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12+ Anime Girls Who Love Singing Just Like #TaylorSwift

Singing is a big part of many anime shows and even when it’s not specific there’s still characters who can sing and have a talent for it.

Sometimes you’ll see this in idol shows, and other times in shows unrelated to singing or music in general.

You tend to get a mix of:

  • Singing in English
  • And singing in Japanese

I’ll talk about anime along those lines (and characters).

Let’s get to it.


Anime Characters Who Sing:


1. Mio Akiyama (K-On)

mio akiyama headphones k on |

Mio Akiyama from K-On is one of the best musicians in the anime. A bassist to be exact.

She brings together the Light Music Club’s’ band because of her hard work, dedication, and seriousness when it comes to being productive and writing lyrics.

And of course – Mio Akiyama can sing, not just play an instrument. Just like Taylor Swift.

She’s a favorite from the K-On series.

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2. Sylvia Lyyneheym (Asterisk War)

sylvia lyyneheym asterisk war season 2 |

Sylvia Lyyneheym is a character who makes more of an appearance in season 2 of Asterisk War.

She’s a fighter and knows how to kick the sh*t out of the average opponent if they dare to challenge her.

In her everyday life though she’s an idol, a famous idol who takes her public image seriously. And she’s a great singer as well.

In fact her singing is connected to some of her own supernatural abilities.


3. Nana Osaki (Nana)

nana osaki smiling nana |

Nana Osaki is one half of the “Nana” characters in this Madhouse-made anime series.

It’s a classic slice of life made back in the 2000’s.

Nana Osaki comes off as aloof, brutally honest, and will speak her mind no matter how it comes across.

She’s a strong woman with big ambitions and she takes life by the horns and loves music. She’s a musician after all and she knows how to sing and rock the guitar.

Performing is her passion.


4. Azmaria Hendrics (Chrono Crusade)

azmaria hendric chrono crusade character white hair |

Azmaria Hendric is a silent girl who’s socially awkward, has anxiety and is generally too kind to wish “bad” on other people.

She’s a teenager who’s forgiving for people’s actions, partly because she’s religious.

But when you hear her voice and the way she sings, it only makes sense why Azmaria is kind, gentle and pure type of character.

She has some of the best singing I’ve heard from an anime character.

It’s soothing to hear.


5. Carole Stanley (Carole Tuesday)

carole stanley black anime girl |

Carole Stanley is the main character of this 2019 anime series. She’s the outgoing dere-dere type of anime character with dreams to become a musician.

So it’s only right that she’s a singer and learns how to sing. That’s part of the plot.

Carole’s a patient person who doesn’t have too many friends but that’s part of her independence. She was orphaned as a child after all.

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6. Michiru Hyodo (Saekano)

michiru hyodo singer saekano |

Michiru Hyodo is a character that shows up late into season 1 and more in season 2 .

She’s a songwriter and a singer and a childhood friend of Tomoya, the main character.

As a cheerful dere-dere ish type of character she’s always got a smile on her face. But tends to be childish though she’s able to be mature.


7. Sala Shane (Charlotte)

sala shane charlotte singing |

Sala Shane is a character that appears later into Charlotte to help Yuu Otosaka.

She serves as a motivational character during the short time she plays a role in the story. And has a lot of wisdom to share.

Sala’s also a singer and you can see the passion in her presence when she’s on stage.

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8. Saiko Tagaya (Nodame Cantabile)

Saiko Tagaya nodame cantabile smile |

Saiko Tagaya is the ex girlfriend for the MC: Shinichi Chiaki. And is an opera singer in the series.

She doesn’t play any massive roles in the romance or the plot relating to music, but her story ties into Chiaki in terms of Chiaki’s progress as  a musician and person.

She initially left him because in her eyes he was a “loser” and later down the line feels bitter since he makes so much progress.


9. Yui Hirasawa (K-On)

yui hirasawa singing microphone smile |

Yui Hirasawa is the next singer besides Mio Akiyama in K-On!

Yui’s childish, airheaded, but kind, sweet and makes everyone around her happy and more optimistic.

She has the type of energy that’s infectious in a way that’s positive and she’s the source of the anime’s comedy.

To add to her character – she can sing as well. And she’s a relevant part of the light music club’s band in K-On.


10. Masami Iwasawa (Angel Beats)

masami iwasawa guitar smiling 1 |

Masami Iwasawa is the guitarist and singer from Angel Beats. And she plays a vital role in terms of emotional appeal, sad anime moments and more.

Even though she didn’t have too many episodes unlike other characters, she staked her claim and her relatable story was enough to make an impact.

Anybody in a similar position will feel motivated by Masami’s character.


11. Yui (Angel Beats)

Yui angel beats playing guitar gif |

Yui is another singer in Angel Beats who specializes in playing guitar. But she’s not to the level of Masami.

She’s optimistic, childish, young at heart in every sense of the word and isn’t the type to think about what she wants to do.

Instead she just does it.

There’s some emotional appeal between Hideki and Yui during the last episodes of Angel Beats.

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12. Inori Yuzuriha (Guilty Crown)

inori yuzuriha guilty crown red dress |

Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown deserves the last spot on this list.

She’s one of the main characters who plays one of the most important roles in the story. Inori gives power to the main character and that’s how the anime kicks off.

Aside from Inori’s relevance she’s the only character from Guilty Crown who can sing.

She’s not a singer by profession, but she’s a singer by talent and musical ability.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Sawako Yamanaka (K-On).
  • Killer B (Naruto).
  • Yuzuki SEO (Nozaki Kun).
  • Chihiro Kosaka (The World God Only Knows).
  • Tomoyo Daidouji (Cardcaptor Sakura).
  • Kyoka Jiro (My Hero Academia).



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