and demon themes become more commonplace.

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