Yep, These 36 Purple Haired Anime Girls Are Some Of The Coolest Ever Seen

Anime characters with purple hair are some of the most interesting out of all the hair color types.

With that said, let’s dive into the 36 purple haired anime girls with some of the best personalities.


1. Yuuki Konno

Yuuki from SAO season 2.

Yuuki Konno later appears in the second season of Sword Art Online. 

She’s beyond cheerful, has a bright personality that draws you in, and has a positive attitude.

She’s also one of the most determined characters in the SAO anime series, who will stop at nothing to finish what she sets out to accomplish.

If I was to use 1 word to describe her, it would be inspirational.

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2. Sheele

Sheele from Akame Ga Kill.

Sheele is one of the many assassins from the group – Night Raid. Who’s mission is to bring down the corrupt empire, along with her comrades.

Sheele, despite having a dark-side to her character, is surprisingly sweet, innocent, clumsy and caring.

And is easily one of the most loved characters from the Akame Ga Kill series among fans.


3. Kyou Goshouin

And you thought there was never a girl online?

Kyou is one of the main gamer-girls from the Anime – and you thought there was never a girl online? 

She’s an Otaku who loves to play online RPG games with her small group of friends, and is the leader of their guild.

Kyou is also the student council president, hard working, bright and quite wealthy.

Often seen teasing Hideki and surprising her gamer-group with the latest rare items she’s bought online.


4. Yoruichi Shihouin

Soul Reaper from Bleach.

By far one of the strongest Bleach Anime characters, and soul reapers from the soul society. Not to mention the fastest character in the Anime series.

Yoruichi is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, speed techniques, is quite tall and enjoys teasing Ichigo Kurosaki from time to time.

She’s usually the calm type like Byakuya Kuchiki, very intelligent and will never dive into a fight unprepared.


5. Saeko Busujima


Skilled in the art of martial arts and fighting, Busujima is the strongest character from High School of The Dead.

She used to be the leader of the Kendo club.

Cool, calm, collected, focused, reliable, nidependent and diligent.

It’s these characteristics that make her an interesting character from the series.


6.  Minene Uryuu

Mirai Nikki Anime.

Minene, also known as “Hojo” is at first a sinister character from the Anime – Future Diary.

She’s foul-mouthed, swears a lot, straightforward, speaks her mind and is fiercely determined.

She’ll do whatever it takes to achieve something, no matter how moral or immoral it seems.

In reality though, Minene has a sweet side which most people don’t see. And her painful upbringing is the reason she has such a brutal outlook on life.


7. Kagami Hiiragi

Lucky Star Anime character.

Intelligent, witty, hard-working, dedicated and takes her studies seriously. While excelling academically.

This describes Kagami’s personality, and she’s also the most mature girl out of her group of friends.

Kagami is usually seen doing favors for Konata, and going out of her own way to help as she’s such a caring person deep down.


8. Yuri Nakamura

Angel Beats Anime.

Yuri is the main protagonist from Angel Beats, a popular and high rated Anime series.

You usually see her bossing others around, doing whatever she can to succeed, leading her group and staying active.

And that’s the kind of person Yuri is: someone who takes action and doesn’t sit around waiting for something to happen.

No matter what the odds are.


9. Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Elfen Lied Anime girl.

Imagine being born as an experiment, having others torture you and keep you captive…

And then have those same people attempt to hunt down and kill you after you’ve escaped.

Yep, this is the tough-life Lucy went through and is part of her backstory from Anime – Elfen Lied.

She almost has a split-personality, which is part of what makes Lucy’s character so interesting.


10. Nana (Elfen Lied)

Nana from Elfen Lied.

You can almost tell what kind of life Nana has been through by looking at the image above.

Nana’s a young, sweet, kind and innocent girl from the Elfen Lied series. Who like Lucy has gone through hell, horrid experiments and much worse.

What’s amazing is regardless of all that pain and sadness, she’s able to smile and stay somewhat positive.


11. Tsukasa Hiiragi

Sister of Kagami.

The younger sister of Kagami Hiiragi from Lucky Star.

Adorably cute, innocent, funny, clumsy and full of life.

Tsukasa is the younger sister who will brighten your day and amuse you no matter what mood you’re in.

Lucky Star wouldn’t be the same Anime without her.


12. Hotaru Shidare

Dagashi Kashi anime protagonist.

