15+ Anime Characters Who Are Straight Up Otaku’s & Weebs

Tomoya Saekano Glasses

Otaku’s and weebs are common in anime. And that’s no surprise. It represents Japanese culture.

But it’s not as common as tropes like Tsundere because you don’t see Otaku’s in every anime of every season.

Unlike the type dere’s of the industry.

  • Gamers
  • Otaku’s
  • Weebs
  • Anime lovers
  • Figurine collectors

These re the groups of characters you can expect in this post. And a good mix of each.

Let’s get started.


1. Kaho Hinata (Blend S)

kaho hinata

Kaho Hinata is one of the main waitresses in the Blend S series.

In this anime, each waitress plays a role for their customers. So it’s not an ordinary cafe.

Kaho Hinata’s role is that of a Tsundere who plays video games. She even helps her customers if they happen to be gamers.

In real life outside the cafe though, Kaho is a legitimate gamer and Otaku. And she’s not ashamed of it either.

Her interest is genuine.

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2. Junichirou Kagami (Denpa Kyoushi)

junichirou kagami red hair

Junichirou Kagami is the main character of Denpa Kyoushi. Or in English: The Ultimate Otaku Teacher.

He’s an Otaku who becomes a teacher and ends up with a teaching style taken from video games.

He uses games as references and metaphors to make points and to help his students relate.

Outside of teaching he’s an all out Otaku, collecting anime figurines and getting excited over anything related to it.

He’s the owner of a popular blog on the internet as well.

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3. Kirino Kousaka (My little Sister Can’t Be This Cute)

kirino little sister anime cute

Kirino is a closet Otaku, hiding her interests and hobby from her parents and older brother.

Eventually though she comes out the closet and opens herself up to her brother about her massive collection.

A collection of figurines, anime DVD‘S, merch and accessories in her room… Conveniently hidden and tucked away out of sight.

She’s one of the anime’s main characters.

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4. Tomoya Aki (How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend)

tomoya aki saekano

Tomoya Aki is the main male protagonist of the series. It’s a harem and a Ecchi/slice of life series.

His goal is to build a dating sim game, with the help of other Otaku’s, authors and other creatives.

Out of all the characters in Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend, Tomoya is probably the most open about his hobby.

He’s not one to hide it but he’s not overly dramatic about it either.


5. Karen Tendou (Gamers)

karen tendou blondie

Karen Tendou is a genuine gamer and fanatic from a series focused on everything video games.

As one of the main characters of the show, she’s the first girl you see who’s into games more than it seems.

She likes to play games in a group but can still enjoy playing video games by herself outside of socializing.


6. Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)

konata izumi laying down

Konata Izumi is a shameless Otaku who won’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of her interests.

She’s a laid back character who doesn’t stress about too much, and is smart despite how lazy she is when it comes to education.

Konata loves to cosplay as her favorite characters, travel to anime conventions, play video games and everything related to what Otaku’s are into.

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7. Kazuto Kirigaya (Sword Art Online)

kazuto kirigaya gamer sao

Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) doesn’t need much of an introduction. He’s too famous.

Regardless, the fact that he was able to achieve so much in the VR world of gaming… Tells you a lot about his dedication and identity as an Otaku.

He’s the type who loves to be challenged and always wants to take the game to the next level.

He’s one of the biggest and most fanatical gamers in the anime industry.


8. Ako Tamaki (And you thought there was never a girl online?)

aka tamaki anime girl

Ako Tamaki is one of the main characters, and ends up being the surprise since Hideki, another MC, depending expect to find girl gamers online.

Ako is just one of the female gamers and Otaku’s of the show.

Within the game they play, Ako is Hideki’s wife. And that sort of rolls into the real world when they start getting to know each other more.


9. Demon Lord Diablo (How Not To Summon A Demon Lord)

demon lord diablo smirk

Diablo as he’s called in the anime series, was a regular Otaku in the real world. But is transported into the world of his favorite game as the demon lord Diablo.

This Isekai is Ecchi at its finest. Fan service galore, tiddies, cliches, and of course – a harem to top it off.

Surprisingly the anime is entertaining, but Diablo is without a doubt an Otaku.


10. Subaru Natsuki (Re:Zero)

subaru natsuki white bag

Subaru Natsuki is a genuine Otaku who knows all about games, RPG, and the fantasy style of games.

You can see this when he’s first transported into another world, and how his mind starts running wild with ideas of what’s to come.

In the world of Re:Zero though, he comes to realize it’s an Otaku’s worst nightmare. Because it becomes real, as does the pain and difficulty level that comes with it.


11. Sophie Twilight (Ms. vampire who lives in my neighborhood)

sophie twilight anime girl

Sophie Twilight is a vampire who lives by herself, and is over 300+ years old.

After being alive for so long it’s only natural rumors start spreading, and that’s how Akira, another MC becomes Sophie’s friend. And lives in her mansion.

More than anyone else in the series. Sophie is a hardcore Otaku who loves anime and tends to binge watch anime a lot.

She chooses to buy blood packs online wholesale to drink, instead of feeding off human beings.

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12. Dino (Blend S)

dino blend s blonde hair

Dino, as known as the manager in Blend S is one of the anime’s funniest characters.

He’s an Italian man who can be awkward, but tends to have his heart and intentions in the right place.

He’s not the kind of Otaku who’s shameless and will even go as far as hiding all of his “Otaku” collection when inviting friends over to his apartment.


13. Keima Katsuragi (The World God Only Knows)

katsuragi keima gamer

Keima Katsuragi spends all of his time playing dating sims, and insists he’s not interested in real girls.

That changes when his life is flipped and he’s forced to “tame” girls to save their lives.

Unlike most harem MC’s, Keima isn’t dense or an indecisive idiot. He’s cool, calm, collected, and doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him.

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14. Umaru Doma (Umaru Chan)

umaru doma otaku funny

Umaru Doma is a two faced character. A girl who cares about keeping up with appearances.

In public and school, she’s dazzling, smart, educated, kind, and studies hard to get “good” grades. And helps others out if needed.

At home, she’s an Otaku with no shame, and is so lazy she expects her brother to chase after her and do as she says.

She does whatever it takes to make sure no one outside of her home is aware of her bad habits, and interests in gaming. And the otaku lifestyle in general.


15. Hajime Shinoda (New Game!)

hajime shinoda new game anime cute

Hajime Shinoda loves anime with a passion, and is outgoing about her interests. And won’t beat around the bush about it.

She’s into collecting figurines, toys, and is fond of the “hero type” of character when it comes to anime. And the characters she warms to most.

At work at the Eagle Company, she has her own liight-saber that she keeps with her. Which only shows how passionate she is about her hobbies.

What other Otaku’s/Weebs are worth mentioning?



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