You can’t help but laugh when watching Hotaru Shidare in the Anime – Dagashi Kashi.

Each episode is made exciting, creative and fun because of Hotaru Shidare’s personality.

She gets easily excited over the things she loves, is passionate, surprisingly wise and strange.

It would be wrong to not feature Hotaru in this list of purple haired anime girls!

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13. Revy Rebecca

Black Lagoon character.

Revy Rebecca is always seen smoking or with a cigarette hanging out her mouth.

Growing up she was raped among other disturbing experiences she had to face.

It’s this upbringing that’s made Revy such a hard, tough, aggressive character with a strong personality.

She’s featured in the Anime – Black Lagoon.

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14. Rosarita Cisneros


Maid from Black Lagoon.

Roberta, real name: Rosarita Cisneros from the Gangster series – Black Lagoon.

Like Revy Rebecca, her past s full of pain, danger, brutality and ugly experiences.

Despite this, she manages to have a calm personality and thinks of others.

And even has quite a gentle personality in general.


15. Neptune

Neptune, aka – Purple Heart.

Neptune, known as “purple heart” is a goddess with two separate forms in the Anime – Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Out of this entire list of purple haired anime girls, Neptune is by far the funniest and most hilarious.

Neptune is laid back, care free, sarcastic, energetic (when she wants to be), and smart.

It’s for this reason that others underestimate or doubt her. But the funny thing is – she’s more than capable when she can be bothered to be.

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16. Nepgear

Younger sister of Neptune.

Nepgear is the younger sister of Purple Heart (Neptune) from Hyperdimension Neptunia.

She’s kind, cute, thoughtful and acts a lot more mature than her older sister – Neptune.

They both balance each other out as far as their personalities and ways of dealing with things.


17. Kyou Fujibayashi

Clannad firsts season character.

Kyou is a supporting character from romance Anime – Clannad.

She’s aggressive, straightforward, speaks her mind, is easily frustrated and a little pushy.

That being said she excels in her studies, is quite focused and is the type to finish what she starts. And can be caring towards her friends.

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18. Ryou Fujibayashi

Sister of Kyou.

Ryou is the younger sister of Kyou from Clannad.

Unlike Kyou, she’s as gentle as a flower, shy, quiet, kind and not as gutsy as her sister.

Ryou’s main interest is fortune telling (even though she does a terrible job of it).


19. Ultear Milkovich

Ultear Milkovich from Fairy Tail.

Ultear is a powerful mage from the Fairy Tail anime series. First starting off as an enemy working for a dark guild.

Since her mothers death, she went down the wrong path as she took it hard.

Generally Ultear is calm, chilled, calculated and laid back.

To avoid spoilers, you’ll have to watch Fairy Tail to learn more about her and why she’s so deserving of this list.


20. Laki Olietta

Laki Olietta. Fairy Tail.

Laki is one of the strange-kind of characters from Fairy Tail.

While she has a love for glasses, Laki describes things differently to the average person.

For example – instead of “getting a haircut”, Laki says “chopping hair”.

The fact that Laki’s unconventional and strange is what makes her character stand out.


21. Nozomi Tojo

Love Live Idol.

School Vice President and one of the oldest Love Live School Idol members.

Nozomi is the mentor you’ve never had. Usually playing the role of mentor or “big sister” to the majority of her group of friends.

Though she’s strong on the outside, secretly she would love to ask for help when she needs it.

And finds it hard to as she loves doing things herself or taking full responsibility.

You’ll love Nozomi Tojo’s personality if you ever get the chance to watch Love Live.

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22. Rider (Fate Stay Night)

Rider from Fate Stay Night.

One of the 7 servant classes from Fate Stay Night. Rider is quiet, introverted, dangerously committed, and loyal.

Figuring out what Riders motives are is difficult because of her unassuming personality.

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23. Tohka Yatogami

Tohka from Date A Live.

From the Harem Anime series – Date A Live. Tohka Yatogami is introduced in the first episode.

She’s a little needy, jealous, but is caring and considerate towards others.

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24. Kagura Mikazuchi

Leader of Mermaid Heel.

“I haven’t relied on luck since the moment I was born. Everything has been the result of my choices.” – Kagura Mikazuchi

Kagura is what you’d call a warrior with a strong, fighting spirit.

She knows how to fight, and is easily one of the strongest characters from the Fairy Tail series.

She puts up a barrier and acts tough on the outside, but has a soft spot for those she decides to let into her life.


25. Seilah

A member of Tataros.

Seliah is a member of one of the strongest dark guilds – Tataros. And is also one of the 9 demon gates.

She has the power to curse and control whatever she chooses. And has a calm demeanor.


26. Tatsuki Arisawa

Bleach anime character.

Tatsuki is a child-hood friend of Ichigo Kurosaki.

She’s the tom-boy type of girl, and is quite strong.

To the point where whenever Ichigo got into a fight as a kid, she’d step in and help him.


27. Kyouko Kirigiri

Danganronpa character.

Kyouko is so smart, intelligent, diligent and witty that I’d be lying If I denied it.

She has the skills of a detective, thinks logically, stays calm when under pressure, and is a great problem solver.

It would be an insult to not include Kyouko in this list of interesting purple haired Anime girls.

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28. Kirin Toudou

Asterisk War anime girl.

At first Kirin Toudou is a shy, fragile, vulnerable girl who’s seriously lacking in self confidence.

And that’s because of how badly her uncle treats her.

But as the series progresses, she becomes more confident in herself as a person.

Kirin Toudou loves everything about Japanese styles of fighting, swords and everything related.

When it comes to fighting, she’s a master swordsman, despite being just 13 years old.

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29. Scar

Grave keeper from Sunday Without God.

Scar is one of the characters from Anime: Sunday Without God. Which I’d recommend you watch.

As a grave keeper, it’s her job to bury the dead and put them to rest.

Personality-wise, Scar is introverted, and prefers listening over talking. Though she has no problem communicating with others and dealing with people.


30. Dee Ensy Stratmitos

Dee from Sunday Without God.

Dee likes to tease Ai Aston, the main protagonist from Sunday Without God.

You’ll usually see Dee chilled, jolly, having fun and smiling. As she has a bubbly personality.


31. Akatsuki

Log Horizon main character.

In the video game of Log Horizon, Akatsuki looks like a teenager. But in reality she’s a little older.

She’s shy, introverted and finds it difficult to express her feelings. Especially to those she cares about.

Usually she feels awkward when around people she doesn’t know or understand very well.

Akatsuki’s main challenge is confidence, but beyond that she’s one of the most focused characters out there.

And has an eye for details and spotting things that are out of the ordinary.


32. Mitsuhide Akechi

Oda Nobuna anime girl.

Young girl who works for the Dousan in Oda Nobuna.

When it comes to fighting and military operations, Mitsuhide is a skilled tactician and a capable swords-woman.

Similar to Oda Nobuna, Mitsuhide is confident in her goals and will pursue them relentlessly until achieved.


33. Toshii Maeda

A member of the Dousan from Oda Nobuna.

Toshii has an interesting fashion sense, wearing a tigers skin as a hat.

And shorts on her bottom half with a ripped yellow top.

Out of all the Dousan members, Toshii is probably the most loyal. And has the personality of an introvert, usually not engaging in much conversation.

Preferring to choose her words wisely as to not drag on the conversation.


34. Blair 

Soul Eater anime character.

Blair is the definition of wild. Nothing about her personality is restrained or conventional.

That being said, she is fun to be around and knows how to make things more interesting and upbeat.

Out of the anime girls on this list, Blair is the most playful and one of the most perceptive.


35. Yuki Nagato

An Alien from Haruhi Suzumiya anime.

Introverted, quiet, and prefers not to say too much if she doesn’t have to.

Yuki Nagato is an Alien with super human abilities.

There’s a mysterious vibe about Yuki that you can’t help but notice. Which only makes her more interesting as it makes you curious to know more about who she is.


36. Reiko Tamura

A supporting character from Parasyte.

Despite looking human, Reiko is a Parasite from the Anime with the same name.

She makes it her mission to live along side the human race, despite not being a human being herself.

It’s these ideals that makes her an interesting character as the series progresses. On top of her calm, chilled, and yet chilling and frightening personality.


BONUS Character: Kanade Jinguuji

Best Student Council anime character.

If you could see Kanade’s heart, it would probably be golden because she’s just that pure.

Kanade Jinguji always puts other people’s happiness into consideration. And empathizes with people’s situations, going out her way to help them.

And she does this without any hidden agenda’s. The type of person who’s giving and generous just because that’s how they are and that’s what they feel like doing.

Regardless of what they get or don’t get out of doing it.

Who else do you think deserves to be on this list?


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